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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Speakers

Business Intelligence is fundamental for your organization as it enables better decision making processes and strategic forecasting. The Business Intelligence speakers will tackle the benefits of using this tool across all levels of an organization.

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Speakers about business intelligence (5)

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Bob Roth

Transcendental Meditation teacher and executive inspiring business and people to succeed and elevate through meditation

travels from USA

Speaker Bob Roth has provided hundreds of thousands of people with knowledge and the personal advantage through transcendental meditation. Bob is the meditation expert, CEO of The David Lynch Foundation and President of the Center of Health and...


Bruce Weinstein

CEO of the Institute of High-Character Leadership mastering high-character leadership with the Ethics Guy

travels from USA

Speaker Bruce Weinstein is the ultimate expert of business ethics. As the CEO of the Institute of High-Character Leadership, Bruce works closely with organizations such as RS&H, The Home Depot and the National Football League to help them...


Lee Meadows

Experienced leadership and management professor helping clients to improve individual workplace productivity

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Lee Meadows is an award winning Professor of Management and sought after presenter. The successful author has over 30 years of business and teaching experience. Using the combination of his theoretical as well as his practical...


Karen Cvitkovich

Global leadership development expert and business coach and consultant ensuring successful business results

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Karen Cvitkovich is an internationally renowned business coach and expert on global leadership development. With an impressive list of past and current clients, she gives innovative and inspiring keynotes and workshops on topics...


JJ Brun

Retired spy and interpersonal skills expert internationally recognised for his cultural insights improving communication

travels from Canada

Keynote speaker JJ Brun is a Retired Spy. Using his ample experience and training from the Canadian Forces, including a long career in the Intelligence Branch, he teaches audiences how to read people. His work is popular with those who need to be...

Business Intelligence
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What are the benefits of implementing Business Intelligence in your organization?

Business Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence allows corporatists to track data and manipulate the rough information in a way that ensures increased operational efficiency. Book one of our Business Intelligence speakers and learn more about the benefits of implementing a business intelligence programme within your company.
  • Popular keynotes will reveal how Business Intelligence aligns activities with strategies, drives new revenues, identifies market trends, draws competitive advantage and accelerates the decision making process. By integrating Business Intelligence into your organization’s strategy will help you get quick answers to critical questions, reduce the time your employees spend on data entry and data processing and identify the areas which require cost optimisation.

The applicability and implication of Business Intelligence

 Business Intelligence helps executives and other corporatists make informed business decisions. It incorporates a set of technological processes, applications, tools and methodologies meant to collect, analyse and test data, create reports and make analytic result accessible to operational workers. The Business Intelligence speakers will teach you how to manipulate raw data and turn it into meaningful information for decision-making purposes. Request Speaker Fees & Availability