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Steve Brown

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Elevate Your Organization's Future: Steve Brown, AI Expert, Delivers Transformational Keynotes.

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Unlock success with keynote speaker Steve Brown, an AI and tech transformation luminary. With Fortune 100 clients, Steve propels innovation and growth, redefining businesses through his visionary insights. Elevate your event, inspire your audience, and drive change with Steve.

Why you should book Steve Brown for your next event

  • Future-Proof Your Business: Steve Brown equips you with actionable strategies to embrace AI and digital transformation, ensuring your organization’s relevance in a rapidly evolving world.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from Steve’s 25 years of experience as a leader in AI and high tech, as he demystifies complex concepts and provides practical tools for success.
  • Bestselling Author: Steve’s book, “The Innovation Ultimatum,” underscores his thought leadership and invaluable insights into the future of business and technology.

Steve Brown, a seasoned AI and technology expert, brings over 25 years of experience to his role as a sought-after keynote speaker. He holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees from Manchester University and is now an American citizen residing in Portland, Oregon.

His impressive journey includes positions at Intel and Google DeepMind, where he served as Chief Evangelist, Senior Director, and In-House Futurist. Notably, he co-founded The Provenance Chain Network, a Web3 company providing supply chain transparency to the U.S. Space Force, and advises Energetic AI, a startup working on breakthrough AI technology.

Steve delivers information-packed, entertaining, and memorable keynotes that leave his audiences equally inspired and informed. He has spoken in over 60 cities around the world, spanning 15 countries and 6 continents and is just as comfortable advising an intimate boardroom of C-suite leaders as he is on a keynote stage inspiring a general audience of 10,000.

As a keynote speaker, Steve distills complex tech concepts into accessible insights. His mission is to help organizations embrace AI’s potential, fostering innovation, boosting productivity, and driving growth. His engaging keynotes, delivered to a diverse range of audiences, leave a lasting impact. Steve is dedicated to shaping a brighter future for businesses and society through AI.

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Keynote by speaker Steve Brown

Navigating the Generative AI Revolution: A survival guide for business leaders in the Era of Intelligence

Generative AI’s remarkable capabilities, huge commercial potential, and inherent risks have been the talk of every boardroom and every leadership team on the planet.

With new advances coming almost every week, business leaders must navigate a shifting technology landscape of large language models, autonomous AI assistants, and enterprise intelligence agents, seeking to understand the impact these technologies will have on their business models, productivity, and competitiveness. As leaders review their product, labor, and IT strategies, they are trying to assess how Generative AI will help them to improve customer experiences, elevate talent, optimize operations, reduce cost, and create new value.  

The transformative power of Generative AI signals the coming of a new industrial age, the Intelligence Age, where knowledge can be captured, and expertise can be scaled; where the performance of talent can be elevated to superhuman levels; and where failure to move with urgency may result in a rapid decline to irrelevance.

In this information-packed, inspiring talk, Steve Brown uses straightforward language to explain the key concepts of Generative AI, demonstrate its likely business impact, and share emerging best-known methods for implementing it at scale to maximize impact and minimize risk.

This keynote is filled with real-world examples, easy-to-remember recipes for success, videos, explanatory diagrams, and beautiful AI-generated imagery. Your team will come away inspired and excited to explore an AI-based future for their company. Steve uses stories, humor, and imagery to makes key concepts memorable and to explain complex technology in a way that makes it accessible to everybody in the room.

In this session, Steve will help you to understand:

What Generative AI is, what it can do, and what it can’t do (yet)

  • Key terms and building blocks of Generative AI (including large language models, autonomous AI agents, enterprise intelligence agents, and vector databases)
  • The amazing capabilities of Generative AI, now and next
  • Why Generative AI will reshape business more than the internet, will have a greater economic impact than COVID, and signals the dawning of a new industrial age

The key business implications of the Generative AI revolution

  • How Generative AI will transform customer experience, employee experience, and partner experiences
  • Example use cases for Generative AI being deployed in a range of industries
  • The urgency of adoption: Why there is no slow-follower option in this transition

Best-known methods for a winning Generative AI transformation strategy

  • Strategies to boost innovation, productivity, operational efficiency, and employee satisfaction.
  • How to maximize your opportunity while minimizing risk
  • How to retool business processes using Generative AI
  • Seven steps to embrace Generative AI and thrive in the Intelligence Era
Keynote by speaker Steve Brown

An Introduction to Generative AI: New possibilities, key implications, and a roadmap for the future

When ChatGPT burst onto the world stage in November 2022, the attention it garnered surprised even its creators at Open AI. Since then, Generative AI’s capabilities have continued to amaze as people use powerful new AI tools to summarize reports, create images, make music, write code, generate video, build websites, and even design new materials, pharmaceuticals, and products.

