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Molly Harvey

Business Thinker and Leadership Authority
Country: UK

Our keynote speaker Molly Harvey is recognised as a leading authority on leadership and cultural transformation. She lives by a simple motto “Don’t talk about it, just be it” and her mission focuses on launching a Global Leadership Campaign to educate 333 million people across the world on leadership.

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“Don’t talk about it, just be it”

Molly’s early years were spent growing up on a country estate in County Waterford. From her early days she was fascinated by people and behavioural psychology. Over the last 30 years, she has studied various courses on motivation leadership and performance and acquired a Masters in Neuro-linguistics.

Our speaker Molly Harvey set up her first Training and Development Company in 1993, attracting clients such as Bank of America, Siemens, 3M, Nestle and over 200 other leading organisations. She was the first Woman President and fellow of the Professional Speakers Association – England and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. She was awarded a certificate recently from the Global Visionary Network for her contribution to promoting best practice to national and international corporate bodies.

Molly is a Leading Authority on Leadership and Culture Change. She is recognised for her no nonsense, thought provoking approach, speaking from the heart and has the gift of making the complex simple. A key part of her experience is her ability to question and provoke her audiences to think differently about the way they work and live.

The keynote speaker Molly Harvey consults with over 500 leading organisations world-wide. Her passion and mission is to change the face of leadership and personal performance in organisations across the world. Part of her expertise is her ability to facilitate the hard questions delegates keep discussing. In 2005, she was part of a major Culture Change Leadership Programme within Bank of America.

Molly Harvey regularly lectures at Universities such as Liverpool University and Liverpool Management School. She first spoke at the United Nations in New York in 2006 and 2007. In 2012, the devoted speaker Molly Harvey was asked to be part of the Fountain Project which involves a total of eight people from many indigenous cultures and business across the world to co-create and restore economies of reciprocity inspired by nature and the sacred.

    Keynote by Speaker Molly Harvey

    What can Molly Harvey do for you?

    • Part of her expertise is her ability to facilitate the hard questions organisations keep dismissing.
    • Her practical strategies will turn around the mindset of your organisation.
    • Learn the six-step process that will turn your culture around today.
    • She has a proven track record in helping leaders and teams turn their performance around.


    Keynote by Speaker Molly Harvey

    The bottom line

    • Productivity – Your business will benefit from improved productivity and performance.
    • Implementation – Your business will learn practical proven strategies which can be implemented in the business straight away.
    • Mindset/Culture Change – our speaker Molly Harvey and her team will help you release the potential of your people and bring about positive change.


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