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Empowering Lives through Honesty and Compassion

Michael Maisey

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Michael Maisey: Transforming Lives and Organizations. Unlocking resilience and healthy masculinity for lasting change.

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Experience transformation and resilience with Michael Maisey, an extraordinary keynote speaker. Unlock the power of healthy masculinity, social responsibility, and authentic leadership. Elevate your team's mindset, inspire change, and drive lasting success with Michael's compelling insights. Your next event deserves the exceptional impact he delivers.

Why you should book Michael Maisey for your next event

  • Resilience and Transformation: Michael Maisey’s keynote imparts the tools to navigate adversity, fostering resilience that transforms individuals and organizations.
  • Healthy Masculinity: Unlock the power of healthy masculinity, fostering a positive and inclusive workplace culture.
  • Bestselling Author: Michael’s autobiography, “Young Offender,” is a bestseller, showcasing his powerful storytelling ability.

Michael Maisey’s remarkable life journey has established him as a distinguished keynote speaker, renowned for his ability to inspire transformation and authentic leadership. Overcoming a turbulent and traumatic childhood that led to his involvement in a gang and subsequent imprisonment at the age of sixteen, Michael experienced firsthand the profound impact of kindness and compassion in rebuilding his life.

Today, as a sought-after speaker, Michael leverages his personal odyssey to offer audiences invaluable insights into resilience, authentic leadership, and healthy masculinity. His narrative serves as a powerful example of the human capacity to triumph over adversity and emerge stronger on the other side.

A vocal advocate for social responsibility in the business world, Michael encourages organizations to align their values with social impact, fostering a sense of community and purpose. His captivating storytelling, as showcased in his bestselling autobiography, “Young Offender,” has earned him literary accolades and recognition for his unwavering commitment to the betterment of society.

Michael Maisey’s unwavering commitment to fostering healthy masculinity, social responsibility, and transformation is an inspiration to us all. His dedication to creating positive change and making a difference in the lives of others continues to impact communities and organizations across the world.

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Keynote by speaker Michael Maisey

The life changing power of kindness

Taking the audience on journey into my early years where I grew up in a world without kindness, and then discovering it by chance from random strangers and how experiencing kindness changed my view of the world, and as my view of the world changed so did I.

Take away – more compassion for people from all walks of life, a desire to give back and be more kind to the people you work with who might be struggling. Overall better relationships with the people close to them and the people who need extra support.

Keynote by speaker Michael Maisey

Healthy Masculinity in the workplace

Taking the audience into my teenage years in a gang and in prison where toxic masculinity was all we knew, the damage it caused t me and the people I grew up with, to then getting sober, giving back, becoming a father to 3 daughters and discovering what healthy masculinity looks like and how it can transform our relationships with other men and especially females.

Take away – more awareness for men around certain behaviours, and more awareness for females and a level of compassion for the men who are stuck in the cycle of toxic masculinity. Staff reported greater relationships in work with the alpha males of the company and the alpha males reported having an awareness around how they communicate with people.

Keynote by speaker Michael Maisey

Breaking down the barriers of communication within mental health

As a man I grew up in a tough world, council estate, gang culture, prison. It wasn’t safe to cry or show any emotional apart from joy or anger. Sadness and fear were not welcome in my world. I take the audience through different scenarios in my lived experience, and give them practical tools to help them breakdown the barriers in communication I learned along the way from turning my own life around. These are the tools we give away to people who use the services of my non profit organisation The CIP Project which helps over 2000 people very year across the UK.

Take away – better ability to support people within your organisation, a greater capacity to communicate how your feeling, overall improved relationships with those you love. and work with.

Watch Michael Maisey in action

Uncaged: From Prison to Purpose | Michael Maisey | TEDxKingstonUponThames

See keynotes with Michael Maisey
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