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Pragmatic solutions for tactical performance improvement


Brian Gareau

travels from USA

High performance business coach and author with more than 30 years of leadership experience in the corporate world

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Keynote speaker Brian Gareau lives and works under the premise of "Engaging High performance". The experienced business speaker looks back on over 30 years of corporate leadership experience and specializes in strategy. His keynotes provide clear and pragmatic solutions for tactical performance improvement.

Brian Gareau has worked as a leader in a  a global Fortune 50 corporation. He is the co-inventor of Caterpillar’s patent-pending Cultural Assessment Process (CAP) and was actively involved in the redesign of their global Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) process and the launch of their Corporate Values. The design and execution of Caterpillar’s Employee Engagement strategy was also part of Brian Gareau’s doing.

Currently, Brian Gareau serves as a Senior Fellow, Human Capital at The Conference Board. In this role, he supports The Conference Board’s Human Capital Practice which includes The Conference Board Human Capital Exchange™, research, conferences, webcasts and programs in a broad spectrum of human capital areas. During his career he spent time in Manufacturing, Corporate Public Affairs, Parts & Service Sales, Logistics, and HR.

When giving talks, Brian Gareau uses his valuable professional knowledge to engage and accelerate high performance. He already effectively consulted  over 200 clients worldwide. Apart of this, he is the acknowledged co-author of the two books: 180 Ways to Build Employee Engagement and A Slice of Life: The Benefits of Personal Engagement; and contributing author of The Engaged Workplace: Organizational Strategies.

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    Keynote by Speaker Brian Gareau

    Business Culture – An Asset or Liability

    Competition is tough!  Everyone is constantly looking for a “new” market, product/service, process, physical layout, design, delivery model, or technology that will differentiate them from everyone else.  And, if they are fortunate enough to find “an edge” – how do they sustain it? According to Harvard Business School, “business culture can have a significant impact on a firm’s long-term economic performance.”   So why do so few companies “master” their business culture’s competitive edge?

    Key Learning Objectives include:

    • Understand and help others discover how to “See” and “Hear” business culture
    • Explain how culture impacts high performance and ways to maximize each elements impact
    • Identify some of your culture differentiators for employees?  And then, its impact on customers?
    • Define and use the Think-Feel-Act model
    • Be able to dispel common myths about accountability


    Keynote by Speaker Brian Gareau

    A Sustainable Fuel for High Performance

    Many businesses today struggle with “people issues” including: the ability to attract and retain the best talent – employee resistance to change – absenteeism – and individual accountability. All these “people issues” create frustration, waste and lost performance. Ultimately, how employees think & feel impacts how they act. Their actions and behaviors then impact your organization’s brand, performance, and work culture.

    Key Learning Objectives include:

    • Define the four key elements of a high performance business culture and the importance of each element
    • Be able to explain key drivers of engagement and “4 Rights” model
    • Give examples of key external business metric – engagement correlation findings
    • Develop a list of tactical & practical ways to keep your organization’s performance fuel tank full with engagement


    Keynote by Speaker Brian Gareau

    The Accidental Boss

    Often individuals find themselves in leadership roles without a true understanding of how to succeed. Or, there are many leaders who find themselves struggling balancing the demands of leadership. Now more than ever, these Accidental Bosses must wear multiple hats to be successful and sustain organizational performance. The three key leadership hats desperately needed are “business,” “company advocate,” and “employee advocate.” And, all hats must

    be mastered.

    Key Learning Objectives include:

    • Gain a clear understanding of a leader’s role and its impact on your workforce
    • Discover techniques to mitigate the risk of four influencers of leader’s actions and decisions
    • Understand how to drive employee engagement and create a high performing team
    • Be brilliant in the 12 basics of a successful leader
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