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Animals Speakers

Here you will find keynote speakers, who all are able to talk about Animals. Click on the individual keynote speakers and read more about them and their keynotes.

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Speakers about animals (4)

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Levison Wood

A respectable adventurer, Levison Wood is a person with the ability to transfer his global adventures into leading TV specials. From winning Travel Book of the Year to Walking the Nile, he captivates audiences with his epic tales from 100+ countries.

travels from UK

Levison is a British icon with many hats: an explorer, photographer, author, etc. He has worked tirelessly traversing the world and documenting his travels like no other. Needless to mention that his work has been featured internationally in some of...


Niall McCann

Dr Niall McCann is a National Geographic Explorer focusing on anti-poaching and the illegal wildlife trade, with ongoing projects in Africa and Latin America.

travels from UK

Outside of work, Niall is a seasoned adventurer who has rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, skied across Greenland, cycled over the Himalayas, and been on multiple rock climbing and mountaineering trips around the world....


Kerstin Plehwe

Change agent, corporate happiness expert, serial entrepreneur and best-selling author with extensive leadership experience

travels from Germany

Keynote speaker Kerstin Plehwe is a sought after opinion leader, serial-entrepreneur, best-selling author and promoter of new approaches to leadership and change. As a longtime top-advisor to corporate and political leaders, premier TV analyst and...


Charlotte Uhlenbroek

PhD in zoology and animal expert best-known for her frequent appearances as a BBC television presenter

travels from UK

Keynote speaker Charlotte Uhlenbroek, an animal expert, is known for her frequent appearances as a BBC television presenter. She has a PhD in zoology and has spent years studying chimpanzee behavior in...

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Taunton School

About Animals

  • On our planet, there live millions of different animal species. The variety is extreme: There exist animals living in the water, on the land and in the air. We know a lot about many of them but some still remain a big secret to us human beings.
  • How do we classify animals? What criteria is important? What can I study to get a deeper insight in the world of animals?
  • Animal ethics and animal rights are widely discussed topics in our society because in many places, especially in the food industry, animals are treated badly. Protests against intensive mass animal farming have increased during the past years and the question of which rights do animals have, has come up.
  • Keynotes on animals can be biologically based, but also ethically or politically. They can refer to a certain specie or can deal with all different kinds of animals, rights, research or any other relevant issue. Discover our planet by booking a speaker who talks about animals and fascinate your audience with a presentation about some of the most stunning creatures of the world.   
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