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Speakers about manipulation (5)

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Thomas Erikson

Unlock the secrets of human behavior and effective communication with Thomas Erikson, renowned behaviorist and keynote speaker.

travels from Sweden

Unlock the power of effective communication with Thomas Erikson, renowned behaviorist and bestselling author. With over 8 million copies sold globally, Thomas is dedicated to simplifying daily interactions and enhancing self-awareness. As a highly...


Apollo Robbins

Apollo Robbins entertains audiences with sleight of hand and perception tricks. He leverages his abilities to educate audiences about fraud & scams.

travels from USA

Unlock the Power of Perception with Apollo Robbins, The Gentleman Thief. Forbes calls him an 'artful manipulator of awareness.' Robbins blends magic and science to transform decision-making. Featured in top publications, he's a sought-after thought...


Keith Barry

Mentalist, mind-blowing brain hacker, expert on influence and persuasion and leading TV hypnotist

travels from Ireland

The world’s leading TV hypnotist and renowned international keynote speaker Keith Barry has been blazing a trail across the globe for years. His skills as a mentalist have also made him a leading expert in influence and persuasion. Important...


Richard Wiseman

Author, psychologist, consultant and a member of The Inner Magic Circle known for his YouTube channel, Quirkology

travels from UK

Richard Wiseman offers unique keynotes with a focus on psychological topics such as luck, self-help, illusion and persuasion. He has had worked published in prestigious journals, has written best-sellers, and he has been the consultant on popular TV...


Audrey Nelson

Internationally recognized trainer, consultant and presenter specializing in gender communication and conflict management

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Audrey Nelson is an internationally recognized trainer, presenter, and consultant. She specializes in gender communication, conflict management, dealing with difficult people, communication skills, and sexual...

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About Manipulation

  • Manipulation is the ability to make other people do or say things they actually do not want to do or do not agree with.
  • There are many types of manipulation, from close personal conversation to full blown propaganda machinery targeting an entire nation.
  • How does manipulation work and how do you realise if you are the victim of manipulation? And if you are, then what can you do about it?
  • Keynote speakers on manipulation will typically look at questions and topics such as these.
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