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Award-winning technology CEO, inventor, investor & keynote speaker

Amanda Johnstone

travels from Australia

Her inspiring approach to the intersection of emotion, empathy, vulnerability and technology make her an exceptional leader and a captivating evangelist for the positive change toward mental wellbeing for all.

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There is no other woman on the planet like Amanda Johnstone. She invents technologies to improve the human condition. TIME awarded her as a Next Generation Leader. The CEO Magazine honored her as the Startup Executive of the Year. WIRED named her one of the Top 200 Influencers on Social Audio and she has been recognised by GSMA and Singularity University.

Reasons to book Amanda Johnstone

  • She is an altruistic pioneer whose inventions are directly playing a role in lowering the suicide rate globally.
  • Amanda’s message is universal – and she shares it with the authenticity of a young leader who is a genuine role model for change.

Amanda not only communicates the future of thought leadership via social audio, media and live on stage – she goes beyond other futurists and directly builds award-winning social impact products that make the world a better place. Quick-witted and compelling, she warmly engages with audiences, motivating them to be better as both individuals and corporate entities. 

She is the Founding CEO of EmotionAI and mental health company, Transhuman Inc. Her mental health app Be A Looper, has prevented over 20,000 suicides in over 87 countries since 2017.

As one of the most sought after social audio hosts globally, Amanda has had the opportunity to interview many of the most influential power brokers, inventors and minds in STEM. Show guests include those from organisations such as Stanford Medicine, EY, The Science Channel, Universal, Atlassian, NASA, IBM, Linktree, Sotheby’s, Phillips and TIME where she is able to persuade the people inventing the future to share their plans for the future of technology and leadership. In the last 2 years she has hosted over 350 social audio shows to her 285,000 subscribers.

Her passionate life purpose is to provide access to care for those who don’t feel they deserve a place in the world, by modeling vulnerability. Her work and personal life enable her to live that into action. Amanda reaches an audience of 464,300 on her social media

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Keynote topic by Amanda Johnstone

The Future of Technology

The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, recently stated: “all companies are software companies”.

Are you prepared for 2022 and beyond? Technology CEO and futurist Amanda Johnstone will make sure you won’t get left behind.

“Armed with influential thought-leadership skills and a tenacious drive to transform the role of technology, it is Amanda who is propelling the future wellbeing of the human race.” The CEO Magazine

Johnstone’s proprietary work in artificial intelligence has her exposed to the forefront of research and development in arenas including the Internet of Things, the Internet of Bodies, Web3, Connected Cities, DeFi, Virtual Reality, 3D Modeling, Data Ethics, Innovation, Robotics, Digital Health, Decentralisation, Future Forecasting, Augmented Reality, Gamification, Space, Biometrics, NFT’s, Technophilosophy, e-Commerce, Communications, Tokenomics, Wearables and Implantables, Social Media, The Creator Economy and Human-Machine Symbiosis.

As a technologist, she is perfectly poised to deliver inspirational and educational messages about STEM.

Keynote topic by Amanda Johnstone

Modern Leadership

“What if success was measured in your ability to make others believe in themselves” – Jin Yu

Amanda is living proof that the next generation of leadership is shaped by empathy, diversity and inclusion.

She shares traits with the most disruptive global entrepreneurs. She dares to lead with purpose to change the world around her. She understands that most are not born with a visionary mindset, and leads by example to effectively help individuals and organisations reach new heights.

Amanda addresses intersectionality, and demonstrates what leaders must do now to ensure their teams feel valued and have a sense of social economy.

Amanda’s success and acclaim in business and modern leadership have placed her at the forefront of changemaking in areas including Meta Leadership, Sustainable Development Goals, Vulnerability, Inclusion, Diversity, Productivity, Intrapreneurship, Entrepreneurship, Empowerment, Raising the Next Generation of Leaders and Individual Wellness.

As a dynamic leader, Amanda’s leadership frameworks encompass Elite Human Behaviour, addressing and solving concerns including Mental IllHealth, Wellbeing, Sleep, Performance Mindset, Teamwork and Nutrition. She provides custom end-to-end strategies for Peak Performance with her evidence-based Neuroscience and Psychology team, Combatting Executive Burnout and Navigating Connectedness in the Remote Workplace.

