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International speaker, award-winning author & blogger aka. Mr. Mountaintop®

Jeff Davis

travels from Netherlands

Also known as The Muhammad Ali of Mental Health, helps you to activate the power of authentic leadership, improve employee mental health & morale, and get the most out of yourself and your team.

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Jeff is the author of 3 books, including the bestseller The Power of Authentic Leadership: Activating the 13 Keys to Achieving Prosperity Through Authenticity. A multiple award-winning speaker and author, some of his clients include CEOs and companies affiliated with Contractor Nation. Jeff’s results were so strong that Klaus Larsen, CEO of Klaus Larsen LLC, said “Jeff is a top-notch professional speaker, one of the best in the world.”

Reasons to book Jeff Davis

  • He’s been featured on Forbes, TEDx, Medium, Impact Makers Radio, Personal Growth, Sivana East, LEADx, HavingTime, and other prominent websites.
  • Jeff has a gift for connecting witg audiences and he has demonstrated ability to positively affect others.
  • If you need a refreshing breath of authenticity and honesty, backed by research and time-tested practical mental health and leadership ideas, call on world-renowned professional speaker Jeff.

Originally from Newtown, Connecticut, Jeff now lives in Rotterdam, Netherlands, a little more than an hour train ride away from downtown Amsterdam. John Lee Dumas, one of the top podcasters in the world, had Jeff on his Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast twice. Mental Wellness International recently listed Jeff as one of the leading mental health experts in Europe.

Jeff is no stranger to setbacks, difficulties, and adversities. In 2007, at age 17, after enduring long-term abuse in addition to a series of unexpected circumstances, he hit rock bottom and nearly died by suicide. In college, he was severely bullied by someone on his baseball team to the point of physical assault. Jeff has been featured on Tiny Buddha twice, one of the most popular websites in the world, and his story has helped millions of people worldwide.

Jeff graduated from McDaniel College with a B.A. in Economics and Mathematics, receiving allcollege Honors and Honors in Economics while playing Division III baseball. He went on to receive his Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, completing a two-year program in one year while growing his business and publishing a book through a publishing house.

He has worked with fascinating and top-notch companies in Connecticut, New York, Maryland, The Netherlands, and Budapest, Hungary, from start-ups and County Government to a Fortune 500. He has a gift for connecting with people, being open, and going deep, and he has demonstrated ability to positively affect others.

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Keynote topic by speaker Jeff Davis

Mental Health Through Transparent Leadership

Jeff Davis, a.k.a. The Muhammad Ali of Mental Health, has overcome years of severe bullying and abuse. He’s been to the absolute pits of those dark rock bottom black holes and knows how to connect with and help someone truly struggling with life, having received hundreds of messages from people saying that they decided to not die by suicide because of Jeff’s story.

Audience takeaways include:

  • How Jeff got through the dark night of his soul after a year of clinical depression and nearly taking his own life, which included not only severe bullying at school but also, even worse, getting physically and verbally abused.
  • How to use transparent communication to begin and continue your healing process.
  • Seven essential strategies to shift back into neutral when you are at rock bottom and/or seriously struggling with work and life, based off of Jeff’s experience taking down and defeating a highly-corrupt Dutch multi-national multi-billion-euro conglomerate with his team of lawyers.
  • Practical tips to address and put an end to any abuse and/or maltreatment you may be experiencing
Keynote topic by speaker Jeff Davis

Activating The Power of Authentic Leadership

Many CEOs have said Jeff Davis is one of the top leadership experts in the world based on his bestselling book on authentic leadership and enlightening presentations. In this dynamic, high-energy, and content-rich presentation, Jeff shares the essential kernels of wisdom everyone must include in their authentic leadership toolkit.

Audience takeaways include:

  • The two big lies of leadership that prevent most employees from reaching their full potential.
  • The seven keys needed to activate authentic leadership in your daily working life, based on the big mistakes made by the leadership team of a highly corrupt Dutch company Jeff contracted with from 2019 through 2020.
  • The role transparency, naturalness, and congruency play in leadership, including wisdom Jeff gleaned from speaking directly to billionaire Mark Cuban as well as several Senators.
  • Ways to deal with stress, unexpected situations, and setbacks as a leader by leading from within and empowering your colleagues.
Keynote topic by speaker Jeff Davis

Resiliency & Bounce Back in an Age of Overwhelm & Uncertainty

In early 2020, Jeff Davis went through a severe burnout, which required hospital treatments. For several months, he was literally crawling around his apartment, as he couldn’t stand up. During this time is when Jeff went deep within his psyche and began healing from more than three decades of chronic, intergenerational trauma and complex abuse. Jeff knows what it’s like to be stuck in life for years on end, with seemingly no way out. He also knows what it’s like to heal and thrive, and he’d like to show you how to do the same. Described by several police officers and lawyers as the most helpful presentation they’ve ever seen, in this program Jeff shares how to achieve and maintain long-lasting resilience.

Audience takeaways include:

  • What to do when you’re at rock bottom and in survival mode.
  • A new and more practical definition to resilience.
  • Four key insights Jeff learned from his burnout and burnout recovery process.
  • The role trauma plays in hurting our resiliency and how to heal from trauma.
Keynote topic by speaker Jeff Davis

Dealing With Bullies: How to Cope When People Are Cruel

Based on an article Jeff wrote that went viral, was shared by many influencers, and was read by more than ten million people, this presentation goes to the core of dealing with bullies in the workplace, at school, and at home.