In this rapidly evolving landscape, companies are scrambling to build an informed Generative AI strategy that maximizes advantage, minimizes risk, and creates exciting new business opportunities. And employees are trying to figure out what this latest AI revolution means for them—their job prospects, future careers, and job satisfaction—and how to make themselves “robot-proof” in a world of AI.

In this fast-paced, inspiring, and informative keynote talk, AI futurist Steve Brown uses video, stories, simple diagrams, and beautiful AI-generated imagery to explain Generative AI, demonstrate its capabilities, and explore why people should embrace it and how they should prepare themselves to thrive in the coming age of AI.

In this session, Steve will help you to understand:

The main types of AI and why each is important

  • Key terms defined: Machine learning, programs vs models, Generative vs Discriminative AI
  • What Generative AI can do, and what it can’t do (yet)
  • Why Generative AI will reshape our lives more than the internet, will have a greater economic impact than COVID, and signals the dawning of a new industrial age
  • How AI is likely to improve our lives in the coming decade

The key business implications of the Generative AI revolution

  • How AI will help companies and their employees to fulfill their mission in exciting new ways
  • How AI assistants will give us superpowers, help us to achieve more, and offload boring, repetitive work
  • How companies are using Generative AI to create exciting new customer and employee experiences
  • Why companies that embrace Generative AI first will win in the marketplace and be better places to work (while laggards will struggle)

How to position yourself for success in a world of Generative AI

  • The workplace of the near future—AI assistants, automation, and skill elevation
  • Why AI probably won’t take your job, but unless you act, somebody using AI might
  • New skills and key strategies everyone will need to maintain relevance and thrive in a world of abundant artificial intelligence
Keynote by speaker Steve Brown

Deliver breakthrough performance by using Generative AI to give your workforce superpowers

What if you could give every worker in your organization superpowers? What if you could offload low-value, boring, repetitive work to AI assistants? What if working alongside AI assistants increased everybody’s job satisfaction, boosting retention and loyalty? 

The latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, most notably with Generative AI, are predicted to fuel the greatest productivity boost since the deployment of digital computers in the 1980s, and the internet in the ‘90s and 2000s. Probably significantly more. Companies that harness AI assistants, enterprise intelligence agents, and other AI technologies to elevate employee performance will leave their competition behind as they simultaneously boost productivity, quality, innovation, and employee satisfaction. 

First movers and fast followers will gain a significant competitive edge as they revolutionize every aspect of their business and develop groundbreaking new products, services, and experiences for their customers. Leaders will not only win in the marketplace through increased levels of differentiation and customer service. By creating a more compelling workplace, they will attract the best talent and elevate performance to superhuman levels, further expanding their lead.

From the CEO to frontline employees, everybody must learn to work effectively with AI to remain relevant in the 21st century workplace. Don’t miss this opportunity to understand and unlock the power of the latest AI technology in your organization. In this exciting, highly visual, and enlightening talk, Steve Brown will explain how AI will transform every workplace and every role in every company within the next five years and show you how to prepare for the AI-powered workplace of the (near!) future.

In this session, Steve will help you to understand:

The breakthrough AI technologies that will reshape the workplace in the coming years

  • How Generative AI, autonomous AI assistants, enterprise intelligence agents, and other AI technologies will transform work
  • Real-world examples from leading companies using Generative AI to transform their operations, increase productivity, create new offerings, and improve employee satisfaction

Why AI is leading us into a new era of work: the augmented work era

  • Examples of how AI will offload lower-value, boring work and elevate our performance to superhuman levels
  • How AI assistants will augment our skills, extend our senses, boost creativity, increase intuition, and help us make higher quality decisions
  • Key steps you and your company can take to gain competitive advantage in the exciting new era of work and how to create dynamic and efficient workplaces

The skills people will need to thrive in the augmented work era

  • How to incorporate new AI tools into your workflow so you stay ahead of the curve
  • The essential skills every worker will need to remain relevant and thrive in the workplace of the future
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Steve Brown: Why machines must make us better humans

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