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Exploring the Illusion of Knowledge

Apollo Robbins

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Apollo Robbins entertains audiences with sleight of hand and perception tricks. He leverages his abilities to educate audiences about fraud & scams.

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Unlock the Power of Perception with Apollo Robbins, The Gentleman Thief. Forbes calls him an 'artful manipulator of awareness.' Robbins blends magic and science to transform decision-making. Featured in top publications, he's a sought-after thought leader. Elevate your event with Apollo's captivating demonstrations, TED's top 20 speaker.

Why you should book Apollo Robbins for your next event

  • Apollo Robbins offers an entertaining, informative presentation about the power of misdirection. His keynote speeches educate listeners about how to protect against fraud.
  • Providing insights into scam tactics, Robbins opens the audience’s eyes to how easy it is to redirect a person’s attention.
  • As a guest and technical advisor for numerous television shows, he offers a unique understanding of misdirection and thievery. Founding Whizmob in 2006, Robbins’ brain trust provides police and ex-cons as subject-matter experts for fraud, theft, and scam trends.

Apollo Robbins, renowned as an exceptional motivational speaker, offers a fresh perspective on the art of decision-making. His captivating talks delve into the psychology of perception, drawing parallels between the seemingly ordinary and the extraordinary. As your audience immerses themselves in his engaging narratives, they begin to understand how subtle nuances influence their choices daily.

Apollo’s entertainment credits include the long-running TNT series Leverage and the Warner Brothers blockbuster movie FOCUS with Will Smith. He produced and co-hosted the National Geographic program Brain Games, which was nominated for an Emmy as an Outstanding Informational Series. The TED editors described Robbins’ popular talk as “a revelation in the  flaws of human perception.” It is currently among the 20 most-viewed TED talks of all time.

Booking Apollo Robbins for your event isn’t just a choice; it’s a strategic investment in your team’s decision-making capabilities. Apollo’s insightful presentations, informed by his acclaimed TED talk and recognition in top publications, elevate your event. They provide your audience with a profound understanding of the factors that influence their choices, ultimately shaping your organization’s success.

So, why wait? Harness the transformative power of Apollo Robbins’s expertise, and let him guide your team through the labyrinth of perception and decision-making. Book Apollo Robbins for your event, and empower your organization to make informed and strategic choices in a world where every decision counts.

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SHOWS & TALKS by Apollo Robbins

The Illusion of Knowledge

“The enemy of Knowledge is not Ignorance. It is the Illusion of Knowledge.” – Daniel J. Boorstin

This high energy Keynote explores the gap between what we know and what we think we know. Using theatrical cons and magic, the Audience is introduced to their own cognitive blind spots. Topics include: Challenging assumptions, Dealing with Uncertainty & Perspective Taking.

#Ask new questions & Question old answers.

SHOWS & TALKS by Apollo Robbins

The Gentleman Thief

Apollo’s unique hybrid brand of sleight of hand, pickpocketing and Brain Games. This is a jazzy walk around, meet-and-greet style entertainment that is flexible for a wide variety of venues.

Workshops by Apollo Robbins

The Perception Show

It’s not what you LOOK at that matters… It’s what you SEE.

Are some people more perceptive than others? What opportunities are you missing simply because you didn’t SEE them? The PERCEPTION Show is a unique, interactive experience that involves the whole audience. Building on the Emmy-nominated format of National Geographic’s BRAIN GAMES, this 45 minute experience utilizes interactive videos, illusions, and hands-on immersive demonstrations.

Workshops by Apollo Robbins

The CON TEST: Would you fall for a CON?

This competitive workshop promotes critical thinking by teaching attendees how to design a CON. Not only must they attempt to pull off the Con, they must do so while actively avoiding being deceived themselves. By merging the problem solving needs of their own mission with the situational awareness necessary to avoid being deceived, this session will force participants to constantly challenge their own assumptions.

Watch Apollo Robbins in action

The art of misdirection | Apollo Robbins

See keynotes with Apollo Robbins
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