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Innovation & Design Consultant

Duncan Wardle

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A highly sought after innovation and creativity expert who designed his own Design Thinking toolkit whilst working for almost 3 decades at Disney. His unique approach can unlock the creative potential in anyone.

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Duncan Wardle was head of Innovation and Creativity at Disney, one of the most creative companies in the world. It was here that he developed his unique Design Thinking methodology which he used to train Disney staff to be innovative. This methodology embraces a set of creative behaviors and innovation tools to help people come up with some truly out-of-the-box thinking. After leaving Disney, he set up his own iD8 & innov8 company to train staff at other companies how to be innovative and creative. He gives speeches, writes and teaches innovation classes at some top universities.

Reasons to book Duncan Wardle

  • Duncan will provide your teams with the tools and know-how to be innovative and creative problem solvers who keep the end user (customer) firmly in mind.
  • He will inspire staff to rediscover the creative imagination that they all had as children and use this to create revolutionary ideas.
  • Duncan makes innovation accessible to all staff with his simple but effective ‘Theory of Creativity’. He gives tools (a set of questions) that anyone can use at any time to solve problems in creative ways.

Duncan Wardle’s three decade long career at Disney started when he became an intern in their London office shortly after he graduated college in 1987. During the next 30 years, he held a number of executive positions including VP Global Public Relations; VP International Marketing and Sales, and finally as VP Innovation and Creativity.

He gained a wide range of experiences from his different roles around the world, especially the one related to innovation and creativity. It was here that he developed his own unique methodology involving creative behaviors and tools to help foster innovative thinking and problem solving among the staff at Disney.

After he left Disney, he set up his own iD8 & innov8 company to help other companies to embed a culture of innovation in their staff. He has given many speeches and trained 1,000s of people at some of the top companies in the world. He also contributes to publications such as Forbes and Harvard Business Review, and has twice been a TED speaker. He teaches his Innovation Master Classes at Yale, Harvard and Edinburgh University among others.

Duncan has received a number of awards, including an Honorary Doctorate, The White House American Citizen Award, Duke of Edinburgh Award and was 2022 Speaker Contest Winner at the Nordic Business Forum.

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Keynote topic by Duncan Wardle

Delivering Customer Experience Magic.™

Give your customers exactly what they need.

The best brands in the world may have great products and service, but they thrive because of an unrelenting passion and focus on customer experience. Through this engaging and interactive Keynote, Duncan will share how to transform your business from product-centric to customer-centric and reap the rewards that come when customers believe the work you do is truly magic.

Keynote takeaways:

  • How to turn a product centric culture into a consumer centric one.
  • How to leverage “high-tech” to enable “high-touch”, delivering record guest satisfaction.
  • How to address the biggest consumer pain points and what that can mean for revenue.
Keynote topic by Duncan Wardle

Embed Innovation Into Everyone's DNA.™

Learn the toolkit for innovation.

None of us are going back to “Business as Usual”, and the secret sauce to success lies in the culture you create at work. But innovation is not something that happens by chance. It’s the result of building an environment in which it can thrive, and you have to give people a set of tools that you may use every day to grow.

Keynote takeaways:

  • A fresh outlook on daily tasks.
  • An approach to tasks with new levels of creative thinking.
  • A mindset that allows innovation to flourish at work.
Keynote topic by Duncan Wardle

The Theory of Creativity™

You’ve got the power!

The ability to think creatively is the one core human truth that will remain relevant in the brave new world of Artificial Intelligence. Everyone has the power to be creative!

Keynote takeaways:

  • How to innovate by challenging the rules of your industry.
  • Learn real-life examples of how to embed a sustainable culture of innovation and creativity throughout your organization.
  • Learn tools on how to encourage every employee to think creatively.
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Hybrid Talk Highlights

Watch Duncan Wardle in action!

Large Innovation Masterclass

Watch Duncan Wardle in action!

Intimate Innovation Masterclass

Watch Duncan Wardle in action!

The Theory of Creativity | Duncan Wardle | TEDxAUK

See keynotes with Duncan Wardle


One of the best presentations i’ve ever heard. you really opened my mind and I just want to thank you!

Coca Cola

Look no further than Duncan for one of the best investments you will ever make in your business.


Thank you for giving us the tools to set us up for change, innovation and success.


You inspired me and took part in reassuring me how much I do believe in “magic” and the real possibilities of turning your passions into a business model.


Duncan’s ideas and activities around innovation are methods we still use in our creative brainstorming exercises and have resulted in much richer results.


I attended your session in the transform to succeed program. it was an amazing to experience and understand the power of creativity.

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