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Martin Lindstrøm

Expert on Branding
Country: Australia

Energetic, exciting, provocative, keynote speaker Martin Lindstrøm skillfully combines expert branding knowledge and research with anecdotal and shocking truths. He’s the consummate story-teller, engaging his audience at every level. He’s also very funny. Sometimes.

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True story. When he was a kid growing up in Denmark, young Martin had but one thought in his life: Lego. He hand-built and slept on a Lego bed. The family garden became his very own Legoland creation, attracting visitors from near and afar (including the lawyers from Lego). Then, still a child, Lego installed Lindstrøm onto their advisory board. And then, of all the children in the world – they gave him the very first green brick in the collection. You’re guessing this is what got Martin Lindstrøm started in the crazy world of branding, marketing and all things advertising. And you’d be right. Blame it all on Lego.

Fast forward some three decades later…

Consumer Advocate Lindstrøm emerges from marketing and branding jungle; he has a fresh perspective. Times have changed and a new, more enlightened, more respectful way of marketing to consumers needs to be addressed. The challenge is clear. Consumers now dictate to brands how they want to be spoken to. The king is dead. Long live the king.

In particular is the thorny issue of consumer manipulation. Most know it’s going on, this is nothing new. What is new, though, is the voice that is prepared to speak out and challenge this marketing status quo. Brandwashed, his latest bestseller, is a full-frontal exposé of the wanton trickery employed by many conglomerates, iconic brands included, to squeeze dollars out of their loyal customers. Lindstrøm, using , it’s not as easy as he thinks. (When is it not.)

Keynote speaker Martin Lindstrøm has the unusual role of representing both consumers – and brands. This relates back to life mission, which has been to bridge the gap between brands and the consumer. At the age of 11 he was conducting customer service in his mom’s cosmetic business. At the age of 12 he opened his own advertising agency and at the age of 13, he worked with LEGO to innovating new concept ideas for … well … his own target group.

Today, despite the many social media bridges to the consumer, the consumer-oriented speaker Martin Lindstrøm feels the corporate world is only interacting with consumers on a superficial level. Martin is a Fan of the Consumer because to him, it’s the consumer who holds the key to every brand. He believes that it’s only by getting involved with the consumer – in their homes, their lives and their daily routine, that you get to know what the consumer wants and needs. And it’s often the consumer who can tell you what your brand needs to innovate, grow and deliver in your markets.

Whether its for his own research, or for consulting or change leadership, you’ll find that few have spent as many years living, shopping, partying and dreaming with consumers, in as many different countries, across as many religions and cultures as our speaker Martin Lindstrøm.

    Keynote by Speaker Martin Lindstrøm

    Buyology: The Science Behind Consumer Spending

    Based on the single largest neuromarketing study ever conducted, Buyology reveals that so much of what we have long believed about why we buy is wrong. Convinced that there is a gap between what we think influences our decisions and what actually does, Lindstrøm set out on a three-year, $7 million study that employed the very latest cutting-edge brain scan technology and involved over 2,000 volunteers from around the world.

    Packed with entertaining stories about how we respond to such well-known brands as Marlboro, Nokia, Calvin Klein, Ford, and American Idol, Buyology is a fascinating and shocking tour into the mind of today’s consumer. It will captivate anyone who’s been seduced – or turned off – by marketers relentless attempts to win our loyalty, our money and our minds.

    Keynote speaker Martin Lindstrøm captivates audiences by sharing the research behind the results including that:

    • Sex doesn’t sell – people in skimpy clothing and provocative poses don’t persuade us to buy products
    • Despite government bans, subliminal advertising is everywhere – from bars, to highway billboards, to supermarket shelves
    • Color can be so iconic that the sight of the robin’s egg blue of a certain well-known jewelry brand significantly raises women’s heart rates
    • Companies shamelessly borrow from the world of religion and exploit rituals – like the ritual of drinking a Corona with a lime – to seduce our interest in a product
    • The “Cool” brands, like iPods, trigger our mating instincts.


    Keynote by Speaker Martin Lindstrøm

    BRAND Sense®: The Future of Branding

    • Right now, 83% of all commercial communication appeals only to one sense – our eyes. And yet, according to studies, 75% of our day-to-day emotions are influenced by what we smell, and there’s a 65% chance of a mood change when exposed to a positive sound. Clearly our senses are important in influencing how we behave, which also influences how we spend, but most of the senses have been completely overlooked in the brand-building business.
    • Author of the revolutionary best-selling book BRAND sense, branding speaker Martin Lindstrøm believes that if brands want to build and maintain loyalty, they must establish a strategy that appeals to all five senses, something that no serious brand-builder can ignore. In this presentation, Lindstrøm shows you how to turn your brand from a two-sense product into a five-sense phenomenon using innovative branding tools to evaluate where your brand is on the sensory scale.


    Keynote by Speaker Martin Lindstrøm

    BRANDchild ™: Today’s Global Kids and Their Relationships with Brands

    BRANDchild ™ solves the riddle of kids’ unique relationship with brands. Based on Martin Lindstrom’s recent book (co-authored with Patricia B. Seybold), this concept has been hailed by executives at Disney, LEGO, Mattel, Nickelodeon, FoxKids and Coca-Cola as outstanding and groundbreaking. Martin Lindstrøm draws on data gathered from the largest study ever conducted on kids’ relationship with brands, comparing children’s behaviors across the United States, Europe, South America and Asia.

    Sharing his singular insights into both the minds of children and the necessary components of branding, keynote speaker Martin Lindstrøm will show you:

    • How to target the next generation of consumers
    • Why kids are becoming almost as important decision makers as their parents
    • The branding and marketing trends of tomorrow


    Keynote by Speaker Martin Lindstrøm

    Contextual Branding ™: When Brands Turn Intelligent!

    Imagine this scenario: you’re sweltering in temperatures around 92°F. You pass a store that happens to sell Coke. A text message appears on your cell phone: “Check out our special on Coca-Cola! Two for the price of one!” By the time you respond, a “heat wave” promotion will already be offering the special from the store you just passed.

    In this compelling presentation, keynote speaker Martin Lindstrøm imagines that scenarios like the above are going to change branding forever, that Contextual Branding ™ will be how smart companies brand – and survive – in the future.

    During this presentation, you’ll identify:

    • The next eneration of interactive marketing and media planning
    • How brands need to be flexible enough to change and adjust their existing structure in order to survive
    • Step-by-step instruction on how to establish a solid Contextual Branding ™ strategy


    Keynote by Speaker Martin Lindstrøm

    Ensure Growth Through Solid B2B Branding

    Why do most companies think of business-to-business (B2B) branding as “boring?” Why do businesses think of B2B as second-tier branding, something requiring cursory, dubious management? Companies are recognizing that their value lies beyond turnover, assets and new products, and that the strength of their brand is in the loyalty it generates. They’re now dedicating energy to annual reports and press releases. But are annual reports and press releases the alpha and omega of brand exposure?

    Keynote speaker Martin Lindstrøm makes the case that B2B branding doesn’t have to be boring, and that a renewed emphasis on B2B branding can help companies succeed.

    During this presentation, you’ll learn:

    • How to evaluate and optimize the value of your existing B2B brand
    • How to establish a world-class B2B branding strategy
    • The B2B Brand success criteria drawn from hundreds of hands-on B2B branding cases from across the world
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