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Unlocking AI's Creative Potential

Maya Ackerman

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Dr. Maya Ackerman: AI Pioneer & Problem Solver. Unlocking creativity with AI for organizational innovation.

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Unlock Your Organization's Creative Potential with Maya Ackerman, the AI Innovation Catalyst. Maya's groundbreaking work in generative AI empowers businesses to harness technology for transformative creativity. Her keynotes inspire and equip your teams to drive innovation, creating a competitive edge. Book Maya Ackerman today for a dynamic and immersive experience that will leave your audience inspired and ready to chart new frontiers in creativity and innovation.

Why you should book Maya Ackerman for your next event

  • Award-Winning Innovator: Benefit from Maya Ackerman’s award-winning AI innovations, directly applying her groundbreaking research to revolutionize your business’s creative processes.
  • Global Reach: Maya’s international recognition and interviews on global platforms like NPR and Grammy.com ensure that your organization is plugged into the global conversation on AI and creativity.
  • Trusted Authority: Maya Ackerman’s role as CEO of WaveAI and her leadership in the musical AI sector prove her ability to transform industries, making her the perfect choice to guide your organization toward AI-driven success.

Maya Ackerman is a distinguished figure in the realm of generative AI and a sought-after keynote speaker renowned for her transformative insights. With a background firmly rooted in academia and entrepreneurship, Maya has become a leading authority in the convergence of technology and creativity.

As an Associate Professor of Computer Science & Engineering at Santa Clara University, Maya possesses a profound understanding of the underlying principles of AI, which forms the cornerstone of her work. Her academic journey, marked by a Ph.D. from the University of Waterloo and prestigious postdoctoral fellowships at Caltech and UC San Diego, has equipped her with a deep knowledge of AI’s inner workings.

Maya’s contributions to the field have been nothing short of groundbreaking. Since 2014, she has been at the forefront of researching generative AI models for text, music, and art, consistently pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in creative AI. Her dedication to human-centered generative AI has made her an advocate for AI’s potential to elevate human creativity to unprecedented heights.

Beyond academia, Maya is the CEO and co-founder of WaveAI, a generative AI startup that has become a leader in the musical AI landscape. Under her leadership, WaveAI has developed products like LyricStudio and MelodyStudio, benefiting countless artists and creators worldwide.

Maya Ackerman’s impact extends far beyond her research and entrepreneurial ventures. She has been recognized as a “Woman of Influence” by the Silicon Valley Business Journal, a testament to her industry-shaping contributions. Her insights and expertise have been featured in interviews on NBC News, Music Business Worldwide, New Scientist, NPR, Grammy.com, SiriusXM, and international television stations.

Maya Ackerman’s captivating presence on stage as a keynote speaker has graced numerous prestigious platforms, including the United Nations, IBM Research, Microsoft, and Stanford University. Her accolades, including awards from the Association of Computational Creativity, the Office of Naval Research, and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, attest to her profound influence in the world of AI.

Booking Maya Ackerman promises an unforgettable experience, where knowledge, inspiration, and transformative ideas converge to propel organizations toward a future filled with AI-driven success.

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Keynote by speaker Maya Ackerman

Machines vs. Minds: Navigating the Future of Generative AI

What is generative AI? How does machine creativity relate to human creativity, and what will become of us in the age of creative machines? We will delve into the essence of generative AI, drawing on comparisons to our own brains. A vision of the future of creativity will be presented, along with a discussion of potential risks brought on by these powerful creative machines.

Keynote by speaker Maya Ackerman

Machines as Muses: Enhancing Human Creativity with AI

With the rise of creative AI systems, many fear that machines will take away the pleasure of human creative expression. But what if, instead, machines could genuinely elevate our creative abilities? In this interactive workshop, we will utilize several Generative AI systems to discover your inner poet, artist, and musician, and show how creative machines can help you delve deeper into your own creative potential.

Keynote by speaker Maya Ackerman

Ethics at the Forefront: Unraveling the Potential and Perils of Generative AI

The rise of generative AI has ushered in a slew of complex ethical dilemmas. How will creative machines fit into humanity’s future? What implications will they have on the trajectory of human creativity? As we integrate these technologies into our world, how can we do so responsibly, amplifying their advantages while curbing potential dangers? This talk delves into an earnest exploration of the benefits and challenges presented by this swiftly advancing domain.

Keynote by speaker Maya Ackerman

Generations of Generative AI: The Past, Present, and Future of Creative Machines

While machines with creative capabilities have been around since the 1950s, their emergence into mainstream consciousness didn’t truly materialize until late 2022. In this talk, we’ll trace the evolution of creative machines from their roots in Computational Creativity to their contemporary recognition under the term ‘Generative AI’. An interactive demo will spotlight several systems dedicated to the production of art and music. Additionally, we’ll grapple with pivotal questions about the trajectory of human creativity in this era of technological artistry, proposing a strategy to ensure that generative AI augments, rather than eclipses, our innate creative spirit.

Keynote by speaker Maya Ackerman

Beats and Bytes: Exploring the Landscape of Musical AI

While musical AI has only recently begun to enter industry, AI-based systems have been creating music for over 70 years. This talk will showcase and discuss some of the most exciting generative AI music systems systems from industry and academia, spanning composition and improvisation. We will also address exciting opportunities and what the future holds in this emerging field.

Watch Maya Ackerman in action

Songwriting Made Simple | Interview with Dr. Maya Ackerman

See keynotes with Maya Ackerman
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