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Kerstin Plehwe

travels from Germany

Change agent, corporate happiness expert, serial entrepreneur and best-selling author with extensive leadership experience

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Keynote speaker Kerstin Plehwe is a sought after opinion leader, serial-entrepreneur, best-selling author and promoter of new approaches to leadership and change. As a longtime top-advisor to corporate and political leaders, premier TV analyst and philantropist Kerstin Plehwe is an inspiration on power, passion and performance. Her credo “Life begins at the ends of your comfort zone” is based on her experiences as a Ranger in South Africa.

Why book Speaker Kerstin Plehwe?

  • Kerstin is a true global citizen and world traveler. With over 20 years of international leadership experience, speaker Kerstin Plehwe has experienced different cultures firsthand and knows exactly what it takes to remain successful in times of global competition, transformation and high personal demands.
  • Kerstin’s talks are insightful, inspirational and interactive which not only brings a new meaning to the word edutainment but also leaves a lasting impression and call for action with your audience.
  • Kerstin has delivered talks in many industries, for both private and corporate entities, for over 15 years . Every talk to your specific industry and need is based on a call with you or your team.
  •  Kerstin’s passion, empathy and entrepreneurial spirit are priceless. With her communicative talent and her leadership experience, she has the ability to touch the hearts and the minds of people – an important prerequisite for any successful change.

In her early forties, Kerstin Plehwe sold her companies to become a Ranger in the wilderness of South Africa. By leaving her comfort zone, Kerstin Plehwe changed her life and views on leadership forever. On stage Kerstin Plehwe  transforms her real life experiences, be it from the African wilderness or various US presidential campaigns in a unique way into inspiring and motivating lectures for audiences across various industries.

Kerstin Plehwe is one of Europe’s leading female business visionaries and powerful global speakers who touches the hearts and the minds of any audience. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, TV personality and senior advisor to Olympic athletes, executives and international corporations. She has built numerous companies and has worked in many countries around the globe. Her talks inspire people to embrace change and grow beyond old limitations, to establish new rituals for 360-degree success and maximize their personal health, happiness and excellence. Kerstin is a highly inspiring, sought after expert on new leadership and corporate wellbeing. She has written eight books and is a passionate advocate for mental health and the countless positive effects of healthy eating.

See keynotes with Kerstin Plehwe
Keynote by speaker Kerstin Plehwe

Masters of Change

Learn how to boost corporate adaptability, team spirit, resilience and excellence from Africa’s most fascinating animals

  • Understanding and implementing the 5 secrets of successful change into your organization.
  •  Learning from lions: Boosting the best qualities with your people and maximize purpose, results and resilience.
  •  Using the wisdom of the elephants to live your best personal performance ever.
Keynote by speaker Kerstin Plehwe

Don't Settle. Go Wild!

Create unparalleled customer experiences, lasting brand impressions and new levels of customer satisfaction

  • Understanding the latest neuro-scientific approach to recreate stunning and lasting customer experiences.
  •  Learning how to apply the 5 senses secret to any customer interaction.
  •  Maximizing the level of employee engagement and innovation through 5 simple steps.
Keynote by speaker Kerstin Plehwe

The 7 Secrets of Corporate Happiness

Learn how world class companies preserve and protect people’s performance, spirit and health in times of disruption and stress.

  •  Understanding the mechanisms to boost job satisfaction, health and wellness for all employee levels.
  •  Positioning yourself as a new generation employer that integrates passion, well-being and excellence for your employees.
  • Learning from the world’s best employers about how to create your individual corporate happiness program without spending a fortune.
Keynote by speaker Kerstin Plehwe

Go green, go great!

A personal road map to optimal health, happiness and sustainable living.

  • How to avoid the trap of burn out, stress and mental fatigue through 5 easy personal daily routines.
  •  Understanding the global green challenge and embrace the countless opportunities to live and work more sustainably.
  •  Creating a 7-day plan that can change your food, health and happiness level forever.
Keynote by speaker Kerstin Plehwe

De-Stress yourself!

How to stay successful, strong and focused in demanding times.

  •  Specific tools to maximize resilience and let go of stressful behaviors.
  •  Understanding how food and beverages can help you de-stress and maximize brain functionality.
  •  Learning how to silence your brain and return to a state of mindfulness, peace and clarity within 30 seconds.
  •  Creating a working environment that increases energy, empathy and engagement.


Kerstin took the time to find out who her audience was and what we wanted from her talk. We really appreciated her doing that! Her talk was fantastic and definitely left us wanting to know more! She has a fascinating story, strong background in her subject matter and so many things we want to know more about.

Karen Edwards


“Kerstin’s visit to our university was one of the absolute highlights of the semester! Her talk for our speaker series was so in tune with our students, and many of them said her visit was their favorite of the year! She was so generous with her time and took such care to speak with students and to be such a positive force on campus. She really lifted and inspired us! I highly recommend her!!!”

Dr Lynn Vartan

Director of A.P.E.X. Events at Southern Utah University
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