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Magnus Penker

travels from Sweden, USA

Magnus Penker offers valuable insights to successfully lead your company through uncertain times, with a focus on innovation, AI, and growth.

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Magnus Penker, CEO of Innovation360, is a prominent expert in innovation and sustainable growth. His work with leading companies like Koenigsegg and collaborations with global organizations such as the United Nations, Carrier, and SAP have given him unique insights into digital trends and innovation. Magnus's keynotes offer practical strategies for companies to grow and thrive in an ever-changing business environment.

Why you should book speaker Magnus Penker

  • Magnus provides insight into successfully leveraging innovation and AI in companies and organizations.
  • He equips you with the tools you need to effectively adapt your company to digital trends.
  • Gain access to strategies for sustainable growth from an expert with global experience

How can your company benefit from insights from global players like SAP, Fiskars, and Henkel? Magnus Penker, with his extensive experience from these companies, offers practical and valuable lessons in his keynotes. He highlights how various industries have managed innovation and technology to achieve business success.

In his role as CEO of Innovation360, Magnus has worked with international organizations and companies, including the United Nations and Polestar. He provides concrete examples based on his experiences on how companies can navigate global business trends and strategic challenges.

Magnus Penker’s work with Atlas Copco, Geely, and AB Volvo demonstrates his knowledge of technology’s impact on business operations. He explains complex technical concepts in a clear and understandable manner, making his keynotes both informative and relevant.

By combining his academic background with practical experience from working with organizations like SKR, Almi, Vinnova, Lammhults Design Group, and Carrier, Magnus Penker demonstrates how theoretical models can be effectively applied in the business world. In his keynotes, he provides real-life examples of how innovation and effective leadership can positively impact companies.

Magnus’s experience also extends to working with small businesses and startups, giving him a broad understanding of various business challenges. His diverse background makes his keynotes valuable for companies of all sizes.

Magnus is also the author of the book ‘Play Bold.’ The book finally and comprehensively answers the question: Why is it that some companies succeed where others – even those with great potential – seem to fail? Book a keynote with Magnus Penker to gain access to his unique blend of knowledge and experience, and provide your company with the tools it needs to succeed in a rapidly changing business world.

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Keynote by speaker Magnus Penker

Generative AI & Innovation Management

Do you want to navigate successfully through the challenges of the digital era?

Magnus Penker, with his experience from the legendary Verbmobil project, is the expert to turn to. Verbmobil was one of the first major initiatives in language and AI research, funded by leading nations, and it laid the foundation for today’s translation technology and neural networks. Magnus was part of this forward-thinking team that revolutionized how we handle language and AI today.

Audience takeaways:

  • Gain insights from one of the pioneers behind today’s AI technology.
  • Discover how this early research can be translated into practice to promote innovation and growth in your business.
  • Learn how to prepare your company for an AI-driven future with a focus on sustainability and ethical aspects.

By booking a keynote with Magnus Penker, your company gets a unique opportunity to benefit from in-depth knowledge, drawn directly from one of the pioneers of AI technology. With his experiences working with global giants like Koenigsegg, and his unique understanding of technology’s role in the business world, Magnus is an invaluable resource in your quest to successfully navigate an increasingly digitized world.

Keynote by speaker Magnus Penker

Play Bold — How to win the business game by creative destruction

Warning! This keynote is disruptive! Implementing its insights may result in double-digit percentage growth, outperformed competitors, new revenue streams, much faster and cheaper processes, and revamped business models. In short, it could put you at the top of your competitive market.

This keynote is based on Magnus Penker’s upcoming book of the same title.

Audience takeaways:

  • Based on an investigation of over 5,000 organizations in 105 countries, Magnus presents thought-provoking, data-backed new insights on how to lead, organize, and nurture an unbeatable culture in order to prepare for the competitive environment, now
    and in the future.
  • What can we learn from history to help us make calculated decisions about the future?
  • How to prepare your team to embolden the organization, get the job done, and continuously stay on top.
Keynote by speaker Magnus Penker

Taking your organization to the forefront of global innovators

Everyone talks about it, but only 10% of businesses make it. Why? Magnus Penker and his team have conducted the largest study of worldwide businesses and have built an extensive database for analyzing organizational culture, leadership, and strategy. Now you can benefit from its data-driven insights. Position yourself to deliver innovation and get ahead of the curve.

Audience takeaways:

  • What blockers are hindering corporate innovation?
  • What amplifiers can be used to intensify your effectiveness and success rate?
  • We show you how to assess your organization in order to close the gaps, use the amplifiers to get rid of the blockers, and start delivering world-class innovation.
  • Do you have organizational alignment around your strategic direction? In other words: do the management and employees interpret your aspiration in the same way? And do you have the ability to execute on that aspiration?
Keynote by speaker Magnus Penker

How to get back in the saddle after a crisis

Right now we are experiencing the most turbulent time in the past 300 years. There is a proactive way for your organization to handle the stressors of this business environment. Based on science, extensive studies, and years of experience of delivering projects to organizations ranging from Fortune 100s to start-ups, Magnus and his team have defined the most important capabilities —and how to build them at the speed of light. Use Magnus Penker’s deep organizational knowledge to learn how to get back to business after a crisis.

Audience takeaways:

  •  The key to motivating: look beyond the horizon during a crisis.
  • How to lead and organize to get back in the game quickly.
  • How do you increase your organizational adaptability for enhanced readiness and strategic response, today and tomorrow?
Keynote by speaker Magnus Penker

Decision-making in uncertain times

How do you make a decision when so much is unknown and so much is on the line? How can you defend your decision? Whether it is a pandemic or Artificial Intelligence and the black box syndrome, this is what all senior leadership teams are facing right now.

Learn how to cope in this environment of unknowns. Learn about the models available to help you and the techniques at hand. Speaker Magnus Penker will share his insights from firsthand experience in leading hundreds of projects and advising top executives, monarchies, ministries, and nonprofits all over the world.

Audience takeaways:

  • Does culture eat strategy for breakfast? Might sufficient high-quality data turn out to be the only insights you need for successful decision-making? This keynote will give you a breakdown of how culture, data, and strategy intersect when
    making decisions.
  • Real-life experience of hard-won battles, and how they played out.
  • You get models for making decisions under extreme uncertainty and learn how to implement them in your organization.
Speaker Magnus Penker in action!

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