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Revolutionizing Workplace Wellbeing

James Hewitt

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Global authority on workplace wellbeing & high-performance. Empowering organizations to thrive through cutting-edge strategies.

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Transform your organization with James Hewitt, a world-renowned keynote speaker. Empower your teams through pioneering strategies in workplace wellbeing and sustainable high-performance. Uncover the secrets to enhancing productivity, fostering resilience, and beating burnout. Elevate your success with actionable insights from James' global recognition and impactful work with top-tier clients. Book now for an inspiring keynote that will revolutionize your company's performance.

Why you should book James Hewitt for your next event

  • Boost Workplace Productivity: Book James Hewitt for expert insights and cutting-edge strategies that empower your teams to reach peak performance, maximizing productivity and efficiency.
  • Foster Resilience & Wellbeing: With James’ pioneering approach, your organization gains valuable tools to combat burnout and stress, fostering a culture of resilience and employee wellbeing.
  • Global Reach: With over 1000 hours of presentations and workshops in 30+ countries, James’ work has profoundly impacted multinational corporations, startups, and non-profit organizations alike.

In the dynamic world of modern business, your organization faces a multitude of challenges – remote work complexities, employee burnout, and the pursuit of sustainable high performance. As you seek the key to revitalizing your team and maximizing productivity, look no further than motivational speaker James Hewitt.

Book James Hewitt for your event and embrace a transformational experience. This renowned keynote speaker is a distinguished authority on workplace wellbeing and sustainable high performance, globally recognized for his pioneering work with Formula One teams to Fortune 500 companies.

James Hewitt’s empowering keynotes seamlessly integrate cutting-edge research with practical insights, offering actionable strategies that prioritize employee wellbeing and create thriving work environments. His academic background in Organizational Psychology ensures that every solution is backed by evidence and tailored to address your organization’s unique needs.

Through persuasive storytelling and data-driven examples, James articulates the profound connection between wellbeing and sustainable high performance. Investing in your employees’ wellbeing not only fosters resilience but also directly impacts your organization’s overall success.

With a trailblazing career, James Hewitt’s work includes achievements such as lecturing at esteemed institutions like Duke CE, IMD, St. Gallen, and speaking at three World Economic Forum Annual Meetings in Davos. His innovative strategies have garnered praise, as they tangibly reduce stress, enhance wellbeing, and improve performance.

By booking James Hewitt for your event, you secure an opportunity to empower your teams, boost productivity, and shape the future of work in your organization. Don’t wait to unlock your organization’s success – seize the chance to elevate your workplace with the transformative insights of James Hewitt, an influential figure shaping the way we work today.

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Keynote by speaker James Hewitt

Future Perspectives: Unveiling the Emerging Trends in Workplace Wellbeing

In this eye-opening presentation, James Hewitt offers a cutting-edge exploration of the future of workplace wellbeing. Drawing from the latest research and real-world insights, he uncovers the transformative trends poised to reshape organisational cultures and enhance employee wellbeing in the coming decade. This keynote is an essential resource for forward-thinking leaders and business people seeking to stay ahead of the curve.

Keynote by speaker James Hewitt

Peak Performance Decoded: Winning the Workplace Endurance Race by Achieving More with Less

Diving deep into the science behind peak performance, James applies principles from world-class endurance sports to the workplace. In this keynote, attendees will discover a counter-intuitive perspective on how to optimise their performance while safeguarding their wellbeing, striking a balance that is key to long-term success in the cognitive endurance activity that is modern work.

Keynote by speaker James Hewitt

The High-Performance Paradox: Balancing Productivity and Wellbeing for Sustainable Success

In a world where relentless productivity often comes at the expense of employee wellbeing, Hewitt presents a counter-narrative: a sustainable model that harmoniously blends high performance and wellbeing. This compelling keynote leverages James’s wealth of experience and scientific knowledge to debunk common workplace myths and present a novel approach to cultivating a resilient, productive, and healthy workforce.

Keynote by speaker James Hewitt

Resilience Reimagined: Cultivating Anti-Fragility in a VUCA World

In this inspiring and practical talk, James delves into the fascinating topic of anti-fragile human performance. Using case studies and cutting-edge research, he provides actionable strategies to equip teams with the potential to transform the volatility, uncertainty,
complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) of today’s business landscape into opportunities for growth.

Keynote by speaker James Hewitt

Burnout Uncovered: Understanding and Combating the Hidden Epidemic of the Modern Workplace

In this hard-hitting keynote, James Hewitt sheds light on the pervasive yet often misunderstood issue of burnout. He explores the root causes, debilitating effects, and the often overlooked impact on productivity and overall business success. More importantly, he provides effective preventative measures and strategies to create a balanced, thriving work environment.

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James Hewitt – The Key to Sustainable High Performance [FULL KEYNOTE]

See keynotes with James Hewitt
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