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Geoff Colvin

Speaker on Disruption, Business Trends & Economy
Country: USA

Speaker Geoff Colvin is an award-winning international speaker on the newest trends and issues impacting the business world. Geoff is also the senior editor at Large for Fortune and has interviewed some of the biggest CEOs and entrepreneurs. In his keynotes, he brings clarity to the most complex and challenging issues that affect business and the economy.

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Keynote speaker Geoff Colvin is one of the leading business broadcasters in America and through his position at Fortune he has all the insider knowledge in the business world to know what the top leaders are seeing, planning and thinking about. Geoff can be heard everyday at CBS Radio Network where he reaches out to over seven million listeners each week. Geoff has also appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, ABC’s World News Tonight and many more.

Speaker Geoff Colvin has an interest and passion for the way humans deal with issues and challenges, especially in the workplace. Business leaders are constantly faced with serious issues that could determine if they succeed or fail, and it all comes down to the magic of leadership, relationships, communication, teamwork and much more. Luckily, Geoff knows many of the businesses and leaders that know exactly what to do, and this gives him the opportunity to share his very best advice to succeed in the deep uncertainty of the world today.

Geoff Colvin is also a best-selling author and his books include the acclaimed “The Upside of the Downturn: Management Strategies for Difficult Times” as well as “Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers From Everybody Else” which won the Winner of the Henry Longman Award for Best Business Book of 2009. As a speaker Geoff Colvin is engaging, dynamic and one-of-a-kind. The audience will leave feeling motivated and ready to handle any challenges thrown their way. Geoff is available as a keynote speaker as well as moderator and interviewer for your event.

    Speaker Geoff Colvin Keynote Topics

    Keynote by Speaker Geoff Colvin

    Leading Ahead of Disruption

    • In this keynote Geoff looks at the latest news on trends driving change in business and reveals what top leaders in business and government are doing right now to meet the challenges they face.
    • Technological, governmental, societal, market and economic whiplash have become the new normal – and all require swift and full attention. As a result, winning in business today demands extraordinary leadership at every level of the organization acting on the best intelligence it can find.
    • Geoff’s message is optimistic and energizing: opportunity is more widely available than ever and there will be winners – why shouldn’t it be you?


    Keynote by Speaker Geoff Colvin

    The Future of Work – How Will Humans Fit In?

    • Technology is now capable of doing jobs we once thought only humans could perform. In a world where robots and smart machines factor prominently, what is the future of work? Where will humans add value? How will companies compete? This talk draws on research for Colvin’s New York Times lauded book, Humans are Underrated.
    • Employers say the skills they’ll need most in the future are those that focus on social interaction: empathy above all, collaboration, storytelling, social sensitivity, brainstorming, creating and innovating with others, and leading. The transition to these newly valuable skills is happening faster than organizations and most psyches can keep up with. Geoff reveals what top organizations are doing to meet this challenge. The good news is that we humans already have what it takes – it’s up to us to make of it what we will.


    Keynote by Speaker Geoff Colvin

    Where Is This Economy Headed?

    • Even before the new alignment of power in Washington, it was the question on every business leader’s mind: where are the U.S. and global economies going? Now it’s more urgent – and uncertain.
    • The economic picture changes by the day, and Geoff Colvin has a brilliant perch at Fortune to view it all – to get ahead of official statistics to uncover what’s going on. He reflects on the varied forces driving economic change and offers a glimpse of where each may take you and your business.


    Keynote by Speaker Geoff Colvin

    The New Political Reality For Business

    • The main theme of the Trump administration has been unpredictability. President Trump has said that his unpredictability is a deliberate strategy. That makes strategic planning a huge challenge for business leaders everywhere.
    • In this keynote, Geoff Colvin helps unwind the impact of Washington in terms you won’t hear elsewhere. Economic growth, consumer demand, interest rates, taxes, employment costs – cable news doesn’t spend much time on those issues, but all of them are set to change, transforming the business environment in important ways.
    • Geoff shows how the most successful business leaders are competing and winning in this uncertain environment. He brings a message of optimism that too often gets lost in the political rough and tumble.


    Keynote by Speaker Geoff Colvin

    Talent Is Overrated – How Great Performers Really Got Great

    • What if everything you know about raw talent, hard work, and great performance is wrong? Geoff Colvin, author of the groundbreaking international bestseller Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else, explains the findings and relates them to real life in real organizations.
    • He shows how most organizations value the wrong things – that passion, honesty, and learning are more valuable than hours, IQ, or “native ability.” Geoff demonstrates that world-class performance comes from behaviors that every person and organization can adopt. Those who apply these principles gain a tremendous competitive advantage.
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