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Todd Buchholz

Economist and bestselling Author
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Todd Buchholz is a former White House senior economic adviser, hedge fund guru and professional speaker. Todd Buchholz connects the dots between local and global markets, the politics that define business environments, and the people who drive it all. His speeches are lively and informative.

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Global Economy Expert

Todd Buchholz is an authority in his field. He holds degrees in economics and law from Cambridge and Harvard and is widely sought for his depth of experience, sharp wit and honest, entertaining delivery. He puts global politics and financial markets into perspective and offers a positive understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing today’s markets.

As a frequent commentator on the state of the markets, Todd Buchholz brings his experience as a former White House director of economic policy, a managing director of the $15 billion Tiger hedge fund, and a Harvard economics teacher to the cutting edge of economics, fiscal politics, finance, and business strategy.

During his career, Todd Buchholz wrote several critically acclaimed best selling books and successfully developed some of them into keynote speeches. As a speaker Todd Buchholz is passionate and engages with his audience, he is dedicated when transmitting his messages and presents well-researched arguments and understandable explanations on a broad variety of topics.

    Keynote by Speaker Todd Buchholz

    Is the Economy Headed Higher – or Off a Cliff?

    • Former Tiger hedge fund managing director Todd Buchholz develops a timely vision for the economy and the stock market.


    Keynote by Speaker Todd Buchholz

    How to Compete in a Global Economy

    • Todd Buchholz anticipates the trends that will open up fresh opportunities for manufacturing, service and technology companies.


    Keynote by Speaker Todd Buchholz

    Rush: Why You Need and Love the Rat Race

    • Todd Buchholz pokes a hole in conventional wisdom by arguing that competition does not stifle businesses and working members of society, but actually makes them healthier. The key is to get creative.


    Keynote by Speaker Todd Buchholz

    New Ideas from Dead CEOs

    • Todd Buchholz redesigns his best-selling book into a lecture, in which he brings to life history’s greatest CEOs and entrepreneurs, showing how their leadership, ideas and failures can inform and inspire today’s chaotic marketplace.


    Keynote by Speaker Todd Buchholz

    China: The Threat and The Opportunity

    • The Chinese Communist party has shed its communist ideology, but it still struggles to keep its people under control. By showing audiences how to anticipate China’s next moves, Todd Buchholz will help you take advantage of the country’s incredible business opportunities, while avoiding the landmines.


    Keynote by Speaker Todd Buchholz

    The Hope and Danger Behind World Politics

    • Former economic policy advisor during the Gulf War and Harvard economics teacher Todd Buchholz takes his audience on a world tour to gauge the ‘hot spots’ that threaten our markets, and the successful stories that can uplift them.
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