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Award-Winning Futurist, Strategy Expert, and Public Speaker

Matthew Griffin

travels from Australia

There are many futurists in this world, but not all of them are as respected as Matthew Griffin. Through his keynotes, this strategy and innovation expert helps organizations and governments shape the future.

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Did you know that Matthew Griffin is also known as the young Kurzweil? That's because he is a true futurist in every sense. Of course, everyone wants to prepare for the future. However, no one knows precisely what the future holds. If you're looking for someone to help you plan for the future, you can bank on this guy. His profile as a futurist speaks volumes, having founded the 311 Institute, which helps the governments of the world's most powerful nations and big brands to implement future-oriented measures and strategies.

Why you should book Matthew Griffin for your next event

  • Matthew has worked with some of the largest investment organizations and powerful governments on the planet. This has seen him witness a positive change in how people approach the future while maintaining success. So, he offers real solutions for future disruptions.
  • Unlike many other futurists who dwell on the negatives of the future, Matthew combines both bad and good news when talking about the coming years.
  • Matthew is always on point. He is the solution to some of the most pressing issues and topics that companies and leaders face.

In addition to founding 311, Matthew Griffin is the founder of the World Futures Forum. The platform brings together innovative minds to help the United Nations develop practical solutions to global problems, such as poverty, climate change, drought, and famine.

Who are Matthew’s clients? Well, many organizations and leaders out there are interested in knowing a thing or two about the future. This knowledge helps them to be better equipped to face the realities that keep on coming up. In his journey as a futurist, Matthew has been an asset to many world leaders, governments, organizations, and companies, both big and small. These include G7 and G20 governments, Samsung, Microsoft, Huawei, Dentons, Credit Suisse, BCG, and Accenture. His expertise has also been of help to T-Mobile, RWE, Qualcomm, LinkedIn, Lego, GEMS, Deloitte, and Aon.

When it comes to media presence, Matthew appears regularly in WIRED, the Telegraph, Forbes, Discovery, CNBC, Bloomberg, the BBC, and AP. Of course, every media outlet would want someone of Matthew’s ability to speak to their audience. The way he identifies and breaks down how new technologies impact the world is simply unmatched. His specialties, among others, include:

  • Future of Education
  • Future of AI
  • Future of Work
  • Metaverse
  • Covid’s Lasting Impact
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As a globe trotting keynote speaker helping demystify the future I feel humbled and privileged to be able to see and speak to people all around the world about their hopes and aspirations for the future, and no matter where I travel everyone agrees the pace of change today is faster than it was a decade ago, and that in another decade’s time it’ll be faster still.


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The power of persistence, creativity, and respect | Matthew Griffin | TEDxTacoma

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