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Instruction manual for our brain

Dr. Volker Kitz

travels from Germany

Lawyer, international bestselling author, expert on the psychology of persuasion

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“He stands out from the crowd and is brutally honest, “wrote the Handelsblatt about speaker Dr. Volker Kitz. His books are read in over 30 countries, and his lectures are in demand internationally. As a doctor of law, Dr. Volker Kitz can look back on various careers, and as a speaker, he provides original food for thought on psychology, law and the world of work.

Why you should book speaker Volker Kitz:

  • This lawyer is a successful author of books on human psychology: an exciting combination with deep insights.
  • Psychology, justice, the world of work – Dr. Volker Kitz broadens the view and provides the big picture.
  • He feels the pulse of the times and combines science with entertainment in the best possible way.

Speaker Volker Kitz studied law in Cologne and at New York University, graduating with a summa cum laude doctorate. At the same time, he trained as an actor at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York. He has worked as a scientist, lawyer, and lobbyist. Early on, these activities awakened his interest in psychological phenomena, which he systematized and prepared for use in various everyday situations in a comprehensible way. This marked the beginning of an unstoppable success story: his books made it onto Spiegel’s bestseller lists, were translated several times, and today sell in ten languages in over 30 countries. Volker Kitz quickly developed into an internationally sought-after speaker.

Kitz is not afraid to put forward steep theses. His next coup was a highly acclaimed book with theses on the modern working world. Here, Volker Kitz argues for a radically new approach to leadership: fewer unrealistic promises, more honesty. He demands that quality should once again play a greater role in professional life. Those who do their work well should be rewarded, instead of just finding it good.

Volker Kitz publishes articles in international professional journals as well as essays in renowned popular newspapers, for example DIE ZEIT, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Welt am Sonntag, SPIEGEL Online or in the feature section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. On television, the jurist regularly explains law and justice, including on RBB. In this way, Kitz inspires an audience of millions.

Dr. Volker Kitz is popular with companies and event organizers because he focuses on his audience. Through interactive live experiments, he creates aha effects that stick. From the audience, one hears again and again that the people have learned something that they can use quite concretely in their everyday life. The inventor of psychotainment has a great deal of life and professional experience to lard his lectures with appropriate examples and entertaining anecdotes. In doing so, he likes to hold a mirror up to the audience to explain how human psychology works and why we are the way we are.

See keynotes with Dr. Volker Kitz
Keynote by speaker Volker Kitz

How We Function - and How You Benefit From It

Our brain follows clear rules that are the same for all people. Those who know them can better understand themselves and others. With entertaining live experiments, Volker Kitz explores the most important psychological phenomena with his audience.

Audience takeaways:

  • How do I make the right decision? When do other people like me? How do I convince them? How do I see through what someone wants from me? How do I defend myself against manipulation?
  • From this lecture, you will take away a bundle of concrete psychological tools that you can immediately use in your everyday life, professionally as well as privately. An instruction manual for our brain.
Keynote by speaker Volker Kitz

Disruptive Leadership: Honest Work

If work brings us fulfillment, self-actualization, and happiness, why do we get paid for it? It’s myths like these, which sound so nice and yet are so damaging, that destroy our desire to work – and productivity along with it.

Audience takeaways:

  • Volker Kitz argues for a radically new approach to leadership: motivation through honesty. If we tell fewer fairy tales about work, we produce fewer disappointments and better results.
  • This lecture shakes up managers and employees and leaves lasting traces: more honesty, more humanity, more turnover. For motivation in the modern company.
Keynote by speaker Dr. Volker Kitz

What Holds Our Society Together - and How We Change It

Many talk about the foundations of our constitutional state, but what do we know about freedom of expression, freedom of religion, equal rights, or the protection of marriage and family? Which historical cases and important decisions should everyone know?

Audience takeaways:

  • With exciting true case stories, Volker Kitz introduces the big questions of law and justice.
  • In an interactive lecture, he takes his audience on a fascinating journey: into the history of our country, to the frontiers of philosophy and the natural sciences, and to human destiny. It shows how we take responsibility for our freedom every day – and what power we have to change the rules.
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