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Rita Clifton CBE

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Brand guru and experienced business woman advising large corporations on branding and marketing strategies

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The energetic and insightful speaker Rita Clifton CBE is a successful businesswoman and a powerful presenter. She has worked with companies all over the world to improve marketing efforts, communicate sustainability and improve branding strategies. Her keynotes focus on today’s challenges and offer valuable insights.

Why you should book speaker Rita Clifton

  • She is a recognized name in her field and a respected businesswoman. Rita started her career in advertising and has held several top positions in large corporations.
  • A brand guru. Rita has been referred to as a brand guru and has been recognized as one of the most inspirational women in media and communications business over the past 60 years.
  • As a speaker Rita Clifton is dynamic, warm and charismatic. People love her and she has the ability to connect with the audience as soon as she enters the stage.

Sought-after branding speaker Rita Clifton graduated from Cambridge and started a career in advertising. She became the Vice Chairman for Saatchi & Saatchi where she worked with several large established brands. Rita is a branding expert who always delivers hard-hitting keynotes with important tools and messages.

Rita Clifton is regularly featured on TV and radio as a branding expert where she shares her valuable insights and extensive knowledge on how to build a successful brand and other communications challenges. Rita is a firm believer in using branding as the core organising principle in successful business. In 2014, she received a CBE for services to the creative industries. Additionally, she appeared on the TV series ‘Business Nightmares’ and also the Steve Jobs documentary ‘Billion Dollar Hippy’.

Rita has spoken all over the world and advised large corporations on branding and marketing strategies. With her diverse experience, she also speaks on leadership, innovation and PR. For many years, she worked with Sir Jonathon Porritt on environmental and sustainability issues, including as a member of the UK Government’s Sustainable Development Commission. Rita is a top speaker in her field that you must experience.

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Keynote by speaker Rita Clifton

Branding for survival - branding for growth

  • In these uncertain times, any business needs to look at every means, every element to retain its position and survive – and, of course, ideally to thrive. This means examining every aspect of both customer and employee experiences, every innovation initiative and every opportunity for efficiency. The brand lens is quite simply the most efficient and effective way to organise any business, of any size and stage, and whether nationally or globally ambitious.
  • In this talk, speaker Rita Clifton takes a look at companies which have used brand thinking to make businesses work better all round. She presents cases and examples of smaller businesses as well as some of the world’s leading brands, from consumer to B2B, from established sectors to digital ninjas.
Keynote by speaker Rita Clifton

Branding for SMEs and entrepreneurs

  • People in start-up and small-to-medium sized businesses often believe that branding is for larger, more mature or even just for consumer-based businesses. This presentation explains how brand thinking can (and should be) be stitched into a business from the very beginning.
  • The audience will learn the ins and outs of good branding as well as understand the business value of branding. You will get the tools and strategies to create a great branding strategy.
Keynote by speaker Rita Clifton

Women and leadership

  • This keynote is an empowering and educating talk about women in leadership. It’s perfect for women who work in leadership, or wish to do so, or for teams who are eager to learn more about diversity in business.
  • The audience will understand the need for variety in leadership styles. Rita presents lots of eye-opening examples and personal stories and her view on how organisations can help women stay and succeed at all levels.
Keynote by speaker Rita Clifton

The business value of branding

  • In this educating talk, Rita presents an analysis of how brands work to create value in businesses, whether or not that value will be included on a balance sheet. Rita takes a look at how brand thinking can generate sustainable value in terms of organic growth and by greater operating efficiencies. She also takes a look at how brand measures can be used as a business management tool.
Watch speaker Rita Clifton

Rita Clifton on Brands in Digital Age

See keynotes with Rita Clifton CBE
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