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Change and conversion Speakers

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Speakers about change and conversion (5)

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Maja Kazazic

Despite her shocking backstory and the loss of her leg, Maja shows that it's still possible to remain positive and to succeed in overcoming any obstacle with percevernce and teamwork.

travels from USA

Maja Kazazic was only 16 years old when a grenade detonated in her families courtyard during the Bosnian war, a genocide that killed 250,000 people and injured millions more. 5 of her friends died in the blast, and Maja was left with her legs...


Roshan Paul

Social Impact Specialist inspires organizations to take positive action on global social issues and make a difference in social education.

travels from USA

Former cricket journalist and failed cricket player, Rohan has spent his life questioning the status quo, and built a career around connecting global citizens to solve social problems across boundaries. Right after finishing college, he turned down...


Michael Leadbetter

Founder & CEO of Pivot Factory, disruption and innovation expert.

travels from USA

Speaker Michael Leadbetter is the founder of Pivot Factory and former CEO of ExO Works, both entities providing workshops, practical tools, and ecosystem management for leading CEOs. He delivers highly-rated keynotes at corporate events throughout...


Kerstin Plehwe

Change agent, corporate happiness expert, serial entrepreneur and best-selling author with extensive leadership experience

travels from Germany

Keynote speaker Kerstin Plehwe is a sought after opinion leader, serial-entrepreneur, best-selling author and promoter of new approaches to leadership and change. As a longtime top-advisor to corporate and political leaders, premier TV analyst and...


Christina “CK” Kerley

Professor and innovation specialist illustrating how historic levels of innovation are reshaping today’s businesses

travels from USA

Our keynote speaker Christina "CK" Kerley has been a forerunner in tech revolutions for 20 years. The innovation speaker and specialist leads Fortune 500 executives through the jungle of emerging technologies that are transforming our world today...

Change and conversion
Change and conversion
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About Change and conversion

  • Change and conversion are sometimes buzzwords in business these days. To embrace change is important, to be ready for conversion, change-overs, new ideas, etc.
  • The day and age of the info society makes for sometimes rapid changes and new developments, perhaps especially due to technology which of course affects the way we work and the way we live.
  • What are the pros and cons of change and conversion? Change is a good thing – or is it, really? Sometimes changes can be difficult and sometimes old habits can be very strong. What to do?
  • Keynote speakers on change and conversion take a closer look at these matters and questions.
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