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Speaker David Gram

David Gram

travels from Denmark

Innovation thought-leader and empowering intrapreneur

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Speaker David Gram is an innovation expert and internationally-renowned intrapreneur. He is the co-founder of the consulting firm Diplomatic Rebels, which empowers company leaders to become stronger innovators, and he is the former Senior Innovation Director of LEGO Group’s Future Lab. Through design thinking and agile development, speaker David advises companies on how to transform “radical ideas” into revolutionary innovations. As a keynote speaker, David Gram teaches from a specialized point of view from his more than 15 years of business technology experience. He is a thought-leader in the areas of customer empathy, ecosystem building, agile product development, and new business creation, and an accomplished change manager who can lead ideas from incubation to action.

Why book speaker David Gram?

  • He is an experienced innovator. As a keynote speaker, David Gram brings passion to his presentations. He helps large organizations transform into lean innovators, and he believes all companies have a responsibility to better leverage their resources, assets, and expertise in a way that creates value.
  • He is a specialized speaker. As an international keynote speaker, David Gram has experience holding audiences with everyone from high-level executives and to companies of more than 3,000 people. His goal is to guide businesses to a breakthrough that will inspire their teams to be strong innovators.
  • He is a “Diplomatic Rebel,” and he can show your team how to disrupt the status quo. Through his experience, speaker David Gram has obtained several unique insights and developed approaches to how businesses can stay afloat in an ever-faster changing world and transform the organization into a change-leading innovator.

Speaker David Gram is an expert in helping companies build an innovative enterprise. Anyone can become a company leader, says speaker David Gram, but only company culture can empower creative change.
For the last 15 years, speaker David Gram has been an advisor to small businesses and global corporations on the subject of “radical” innovation and lean start-up methods. He is the former Head of Innovation at Scandinavian Airlines and Senior Innovation Director at LEGO’s Future Lab.

Using design thinking and agile development, speaker David Gram helps teams develop and lead innovation projects from early incubation to full maturity. He has recently been instrumental in building and launching LEGO Ventures, the new strategic venture arm at LEGO. With a lean start-up approach and an entrepreneurial mindset, the team developed breakthrough business initiatives, from insights-gathering and early concept development to market validation and transition to core business.

As the co-founder of Diplomatic Rebels, a company dedicated to empowering intrapreneurs around the world, keynote speaker David Gram has conducted more than 100 keynotes and masterclasses around the globe, with his largest being for an audience of 10,000. His stories and insights address key challenges in innovation and transformation for larger organizations, providing both executives and intrapreneurs with concrete tools and methods on how to lead and drive innovation and digital transformation more effectively.

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Keynote by speaker David Gram

Radical Innovation Through Intrapreneurship

Intrapreneurship is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a large organization. This approach enables larger companies to break from old habits and ways of working to meet future challenges and disruptions in an agile, nimble and fast manner to minimize risk and maximize learning.

Key takeaways include:

  • Identifying and disrupting old habits
  • Innovation with an entrepreneur’s mindset
  • Fostering the future on a company-wide level
Keynote by speaker David Gram

The Foundation for Effective Innovation

Understand why having a clear purpose and understanding of the company’s core capabilities is essential for driving effective innovation and how setting limits to what you do will increase your chances of success dramatically.

Key takeaways include:

  • Building a clear and definable purpose
  • Paving the road to success
  • Driving effective innovation
Keynote by speaker David Gram

From Corporate Giant to Agile Ecosystem

Leveraging corporate venturing, growing big is no longer a clear strength for companies as they risk becoming slow and unable to adapt. It seems that with size comes a growing fear of failing which paralyzes experimentation. Understand how to transform the growing organization into a nimble and adaptive ecosystem of capabilities, assets and talent.

Key takeaways include:

  • Thinking small when as a big company
  • Turning innovation into growth
  • Building an adaptive ecosystem


Keynote by speaker David Gram

Diplomatic Rebels

Keynote speaker David Gram speaks on becoming an innovative disrupter at large organizations, and how to challenge the status quo with provocative new ideas and projects – without losing the support and respect from colleagues and management.

  • Key takeaways include:Understanding the five habits of highly impactful intrapreneurs
  • Becoming a Diplomatic Rebel
  • Finding support for new ideas
Keynote by speaker David Gram

Leading Millennials as Intrapreneurs

Attracting, retaining and leading the millennial and GenZ entrepreneurs demands a new approach to leadership and new ways of working. Understand how to embrace the skills and mindset of the new generations to drive disruptive innovation.

Key takeaways include:

  • Attracting and retaining the next generation of innovators
  • Embracing new “radical ideas”
  • Transforming ideas into actionable goals
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