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Raj's story of resilience and determination in the healthcare field

Raj Adgopul

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Raj is a resilient individual who overcame traumatic childhood and multiple mental health issues, to achieve success in nursing, child psychology, public speaking and starting a family. He is an inspiration to others who have faced adversity.

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Raj is a resilient individual who overcame a difficult and traumatic childhood in Central India marked by physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Despite suffering from mental health issues, he completed nursing training and moved to Mumbai, developing an unshakeable resilience. He later moved to England, completed a degree and postgraduate in child psychology, started a family, and recently gave a Tedx talk in front of 1000+ audience. Despite all the obstacles, Raj has been able to make an impact in his life and an inspiration for others.

Why you should book Raj Adgopul for your next event

  • Raj’s incredible story of overcoming abuse and neglect to become a successful nurse, psychologist, and speaker is truly inspiring and is sure to leave a lasting impact on audiences.
  • As someone who has personally experienced and overcome mental health issues, Raj is well-equipped to speak about the importance of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.
  • Raj has a unique perspective on overcoming difficult circumstances and achieving success, having come from humble beginnings and worked his way up to the O2 stage in London, making him an ideal speaker for individuals and organizations looking to improve their mindset and achieve their goals.

Raj was born in a village of Central India, raised by people slightly better than animals. His father killed himself by alcohol intoxication when he was 2yrs old. His mother killed herself with an insulin overdose in 2018.

He was raised by his mother and a stepfather and suffered physical, emotional, sexual abuse and was neglected most of his childhood and teenage years. Due to the preverbal years neglect and abuse he suffered growing up he developed mental health issues. He was formally diagnosed by a Psychiatrist with traits of Emotionally Unstable Personality, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Despite the many setbacks Raj managed to get out of his village, completed his nursing training and lived in Mumbai for 4yrs. For those 4yrs he lived in a room with 23 other people with his personal space of just 6feet by 3feet. The years in Mumbai set him up for life and helped him achieve a mindset of unshakeable resilience.

Raj arrived in England in 2002 with £5 in pocket but went onto complete a degree and postgraduate in early years child Psychology, started a family and more recently, through his desire to share his learnings, worked his way up to the O2 stage in London where he gave his Tedx Talk in front of 1000+ audience.


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Keynote by Raj Adgopul

Slum Survival Mindset:

If you survive long enough in the slums of Mumbai to tell your story you learn how to milk a bull! Interested? Find out what kind of mindset you need to develop in order to survive, like a cockroach, in the slums of Bombay You learn to thrive on your misfortunes, that’s the secret.

Keynote by Raj Adgopul

Re-imagine the Impossible Everyday:

Life is cheap in Mumbai, a million people live in a square mile, average life expectancy is about 65yrs and over 4,000 people die every year falling off local trains. The main aim when you leave home in the morning is to come back alive in the evening. Bombay, a land of opportunities, but so hopeless that the only thing that keeps you going is hope. Find out how to keep going no matters what life throws at you.

Keynote by Raj Adgopul

Village Life: England and India Compared:

Taking a humorous look at the differences and challenges of village life in two hugely different countries. Learn how to greet your neighbours, what to do about other people’s children, and what to expect at village celebrations!

Keynote by Raj Adgopul

An Immigrant’s Experience of England:

What is it like to arrive in a new country for the first time? When you don’t know why your bathroom doesn’t have a bucket in it, what a lunch box is, or why dogs seem to have all the fun.

Keynote by Raj Adgopul

Appreciation Redefined:

Raj redefines appreciation in his funny and endearing talk which contrasts life in the hustle and bustle of Mumbai compared to rural Dorset.

Watch Raj Adgopul in action

Appreciation redefined | Raj Adgopul | TEDxNHS

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Raj Adgopul Promtional Video

See keynotes with Raj Adgopul
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