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Sleight-of-hand specialist Apollo Robbins entertains global audiences

Apollo Robbins

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Apollo Robbins entertains audiences with sleight of hand and perception tricks. He leverages his abilities to educate audiences about fraud & scams.

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Apollo Robbins shows audiences how flaws of perception open up possibilities to misdirect attention and initiate scams. As a speaker and entertainer, he advises law enforcement and military schools about fraud tactics. Collaborating with academia, he is an expert in teaching the art of attention manipulation. He showed the 2013 TEDGlobal listeners how to swipe a wallet while leaving the victim clueless. According to Apollo, it’s easy to misdirect a person’s eyes. He leverages thousands of hours of practice to give audiences insights into how thieves and scam artists operate.

Why you should book Apollo Robbins for your next event

  • Apollo Robbins offers an entertaining, informative presentation about the power of misdirection. His keynote speeches educate listeners about how to protect against fraud.
  • Providing insights into scam tactics, Robbins opens the audience’s eyes to how easy it is to redirect a person’s attention.
  • As a guest and technical advisor for numerous television shows, he offers a unique understanding of misdirection and thievery. Founding Whizmob in 2006, Robbins’ brain trust provides police and ex-cons as subject-matter experts for fraud, theft, and scam trends.

Apollo Robbins became famous for pickpocketing President Jimmy Carter’s Secret Service agents. Stealing the former president’s itinerary and motorcade keys, Robbins’ publicity from the incident attracted law enforcement who wanted insight into his tactics. As a Las Vegas resident, he provides audiences with a theatrical hybrid variety presentation. As the best across the globe in taking things from people’s pockets, he entertains audiences with hard-to-fathom tricks.

Robbins launched Whizmob, Inc. in 2006. The brain trust provides ex-cons and law enforcement as experts in theft, fraud, and scam trends. With global recognition, Robbins appears in modern media via television as a guest and technical advisor. He advised on the Leverage TV series, which starred Christian Kane and Timothy Hutton. He even appeared on the show in the second season’s episode seven. Appearing on the Science Now program on Nova, Robbins demonstrated how the brain functions with neuroscientist David Eagleman, a roboticist and a magician. He also appeared on National Geographic’s program Brain Games in 2013. He also served as an advisor on the popular Margarot Robbie and Will Smith movie Focus.

Robins is married to a mentalist, Ava Do. Together they launched Ludus Development, which focuses on experiential learning.

By 2013, Robbins’ TEDGlobal presentation went viral on YouTube with more than 20 million views.

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  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Scam
  • Crime Prevention
  • Manipulation
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The art of misdirection | Apollo Robbins

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