Drawing on insights gained from Jeff’s experiences dealing with disturbed bullies on his college baseball team and vicious bullies in the workplace, key areas covered (audience takeaways) include:

  • Eight insights to coping with and disarming even the worst bullies.
  • How to involve others in your workplace (or school) in a way that helps solve the bullying situation you’re dealing with.
  • How to maintain emotional intelligence and assert yourself without overreacting (you’ll learn from some of Jeff’s biggest mistakes here!).
Keynote topic by speaker Jeff Davis

Managing Time at the Mountaintop

In this dynamic and engaging presentation, Jeff Davis shares the skills and strategies needed to successfully master the use of one’s time. In today’s world of increasing distractions, it is more essential to value one’s time than ever before. While working for the government, Jeff got his Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins while also publishing his first book through a publishing house (and honoring work-life balance at the same time).

Based on Jeff’s experience as a corporate team leader and manager, key areas covered (audience takeaways) include:

  • Learning to simplify activities, tasks, and obligations.
  • How to streamline work tasks, double your productivity, and reduce stress in a practical way.
  • Strategies to add at least one hour of extra time to your day (creating extra time).
  • Clarifying your work goals and taking the next steps to making an impact on your organization.
Keynote topic by speaker Jeff Davis

Mastering the Mountaintop Mindset

Based on his award-winning book Reach Your Mountaintop in which Jeff talked about the mindset necessary for sustainable success, this presentation covers practical tips to enhance your mindset. Jeff used The Mountaintop Mindset to connect with many CEOs and influencers, land consulting opportunities reporting directly into CEOs, and move abroad. These principles have worked for him and others, and when you put them into practice they will work for you, too.

Audience takeaways include:

  • Ways to think and act outside the box to increase your value to your organization
  • Essential mindset keys for bouncing back from setbacks and effectively maintaining your mental health
  • What it means to have the mindset of a corporate entrepreneur
  • How to take life-affirming, well-reasoned risks that move you forward both professionally and individually
Keynote topic by speaker Jeff Davis

Building World-Class Customer Service Agents

In this high-energy and dynamic presentation, Jeff Davis shares the skills needed to successfully become a world-class customer service organization.

Taken from Jeff’s experience as an account manager and customer service specialist, he shares the knowledge and exercises necessary to move from good to great when dealing with your customers.

Audience takeaways include:

  • How to effectively handle your most difficult customers, turning the challenge into an opportunity
  • Ways to consistently apply world-class customer service techniques and strategies
  • Keys to using leadership skills and genuine care to elevate your customer service approach
  • Insights into building and maintaining customer loyalty
Watch Jeff Davis in action!

Jeff Davis, Speaker, Author & Consultant: Speaker Demo Reel on Reaching Your Leadership Mountaintop

Watch Jeff Davis in action!

Powerful Time Management Strategies to Better Manage Your Time

Watch Jeff Davis in action!

Authentic Leadership Insights: Keynote Speaker Jeff Davis

See keynotes with Jeff Davis


When i met Jeff for the first time he was so refreshing and honest. He's a breath of fresh air. I now live each day being my authentic self - true to me and knowing what I need instead of being everything to everyone else. Thank you for the gift of a lifetime. Jeff is the most authentic person I have ever met!

Maryanne Ligmanowski, CEO

Norway Built

Being in Jeff's presence, Jeff is definitely an authentic human. The magic is that others recieve permission to be their authentic selves when they're with him.

Amy Bernier

Say Yes Coach, amybernier.com

Jeff is a top-notch professional speaker, one of the best in the world!

Klaus Larsen

Klaus Larsen LLC

Jeff came and spoke to my group. Wow - what a dynamic, free-flowing and useful presentation. What i love about Jeff's style is that he motivates, inspires and teaches all at the same time. We've had speakers in the past who had some of these skills, but Jeff is the whole package. He shares excellent, practical content and is inspiring at the same time. Highly recommended.

Geronda Wollack

Society for Human Resource Management & student of University of New Haven Graduate School

Taking 5 John Hopkins classes at the same time, with 3 hours of commute time each day to get to his Government job, while doing seminars on the side and he wrote a book, found a publisher and published his first book, too? Are you kidding? That's unheard of; no one does that. Jeff Davis is a legend in his own right. I only say that because it's true.

Bassam Alattar

Risk Analyst at T. Rowe Price

When I first heard Jeff speak, his story uplifted and inspired me. He has a way of pulling you into his speeches and holding your attention throughout. Jeff didn't know this at the time of his speech, but due to the death of a member of my family, I was the dumps. His speech helped me to not give up and keep pushing forward. We are now good friends.

Michael Platania

Elevator Pitch Doctor

Based on Jeff's stage presence and ability to engage listeners, I'm convinced he can connect with any audience on the planet. He's one of the best speakers I've ever see.

Dan Durishan

Principal, internalopenhouse.com

Jeff Davis is a wonderful speaker. Jeff knows how to engage the audience and bring people into his world. He is one who can enlighten people. He is entertaining, exciting and everything you could ever want in a speaker.

Harvey Bailey

CEO of The One Thought

Jeff's strenght is painting a picture that people can relate to, understand, process and then use fir their benefit. He's just as good, if not better, than any speaker I've ever seen and I've seen in person many of the world champions of public speaking. From the bottom of my heart, I think Jeff is the best.

Judith Anne Dellosso

Youth Leadership Expert and High School Speaker

You won't find anyone better than Jeff Davis - that's a fact. If you want professional results and a valuable speaker to speak to your team, you want Jeff!

Rob Rowse

Analyst for nonprofits
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Keynote topics with Jeff Davis