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Greg Hawks

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Corporate Culture Specialist

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For two decades speaker Greg Hawks has mentored leaders, developed teams, crafted culture and and empowered employees. He is intensely motivated to grow high capacity performers who work, serve and sell with excellence, consistently.

As a Keynote Speaker Greg Hawks is an enthusiastic character. His style, wit and energy consistently capture the attention and imagination of audiences. His forward thinking contributes fresh perspectives that work.

Greg is almost annoyingly optimistic, contagiously energetic and slightly mischievous. People tend to like him.

Speaker Greg Hawks believes that individuals who Think, Act, Lead and Create Like An Owner® will be more fulfilled and productive. He shows that organizations who commit to implement an Ownership Culture will find loyalty and rapid growth, regularly. Compelled by these ideas, Greg has originated the Like An Owner® platform through Hawks Agency.

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    Keynote by speaker Greg Hawks

    Unlocking an Ownership Culture

    This message looks at the five distinct differences between Owners and Renters in the workplace. I’ve owned single-family properties for over 17 years and use those stories to shape this message.

    • Recognize the Five Distinct Difference between an Owner and Renter in the workplace, creating a standardized measurement for buy-in
    • Reveal how Owners become Renters and how to convert them back

    Keynote by speaker Greg Hawks

    Navigate Workplace Rapids

    This message take the three elements that create rapids in the river: Pressure, Obstacles and Terrain Change – and explore how those very same elements create rapids at work. I give away a raft in this message.

    • Recognize the Three Elements that create rapids both in the river and workplace.
    • Reveal the difference between the inner and outer challenges as well as why we should all love obstacles.

    Keynote by speaker Greg Hawks

    Fashion a Culture of Greatness

    This message reveals the four pillars anyone can intentionally incorporate into their team, department or whole organization – Honor, Excellence, Identity and Significance.

    • Recognize the Four Pillars of a healthy culture in any organization
    • Reveal how they can be implemented in teams, departments or entire companies

    Keynote by speaker Greg Hawks

    Trust Evolution

    This message explores Thick & Thin Trust. It offers indicators of trust levels and solutions on how to grow it.

    • Recognize the Three Criteria for growing thick trust
    • Reveal the indicators of when trust is low, the two elements necessary to grow it and the process for expanding it amongst peers and teams

    Keynote by speaker Greg Hawks

    Marathon Madness

    After running three marathons and several half marathons, this message addresses two major concepts at work: It debunks the myth of Work/Life Balance, replacing it with Pacing. The second is how to do more with less.

    • Recognize the juxtaposition between aspiring for balance and the reality of living a paced life
    • Reveal how defining your nemesis, making small adjustments and understanding energy contributes to a fulfilling, productive life at work


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