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Micael Dahlén

Author and Professor
Country: Sweden

Internationally acclaimed, keynote speaker Micael Dahlén is the author of six books, the latest Nextopia began and continues with the blog nextopia.info. 30+ articles in scientific journals and advisor of global companies. Ranked number 10 in the world among researchers within his field of consumer behavior, creativity and marketing.

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Micael Dahlén, author of six books and Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden.

Micael is the father of two small children, a superannuated weight-lifter, and makes the best chilli con carne in northern Europe – according to himself. Micael is also an advisor to a number of listed companies and a popular speaker internationally.

In his last book – NEXTOPIA – which began and continues with the blog nextopia.info, Micael Dahlén finds common denominators among such divergent areas of research as evolutionary biology, social psychology, epidemiology, economics and business administration. Dahlén claims that we live in a expectation society, a society where we are constantly striving towards the future,our next job, the next big thing. We are striving towards a Nextopia that holds the promise that our greatest pleasures and adventures lies ahead. In the expectation society the possibilities for finding happiness are endless. Meanwhile it has never been harder to stay happy.

At the Stockholm School of Economics, Dahlén established and coordinates a leading-edge course entitled Marketing Communication XL. As a researcher, he has risen rapidly to take up a leading position in the field of consumer behaviour, creativity and marketing. In 2008 he was ranked as number 10 in the world among researchers within his field.

    Keynote by Speaker Micael Dahlén

    How to die with a smile on your face

    • Isn’t that what it’s all about in the end?
    • Making the most out of your business, your career, your life.
    • Based on research on what makes us happy, what we regret the most in life, and new consumer behaviors, the spotlight is focused on how to do what you do to make sure that everybody leaves with a smile on their face.


    Keynote by Speaker Micael Dahlén

    Next: Saving the world

    • According to NASA, we will be able to move to Mars by 2030.
    • And if we continue living the way we are, we’ll be needing that new home.
    • Unless we use the strange drives that constantly move us forward and onto the next thing to not consume more but smarter and better.
    • Based on the latest findings on happiness and motivational drives and rules of business and economics, let’s try saving the world.


    Keynote by Speaker Micael Dahlén

    Everybody’s gay: a peek into the inevitable future

    • Whether you like it or not, the future is going to be a lot different from now, and it’s here sooner than you think.
    • Be prepared, and maybe even learn from it in advance, with a peek into our quickly changing minds and behaviors and a long, hard look at the people you will meet tomorrow.


    Keynote by Speaker Micael Dahlén

    Capitalism revamped

    • It’s not about the money anymore.
    • Most people have more than enough of that but aren’t any happier for it, and might not have any need for it in a world where it will be soon be free to go to space.
    • And still, we’re growing more capitalistic than ever, keeping an even closer look on the score.
    • Only the score now counts in clout, time and finger capital, following our evolving behaviors and changing the rules for business.
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