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Todd Buchholz

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Economist, bestselling author, Tiger hedge fund managin director, and former White House senior economic adviser

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Keynote speaker Todd Buchholz is a former White House senior economic adviser, hedge fund guru and professional speaker. Todd Buchholz connects the dots between local and global markets, the politics that define business environments, and the people who drive it all. His speeches are lively and informative.

Global Economy Expert

Todd Buchholz is an authority in his field. He holds degrees in economics and law from Cambridge and Harvard and is widely sought for his depth of experience, sharp wit and honest, entertaining delivery. He puts global politics and financial markets into perspective and offers a positive understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing today’s markets.

As a frequent commentator on the state of the markets, Todd Buchholz brings his experience as a former White House director of economic policy, a managing director of the $15 billion Tiger hedge fund, and a Harvard economics teacher to the cutting edge of economics, fiscal politics, finance, and business strategy.

During his career, Todd Buchholz wrote several critically acclaimed best selling books and successfully developed some of them into keynote speeches. As a speaker Todd Buchholz is passionate and engages with his audience, he is dedicated when transmitting his messages and presents well-researched arguments and understandable explanations on a broad variety of topics.

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Keynote by speaker Todd Buchholz

Prosperity Ahead – or Not?

The economy never sleeps. Neither can your business, as the US heads toward the 2020 elections, and the EU and UK wrangle over Brexit. Join speaker Todd Buchholz to show you the forces impacting our economy and find out what it means for you.

  • Discover how globalization, demographics and technology are shaping the economy and our future
  • Spot the signs of stock market rallies, and the warning signs of slumps
  •  Identify the political pressure from the US to the EU to China on trade, debt, and interest rates
Keynote by speaker Todd Buchholz

How to Compete in a Global Economy

The pressure to compete is bigger than ever. Low borrowing rates and plenty of jobs sound great, but how do you keep motivated employees? Sales may break records, but can businesses increase their prices when the costs go up? Millennials and Generation Z challenge retailers and customers seem ready to switch to a competitor. How can your business perform in a fickle global economy?

  • Learn how the “scissors economy” create new opportunities while cutting costs
  • Discover the ways of building customer loyalty even when facing unexpected circumstances
  • Find out which countries offer the best opportunities for investment and expansion


Keynote by speaker Todd Buchholz

Behavioral Economics Can Work For You

People matter. The economy is not a spreadsheet packed with numbers. Humans don’t get excited by mere data: our brains want excitement. Psychological forces move financial and product markets hastier than anything else. Find out in this 60-minute keynote how to harness these forces.

  • Discover how generational differences affect your business and your clients
  • Explore the psychology of financial and customer choices
  • Learn the three words that most excite your employees, investors, and clients
Keynote by speaker Todd Buchholz

Finding Hope in World Politics

Daily news always tends to focus on the crisis of the day. In this keynote, speaker Todd Buchholz puts the news in perspective, showing you what you need to focus on. Start today and pursue tomorrow’s opportunities!

  • Take a world tour to the places that are on the verge of political and economic change.
  • Understand how leaders from Washington to Beijing to New Delhi make important decisions
  • Find out how globalization has lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty yet sparked protests about Brexit, big banks, and NATO
Keynote by speaker Todd Buchholz

New Ideas from Dead CEOs

All the great – and not-so-great – CEOs wrestle with new challenges. Discover the story of the greatest CEOs who established and led revolutionary businesses! Speaker Todd Buchholz will show you how to forecast trends and open up fresh opportunities for profit.

  • Learn the business secrets that made McDonald’s, Sony, Estee Lauder, and Apple big
  • Discover how Ray Kroc, Steve Jobs, and Sam Walton conquered the business world
  • Apply the most essential lessons of the greatest CEOs to your business today
  • Find out the best time to lock in financing and explore the best opportunities around the globe
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