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Paul McGee

Paul McGee

Author and Motivator
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Paul McGee is the man behind the SUMO concept which encourages people to Shut Up and Move On. He combines humor and insight in his keynotes which help audiences increase personal effectiveness and impact. He helps improve life skills associated with change, improving relationships, building resilience, dealing with stress and generally getting better results.

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Paul McGee is one of the UK’s leading speakers on the topics of change, workplace relationships and motivation. His daringly titled book SUMO (Shut Up, Move On) instantly hit the best seller list and his Self Confidence book quickly reached the number one spot on the WHSmith’s business book chart. It remained there for a 24 week run.

Paul has appeared on both television and radio. He has been a guest on BBC Breakfast television and regularly contributes to Radio 5live. Through his background in psychology, Paul aims to deliver a practical, relevant message that can make an immediate impact on people’s professional and personal lives. His approach is inspirational and humorous as he seeks to deliver a memorable experience that equips people with insights and ideas to increase their personal effectiveness and impact. He’s spoken in more than 35 coutries for more than 750 organisations. From Todmorden to Tehran and from Bradford to Brisbane, Paul’s messages continuously resonates with a global audience.

The SUMO concept is the culmination of 20 years of work by Paul McGee. His unique insights and engaging delivery have captured the attention of audiences around the globe and he is now universally recognized as ‘The SUMO Guy’. Now more than ever Paul feels passionately about SUMO and the difference it can make to people’s lives. He continues to spread the SUMO message through his best-selling books and sold-out presentations to audiences ranging in size from intimate workshops to packed conference halls.

    Keynote by Speaker Paul McGee

    Why Choose SUMO?

    • SUMO means ‘I choose’ in Latin.
    • SUMO is all about equipping you with skills for life to help master the challenges of today and the future.
    • Dealing with change, building better relationships, developing a resilient attitude to life, maintaining morale and motivation, dealing with stress, inspiring confidence, releasing potential, building character, creating possibilities – these and many other positive results are at the heart of SUMO – Mastering Challenges. Skills for Life!
    • But SUMO also stands for ‘Shut Up and Move On’. It’s a phrase to say to ourselves (and sometimes others) when we are acting or thinking in a way that is hindering our ability to succeed.
    • ‘Shut Up is about stopping what you’re doing, taking time out to reflect, ‘pressing pause’ on our non-stop schedules, letting go of baggage and beliefs that hinder our potential.
    • And then we’re ready to ‘Move On’. Tomorrow can be different from today.
    • Don’t just think about it – take action.
    • SUMO is innovative and accessible, memorable and meaningful.


    Keynote by Speaker Paul McGee

    Sumo Success:

    • SUMO can make a genuine difference to the way you think, the way you work, and the way you live.
    • It equips you to make wise choices that lead to powerful and positive action.
    • These are lofty claims, but are borne out by the excellent feedback SUMO receives from those who have attended the workshops, the presentations, the master classes and the academies.
    • The overwhelming majority say they find SUMO makes a genuinely positive difference and in many instances is literally life-changing.
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