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From Glamour to Philanthropy

Lisa Vanderpump

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Dive into Lisa Vanderpump's world of business and media brilliance. Her keynotes offer strategic insights and heartfelt stories of community engagement.

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Introducing Lisa Vanderpump: a prominent figure in hospitality, media, and philanthropy with over 30 years of industry leadership. Known for her iconic LA restaurants and Bravo TV appearances on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules, Lisa is also celebrated for her activism against animal cruelty and advocacy for LGBTQ rights. Her keynotes not only share business insights from her successful ventures like Vanderpump Cocktail Garden but also inspire with tales of resilience and social impact.

Why you should book Lisa Vanderpump for your next event

  • Founder of The Vanderpump Dog Foundation, Lisa Vanderpump champions global animal rights, bringing her dedication to compassionate causes to the forefront of her keynotes.
  • As the executive producer of Vanderpump Rules and creator of Vanderpump Cocktail Garden, Lisa Vanderpump showcases her entrepreneurial spirit and media prowess in her engaging speeches.
  • Lisa Vanderpump supports LGBTQ+ causes passionately, integrating advocacy into her inspiring keynotes to foster awareness and promote inclusivity worldwide.

Book Lisa Vanderpump for your event and unlock the essence of leadership, glamour, and philanthropy in one captivating keynote experience. Lisa Vanderpump is more than a renowned Bravo TV personality; she embodies decades of entrepreneurial success and advocacy, making her an ideal choice for organizations seeking inspiration and actionable insights.

As a motivational speaker, Lisa Vanderpump draws from her extensive career in hospitality, where she and her husband Ken Todd have established a prominent presence with iconic Los Angeles restaurants and bars. Her journey from industry pioneer to media sensation on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules offers unique perspectives on navigating fame and business with grace and resilience.

Beyond her TV persona, Lisa Vanderpump is a dedicated advocate for global animal rights through initiatives like The Vanderpump Dog Foundation, which she co-founded to combat animal cruelty worldwide. Her commitment to social causes extends to LGBTQ+ rights advocacy and community support, reflecting a deep-seated passion for creating positive change.

Her speeches inspire audiences to embrace innovation, harness their strengths, and lead with compassion in today’s competitive landscape. Whether addressing entrepreneurship, media strategy, or social responsibility, Lisa Vanderpump delivers actionable takeaways that resonate long after the event. Join leading businesses and institutions who have benefited from Lisa Vanderpump’s transformative keynotes. Elevate your next corporate gathering with her dynamic presence and leave your audience motivated.

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Integrating Social Advocacy into Your Brand Strategy

Struggling to balance running a business with advocating for causes like animal rights and LGBTQ+ rights? Lisa Vanderpump’s keynotes provide actionable strategies from her dual roles as a successful restaurateur and passionate activist. Learn how to integrate social advocacy into your brand strategy, inspiring both customers and stakeholders. Lisa’s insights on resilience and ethical leadership empower you to market your brand authentically while driving positive change. Elevate your business with Lisa Vanderpump’s expertise in navigating challenges, fostering a cohesive brand identity, and making a meaningful impact in your community.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Harness business success while advocating for animal rights and LGBTQ+ causes.
  • Integrate social advocacy into your brand strategy authentically.
  • Learn from a leader in balancing business and ethical leadership.
  • Gain insights into marketing your brand with integrity and purpose.
  • Empower your team to drive positive change and community impact.
Keynote by Lisa Vanderpump

Ask me anything

Turn the tables on Lisa in this Q&A session. Lisa puts herself in the hot seat by answering your questions on entrepreneurship, building a successful business, what it’s like to be on reality television, and more. Your company executive is invited to lead this fun discussion!

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Lisa Vanderpump supports The Trevor Project

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