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Argumenting human potential with artificial intelligence & tech

Vivienne Ming

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Recognized by Inc. Magazine as a woman to watch, Dr. Ming is a trailblazer in the fields of artificial intelligence and neural-prosthetics. Speaking on various topics, she advocates for using artificial intelligence to increase skill sets.

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Leveraging her research on innovation and inclusion, Dr. Ming addresses thought-provoking topics in her speeches. Her topics contextualise communication strategies for remote workforces and delve into strategies for jumpstarting inclusion to retain high-performing talent. Covering topics from neuroscience to diversity, Dr. Ming helps businesses to chart a new course in transforming internal cultures. Her own transgender experience fuels her passion for Ai research that promotes gender equality and inclusion in the workplace. In today's work environments, companies seek Dr. Ming to address internal audiences about inclusion awareness for remote workforces.  

Why you should book Vivienne Ming for your next event

  • Dr. Vivienne Ming breaks down stereotypes by confidently addressing workplace bias within a technical context. By explaining the future of artificial intelligence and its uses in promoting a more inclusive workplace, she inspires listeners to transform internal work cultures.
  • Providing data-backed research to support her assertions, Dr. Ming gives audiences practical strategies for creating high-performing environments with the help of technology.
  • Publishing articles about the good and bad aspects of AI, Dr. Ming has helped businesses to understand how AI can improve human potential.

Speaking frankly about her own struggles with depression and homelessness after academic struggles forced her to leave college, she inspires audiences with her story of overcoming. A decade later, she returned with a new mindset and graduated from the San Diego campus of the University of California with a B.S. in Cognitive Neuroscience. She continued schooling to obtain a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon in Psychology.

Dr. Ming co-founded a think tank to research human potential, called Socos Labs. Working to influence global policies, her work focuses on integrating AI to predict the best candidates for jobs in technology and analyse merit-based career promotions. She’s also developed AI systems to predict bipolar manic episodes in advance, help her diabetic son with treatment, and reunite refugee families.

As a TEDx speaker, neuroscientist, and author, Dr. Ming’s research has transformed the way audiences view AI potential and its uses in developing high-performing and inclusive cultures. Advocating for integrating machine learning to enhance human performance, Dr. Ming is blazing a new path for listeners to follow. By fostering innovation and offering technical tools to address human behaviour and group dynamics, Dr. Ming is revolutionising the future of work across the globe.


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Keynote by Vivienne Ming

The Opportunities and Limitations of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is a powerful tool with seemingly unlimited potential but it must be better understood to be effective for most organizations. With exclusive research and case studies for each audience’s industry or sector, Dr. Ming shares some of her foundational stories of AI’s breakthroughs, where the technology is being applied, where it could be better utilized, and where it’s headed.

Keynote by Vivienne Ming

The Neuroscience of Trust and the Diversity-Innovation Paradox

Building a culture that embraces the tension between trust and diversity takes time and effort. When led correctly, diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams in terms of higher collective intelligence, innovation and creative problem solving. However, even when leaders believe in the power of diversity and the value proposition for diverse teams, many struggle to capture this value – because of the way we’re wired.

In this keynote and/or discussion, Dr. Ming shares: the complexity of The Neuroscience of Trust and how our brains process information about other people, why creating a culture of trust in diverse teams is harder than it looks, and what we need to do about it. Vivienne shares research and experience in real organizations and has explored ways leaders and teams can “hack” their brains and overcome instincts that impede their ability to hire and nurture winning diverse teams.

These same ideas can be applied to how sales teams connect, build and maintain relationships with customers, how marketers better understand target audiences, and leaders can leverage special, ultra-diverse teams for special projects and key initiatives.

Keynote by Vivienne Ming

The Tax on Being Different: Data on Diversity

There is an unspoken tax that we all pay. It is a tax that impedes growth and stagnates economies, a tax that causes massive amounts of money and productivity to be lost every year. This tax is collected around the world and often targets those least able to pay it. It is the tax on being queer, POC, or female. It is the tax on being different.

Dr. Vivienne Ming provocatively addresses this tax by making it tangible. Leveraging massive amounts of HR data, she rewrites issues of bias and discrimination in order to understand and quantify what your differences are costing you. Simultaneously didactic and richly autobiographical, The Tax on Being Different combines vibrant life stories with profound insights about people and, more importantly, how we can change them for the better.

Watch Vivienne Ming in action

Making a better person | Vivienne Ming | TEDxBerkeley

See keynotes with Vivienne Ming
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