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The disturbingly true yet funny account of what it is like to have your identity stolen


Bennett Arron

travels from UK

After being a victim of identity theft, the comedian has made comedy shows and documentaries about his experience

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Keynote Speaker Bennett Arron was the victim of identity theft. Today the experience has resulted in an acclaimed comedy show, several documentaries, and praise for his funny, honest and hard-hitting keynotes on identity theft and fraud. Amongst other things, Bennett has toured the world and has spoken at numerous anti-fraud and anti-corruption conventions.

Comedian and Identity Theft Speaker

A long time ago, stand-up comedian and award-winning writer Bennett Arron was in serious debt. He owed thousands of pounds to mobile phone companies, catalogues and department stores. Only it wasn’t him. Bennett had been a victim of Identity Theft, the fastest growing crime in the UK. This theft was so devastating that it resulted in Bennett and his pregnant wife becoming penniless and homeless.

Years later, Bennett wrote about the ordeal and this resulted in a comedy show about his experience. The show was critically acclaimed at the Edinburgh Festival and led to Bennett being asked to direct and present a Documentary for Channel 4. The Documentary, How To Steal An Identity, was Pick of The Week in The Guardian and The Telegraph and was called ‘Fascinating and Disturbing’ by the TV Times. It went on to be shortlisted for a BAFTA.

In the Documentary, Bennett proved the ease of ID theft, by first stealing the identities of the general public and then stealing the identity of the then Home Secretary, Charles Clarke.

This action resulted in Bennett being arrested in a dawn raid by Scotland Yard and given the code-name Operation Hydrogen.

Bennett now tours around the world, telling his disturbingly true yet funny account of what it’s like to have your identity stolen and but revealing the devastating consequences of making a documentary ‘in the public interest’.

He has performed as a speaker at many corporate events around the world. He was the Guest Speaker at the International Fraud Convention in Italy, the International Congress On Anti-Fraud & Anti-Corruption in Poland and he was the opening keynote speaker at Auscert in Australia on front of 1500 delegates.

Bennett, who has recently been supporting Ricky Gervais on some of his tour dates, is a past winner of the TAPS Comedy Writer of the Year Award. His television work includes Big Brother’s Little Brother for Channel 4, and he hosted the comedy programme Glee Time for ITV. Bennett is also a trained actor and appeared in the film Dead Long Enough alongside Michael Sheen. He has written for many comedy programmes, including The 11 O’ Clock ShowCommercial Breakdown and the BAFTA winning Graham Norton Show. He has created two documentaries; How To Steal An Identity for Channel 4 (for which he was BAFTA shortlisted) and The Kosher Comedian for the BBC.

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Very Professional. Would recommend!

Agnes Psathas


Interview with Bennett Arron

How has identity theft changed your life?
At the time it changed my life completely, and to an extent it still has repercussions (but you’ll have to hear me speak to know all the facts!) The police refer to Identity Theft as a ‘victimless crime’. They’re wrong. Just because nothing tangible has been taken  – ie a laptop/DVD player etc – doesn’t mean there’s no victim. A laptop can be replaced, having a zero credit rating and not being able to open bank accounts, get a mortgage etc is a more difficult problem to resolve. It took me almost 2 years!

What types of clients typically book you?
I’m either booked as a comedian/awards host etc or as a keynote or after dinner speaker on the subject of Identity Theft. I have performed for Gartner (where I am still to this day the highest-rated speaker they’ve ever had), McAfee, Santander, Experian, Thatchers… I have also performed at 12 separate events for Royal Mail and I was the opening keynote speaker at Auscert in Australia in front of 2000 delegates.

Why is it important that people learn more about fraud & identity theft and how it works?
If people learn more about it then they will not only know how to avoid it more but also how to deal with it should it ever happen to them.

Can you give some advice to those who have experienced identity theft?
Have regular Credit Reports or ideally sign with one of the Credit Reference Agencies which let you know if anything untoward is happening on your accounts.

How do you work with clients to prepare your keynotes?
I’m usually booked by clients who have seen me or by recommendations and they know that I have a talk which can be between 30 and 40 minutes and which can include a Powerpoint Presentation and video clips for the (BAFTA shortlisted) documentary I made. They know that the talk will be funny as well as interesting/entertaining/emotional so they just leave me to it.

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