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Crime Speakers

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Speakers about crime (8)

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John Iannarelli

John Iannarelli is a retired FBI Special Agent, expert in cyber investigations, author, and keynote speaker who shares his insights and humorous moments from his 20-year career in law enforcement. He has participated in high-profile investigations like the Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11 attack.

travels from USA

John Iannarelli is a highly accomplished former FBI Special Agent, cyber investigations expert, and engaging keynote speaker. He served for 20 years and was a part of several high-profile investigations, including the Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11...


Carl Miller

Speaking to global audiences, Miller provides helpful information about the way technology is changing every aspect of the human experience. He gives powerful insights on politics, journalism, crime, and business in the digital age.

travels from UK

Miller analyzes data to decipher how the digital world is impacting the real world. As co-founder for a UK think tank focusing on the digital ecosystem, he's authored 20 studies. He delves into topics from digital politics to cybercrime. In the...


Geoff White

Election hacking, money laundering, billion-dollar cyber heists... author and investigative journalist Geoff White has covered it all.

travels from UK

Geoff Whites is an author, speaker, investigative journalist and podcast creator. He has worked for the BBC, Audible, Penguin, Sky News, The Sunday Times and many...


Marius Løken

Motivational and mental health speaker, sharing his knowlegde and experince after being a victim of a true crime.

travels from Norway

Marius Løken is passionate about mental health and motivation. He has written a book about the Halloween murder and generously shares his experiences going from a broken body and mind to a life reflecting peace and...


Ulrich Larsen

Former mole in North Korea

travels from Denmark

Ulrich had never expected or hoped that he would become a famous face worldwide, but with the Mole - Undercover in North Korea, it became the back of the medal he would have preferred to have been...


LeRon L. Barton

A talented writer and speaker who gives talks about race, mass incarceration, tech, diversity, disabilities, and storytelling in hopes to inspire those who listen to tell their story and change the people and world around them.

travels from USA

Speaker LeRon L. Barton is a writer and keynote speaker who is an essayist whose topics cover racism, mass incarceration, politics, gender, and dating. He optimizes organizations through the enlightenment of conversations around many taboo topics...


J. Paul Nadeau

Motivational speaker on business negotiations, conflict resolution and increasing employee loyalty

travels from Canada

Keynote speaker J. Paul Nadeau’s experiences as a former hostage negotiator, SVU detective and international peacekeeper have resulted in voting him as one of the most interesting people in North America. He’s worked as Oprah Winfrey’s...


Bennett Arron

After being a victim of identity theft, the comedian has made comedy shows and documentaries about his experience

travels from UK

Keynote Speaker Bennett Arron was the victim of identity theft. Today the experience has resulted in an acclaimed comedy show, several documentaries, and praise for his funny, honest and hard-hitting keynotes on identity theft and fraud. Amongst...

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About Crime

  • A crime is an act that breaks the law and thus is punishable. The study of crimes can reveal their underlying causes, which is key to crime prevention.
  • Crime rates are often used as indicators of how a society is functioning, and whether its government and institutions are effective, as the crime rate of a developing nation will typically be higher than that of a fully industrialized nation.
  • Keynotes on the topic of crime can be based on statistical studies of crime and how crime impacts countries and societies. They can also focus on a specific type of crime and the reason why it occurs, or what measures can be taken to prevent crime.
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