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Pollster and researcher Ben Page is an expert on consumer trends

Ben Page

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Speaking on social and consumer trends, Ben Page offers listeners insights into evolving demand. His keynotes address politics, society, and business.

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Ben Page has moved from his first job in 1987 at Ipsos to the rank of CEO by 2021. He’s built a solid corporate reputation in consumer research. Serving top-tier corporations, such as IBM, BAE, and Shell, Page leverages his experience to provide insights on a range of policy issues and consumer trends. For nearly three decades, he’s worked with top government officials and commissions in understanding economic and social research for shaping public policy. Page also serves on advisory boards, including Social Market Foundation and the King’s Fund.

Why you should book Ben Page for your next event

  • Ben Page offers extensive insights into politics, business, society, and consumer trends as CEO of the country’s top research firm. His powerful keynotes breakdown the importance of understanding your audience.
  • Page is considered one of the country’s most influential voices in shaping public policy. By providing analytically based insights, he offers listeners a window with which to view consumer attitudes.
  • Helping decision makers to plan for the future, Page leverages the power of research to influence a range of areas from advertising to governance.

Working for Ipsos since 1987, Ben Page is considered the foremost expert in researching consumer trends. Offering leaders insight into various consumer outlooks, he leverages his decades of experience in the field to influence public policy, governance, and advertising. His business provides services to major corporations, government agencies, and other firms seeking advice on interacting with populations.

Until 1992, Page focused on consumer research. At that time, his concentration shifted to policy making. He began providing research to government agencies, including the Cabinet Office and the Home Office.

He serves on various commissions and provides insight to the Economic Social Research Council, Centre for Ageing Better, and IPPR – Institute for Public Policy Research. Determined to ensure that policy makers have the necessary information to make smart policy decisions, Page takes the lead on projects that impact populations. From independent commissions to advisory boards, he offers executives crucial data for making smart decisions.

In 2000, Page joined a group of executives to buyout MORI and its sale to Ipsos by 2005. He led MORI’s social research at Ipsos until 2009. At that time, he became the CEO in the UK. By 2021, he was elevated to the role of CEO of Ipsos.

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  • Consumer trends
  • Politics
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  • Culture and Society
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The Perils of Prediction with Ben Page

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