Keynote topic by Amanda Johnstone

Demystifying the Metaverse and Web3

In 2022, the number of active users in the metaverse hit an all-time high of 400 million. Due to the fact that its virtual worlds will “infiltrate every industry in some way,” according to JP Morgan, the metaverse will present a $1 trillion market opportunity over the next few years. No one is more qualified to guide your team into the Web3, the metaverse, and the internet’s exciting next phase.

Amanda is a world leader who is uniquely skilled in Web3, having filed her first patent in the field nearly a decade ago. Transhuman, her business, was established with the goal of developing future technologies enabling seamless connection with humanity eight years ago.

She co-founded Web3 and NFT dashboard Nexbase.io in 2022 with CTO Roland Gavrilescu and serial unicorn and decacorn builder Joe Griston.

She can easily explain concepts like tokenization, NFTs, and the blockchain because she has a wealth of knowledge about how various industries, including sports, advertising, finance, real estate, online education, healthcare, virtual goods, gaming, media, arts, philanthropy, and human rights, are changing. She collaborates with companies in these categories to train their teams and introduce Web3 products and services or to take their Web3 products to market.

Be astonished and delighted by the creative ways your organisation can investigate and develop its brand in the metaverse.

Keynote topic by Amanda Johnstone

Empathy and Role Modeling Vulnerability - A Leader's Responsibility

Empathy and role modeling vulnerability must be on the front page of every modern leader’s playbook. Only when diverse perspectives are included, respected, and valued can we start to get a full picture of the world: who we serve, what they need, and we can successfully meet people where they are.

Daring leaders fight for the inclusion of all people, opinions, and perspectives because that makes us all better and stronger. That means having the courage to acknowledge our own privilege, and staying open to learning about our biases and blind spots. It is also listening, centering, and honoring stories that reflect experiences that are different from our own.

Amanda role models the perfect balance between research and positioning an organisation at the forefront of innovation. She discusses how to combine structure and science with being the first to market and building effortless community using evidencebased principles, neuroscience and co design for a more human approach to technology.

Courage is listening, learning, unlearning, knowing when to lead, and knowing when to let others lead. Amanda will share her evidence based strategies and frameworks on how you can optimise these learnable and buildable skills in emotional intelligence.

Keynote topic by Amanda Johnstone

The Founder's Journey - Preventing Suicide one Swipe at a Time

At the tender age of 18, after co-financing and co-founding a successful retail chain in Tasmania, Amanda was left at a crossroads. She had experienced self made success, acclaim, and mentorship at a young age in retail, but a human element was missing. Following the loss of some friends to suicide, she participated in a mental health training course, leading her to manage a suicide prevention retreat for young people.

Fast forward to 2015, living in Vaucluse, Australia – alongside a notorious suicide hotspot, “The Gap”, where she would hear the police rescue and helicopters multiple times each week rescuing those who had given up hope, Amanda took action to help. She decided to turn an SMS check-in method she used to care for friends who were battling depression into an app, recruiting some of the leading public health services and professionals in the world.

The result: a world first, award-winning daily check-in and peer support app which now prevents suicides in 87 countries which has been recognised by TIME, GSMA and The CEO Magazine. In this keynote, Amanda shares her inspiring journey of grit and determination, alongside the milestone moments that taught her how to overcome adversity, create resilience and inspire others.

Her Founder’s Journey keynote is a favourite in the media and on stage that always entertains and inspires audiences.

Watch Amanda Johnstone in action!

Amanda Johnstone Media and Speaking Reel 2022. Technologist, Futurist and Award Winning CEO

Watch Amanda Johnstone in action!

Amanda Johnstone awarded as a Next Generation Leader by TIME

Watch Amanda Johnstone in action!

Amanda Johnstone on France24

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Amanda has one of the most inviting presence and trust building attitudes that I’ve ever worked with. Not only she is a technological guru, but she is an accomplished executive with several companies founded and a focus on using her skill and network to do good for society.

Dr. Chris Mattmann

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, NASA JPL

She Lost Too Many Friends to Suicide, Now Her App is Saving Lives.


As a pioneer in the emotion AI and mental wellness space, the Transhuman Founder and CEO uses state-of-the-art technology to positively benefit mental health, breaking boundaries no-one else has dared to face.

The CEO Magazine

The presentation was sincere and from the heart. Words cannot indicate how appreciative we all are for hearing you speak today. Thank you.

Ary Laufer

Executive Strategy, Quality & Partnerships & Acting Executive People & Culture, WISE Employment
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Keynote topics with Amanda Johnstone