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Magnus Lindkvist

Trendspotter and Futurist
Country: Sweden

Keynote speaker Magnus Lindkvist is a rock-star trendspotter and futurist. He challenges audiences to pose new questions, shake things up and change their thinking. His talks are fast-paced and packed with useful information and tools to help you and your organization focus on and prepare for the unexpected.

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Magnus Lindkvist is an acclaimed trendspotter and high energy speaker. He brings persistent curiosity, rock-solid economic knowledge and the vitality of a rock star to mesmerise business audiences and propel them into better Future Thinking. For Magnus, trendspotting is about opening minds, encouraging people to ask new questions and “shaking things up”. His presentations are fast-paced, multimedia packed and inspiring.

With his talks and with the three books – “Everything We Know Is Wrong”, “The Attack of The Unexpected” and “When The Future Begins” – Magnus Lindkvist challenges our entire way of thinking about and looking towards the future.

Most people are so busy – we call it “busy-ness” after all – that they don’t have time to think beyond the next fiscal quarter. Short-term remuneration systems contribute to a kind of thinking that is chronically short-term.

When the need for renewal finally arrives – when you see the competitors approaching in the rear-view mirror – it is already too late. There are no gears left for acceleration.

Magnus Lindkvist’s intellectual acupuncture needles are made up of a journalist’s relentless curiosity, the rock-solid knowledge of an economist and the thirst of an unrelieved rock star to mesmerize an audience.

The combination of these three have made him one of the world’s most sought after speakers on trends and future-thinking.

Nothing is shaped more by the present than prophecies about the future and Magnus Lindkvist challenges our entire way of thinking about and looking towards the future, with the keen eye of an acclaimed trendspotter.

In his presentations, Magnus will take you on a mega trend safari and “shake things up” to shape, focus and prepare you and your business to deal with the unexpected and be ready when the need for renewal arises.

    Speaker Magnus Lindkvist Keynote Topics

    • The World and Your Industry: Portrait of a Bright Future
    • Trendspotting and Future-thinking
    • Future Possibilities and Possible Futures
    • Darwinnovation
    • The Attack of the Unexpected
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