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Popular economist shares insights on the global economic climate

Xavier Sala-i-Martin

travels from USA

Keynote speaker shares his experience in academia, nonprofits, and government to offer insight into the economic problems the world is facing today.

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Dr. Martin helps audiences understand how politics, evolving technologies, and global commerce are impacting the future and the world. As a professor of development economics at Columbia University, Dr. Martin educates the next generation of world business leaders on global competitiveness, economic growth, and social inclusion. From 1993 to 2007, he served as a consultant with the International Monetary Fund. For three years, 1996 to 1998 and 2001, Dr. Martin also consulted at the World Bank. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Harvard University with a concentration in Growth and States.

Reasons to Book Dr. Salai Martin

  • Dr. Salai Martin brings decades of economic experience to serious financial issues impacting the world today. His keynote offers educational information about the state of the global economy, commerce, and the impact of new technology on the world.
  • His presentation equips audiences to understand how government policies are impacting the global economy. He provides practical strategies to address worldwide economic changes.
  • From 2008 to 2016, Dr. Martin served as co-editor and contributor to the Global Competitive Index as part of the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitive Report, which is distributed worldwide.

Beginning his career as an assistant professor of economics at Yale University in 1990, Dr. Martin progressed to the associate professor rank two years later. In 1996, he began working as a consultant for the World Bank and as a professor of economics for Columbia University. He now works as the Jerome and Matthew Grossman Professor of Development Economics. Dr. Martin has held this role since 2008.

Focusing on financial and monetary issues impacting global citizens, Dr. Martin has worked as an economic consultant for several organizations. Since 2001, he’s been a World Economic Forum Fellow and contributes to the group’s Global Competitiveness Report as a co-editor and contributor. He’s also served the group as an economic advisor for WEF since 2006. Since 2015, he’s served as a trustee for the Global Agenda on Economic Growth and Social Inclusion.

Dr. Martin travels the world sharing information about the state of the economy. Corporations, civic leaders, non-profit organizations, and think tanks seek his guidance on developing sound economic policies. He is the President and Founder of the UMBELE Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to helping African citizens.

As a prolific writer, Dr. Martin offers a wealth of information about growth and social inclusion in his books, including a textbook published by McGraw Hill, called Economic Growth.

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Speaker Xavier Sala-i-Martin keynote topics

An experienced teacher, Xavier is able to put across complex ideas in an easy to understand format using colorful and entertaining examples. With a reputation for humorous and enlightening presentations, Xavier is in great demand as a conference speaker at leading financial events around the world.

Xavier specializes in the following topics:

  • Competitiveness and growth strategies.
  • Business Innovation.
  • The Education Revolution needed for the Globalized World.
  • Successful Branding and Business Turnarounds (based on his experience at FC Barcelona)European Economics and the World Financial Crisis.
  • Economic Growth and Income Distribution.
  • Macroeconomic Stability (based on his experience at the IMF).

Keynote Address by Professor Xavier Sala-i-Martin

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See keynotes with Xavier Sala-i-Martin
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