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Mastering Human Behavior: Insights & Strategies

Thomas Erikson

travels from Sweden

Unlock the secrets of human behavior and effective communication with Thomas Erikson, renowned behaviorist and keynote speaker.

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Unlock the power of effective communication with Thomas Erikson, renowned behaviorist and bestselling author. With over 8 million copies sold globally, Thomas is dedicated to simplifying daily interactions and enhancing self-awareness. As a highly sought-after keynote speaker, he shares insights on human behavior, communication, leadership, and more, inspiring audiences worldwide. Partner with Thomas to empower your team and achieve lasting success through transformative communication strategies.

Why you should book Thomas Erikson for your next event

  • Boasting an impressive track record of over 8 million copies sold globally and translated into 60+ languages, Thomas Erikson’s Surrounded by series stands as a beacon of insight into human behavior and communication.
  • With a staggering 120+ keynotes delivered annually, Thomas Erikson’s expertise is in high demand, offering unparalleled insights into human behavior, communication dynamics, self-awareness, manipulation, narcissism, and leadership.
  • From his home office, Thomas extends mentorship to top-level executives and entrepreneurs across Europe, guiding them towards achieving their leadership potential and organizational goals.

Thomas Erikson is a Swedish behaviorist and among other things the bestselling author of the Surrounded by-books, a series about human behaviors and communication. As a motivational speaker, Thomas Erikson excels in simplifying everyday interactions, helping your team navigate the nuances of communication effectively.

His mission is to make people’s lives easier on a daily level by making them more aware of themselves. But also to help people to a better understanding of what it takes to achieve the best possible ground for effective communication.

Booking Thomas Erikson for your event means gaining access to invaluable insights that transcend the mundane. With his renowned expertise, Thomas Erikson transforms mundane meetings into dynamic exchanges, unlocking the potential for seamless communication within your organization. From deciphering personality types to understanding manipulation dynamics, Thomas Erikson’s keynotes equip your team with practical tools for success.

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, effective communication is paramount. That’s why booking Thomas Erikson isn’t just an investment in a keynote speaker—it’s an investment in your organization’s future. Whether it’s enhancing leadership skills, fostering team cohesion, or navigating complex interpersonal dynamics, Thomas Erikson’s keynotes deliver actionable strategies tailored to your organization’s needs.

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Keynote by Thomas Erikson

Surrounded by idiots? Here's how to get rid of them!

Have you ever argued with your partner and felt like your words and feelings did not get understood? Ever had a colleague you don’t get along with, regardless of how accommodating you are?

In this lecture Thomas helps you understand those incomprehensible situations, conversations and people. Just because we’re all different doesn’t mean we can’t function together in both social and professional situations. Thomas wants to help you manage the people you don’t get along with, but he also wants you to leave the lecture with a heightened self-awareness regarding your own behavior and what it communicates beyond your words.

With the help of models from the world of behavioral science, Thomas’s own experiences and a dash of humor will give you and your organisation an introduction into how to think, to get through and to get results with behavioral archetypes. Thomas wants you to be able to take his lessons beyond the lecture and use them at home, in the office or while you mingle.

The lecture can be customized to fit the specific needs of your organization and shift focus on e.g. leadership, sales, service, customer relations, conflict resolution etc.

Keynote by Thomas Erikson

Surrounded by Setbacks- how to turn setbacks into success

When the heavens open over your daughter’s graduation party. When the bank’s savings tip went completely wrong. When your presentation that will kickstart your career is on the other USB stick.

Or when your worst enemy at the company got the promotion, you thought you had in the bag. In short: when everything goes to hell.

Dealing with life’s inevitable adversities is an art far from being mastered by everyone. And of course it can hurt sometimes when nothing goes your way. Sometimes you don’t want to accept that these things had to happen to you. Why can’t things just work?

But all is not just doom and gloom. There are a lot of bright spots, if you just learn to look in the right place. And the facts actually state that pretty much nothing works the first time you try it.

During the lecture Surrounded by Setbacks, Thomas shows how you find the right attitude to the fact that sometimes life does not follow the path you would really like, but also how you lay the foundation for what you really want – success.

No matter how you choose to define success, that feeling is among the most valuable things there is.

The starting point is that even small steps can be very important. Because this isn’t just about thinking positively – although that’s a good basic attitude. The main focus of the lecture is instead on what you can concretely do to get out of the mess. You will be presented with a series of very concrete tools that will create a structure for your path forward.

The goal? Achieving the inner peace that says you are on the right path.

Based on real studies and personal experiences, Thomas shows how you can lay a solid foundation to achieve more success in your life. Join us on a real rollercoaster over mountain peaks, down into deep valleys, through dense forests and back out into the sunshine again.

Keynote by Thomas Erikson

Leadership – why become a leader? And why is the job so difficult?

A boss can never do everything right in the eyes of one’s employees. The boss is either invisible and uncommitted or breathing down the employees’ neck. One exaggeration take turns with another. In the worst of worlds, the relationship suffers to the extent that a dialogue between leadership and manpower is non-existent. How did it end up so bad? What can you do as a leader or employee?

Thomas has trained over 4500 executives in his career. Regardless of what problems exists between leadership and workforce, no Excel sheet, sales goal or kick-off meeting can impact the relationship as much as the core of it – the communication.

During this lecture Thomas wants to give you – the leader, future leader or employee that wants to improve the relationship with your boss – the tools to manage your relationship to your executives or employees in the best possible manner. How does your counterpart function? How does your counterpart respond to your behavior? How can you use these insights to make the relationship work for you and not against you?

Thomas will go through this and much more, with the help of cases from his experience in training executives, findings in behavioral sciences and hopefully your stories as well.

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Why Gen Z don’t exist – at least not the way you think. | Thomas Erikson | TEDxAthens

Watch Thomas Erikson in action!

5 Ways To Handle Conflict with Confidence with Thomas Erikson

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