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Max Mckeown

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Behavioral strategist, author and business advisor focusing on making businesses innovative and creative

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Our keynote speaker Max Mckeown is a consultant and researcher specialising in leadership, innovation and culture. He advises some of the most successful global brands and helps leaders across sectors to be innovative and creative in their daily work. Max Mckeown has the extraordinary talent for making powerful ideas useful in the real world for real people.

Max Mckeown is an advocate of innovation culture. Leadership, strategy and innovation are his fields of expertise. He dedicates his work to the creation of a better future.

With an MBA and PhD from Warwick Business School, Max has proven extraordinary academic skills and helps companies to bring theory into practice. He is a fellow of the RSA and member of the British Psychological Society and an award winning author with books translated into ten different languages.

Max’s style of speech is vivid and the audience loves to follow him through exciting, exemplifying and smart stories. He engages with the people and connects quickly. His warm, original and entertaining approach encourages his attendees to think along. He opens the floor for thoughts on development, the future and innovation. He works under the principle that change is inevitable but progress is not.

As a professional speaker and management consultant, Max Mckeown offers different types of talks and interactive sessions. He is able to help your company to get ready for the future and lose the fear of change.

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    Keynotes by Speaker Max Mckeown

    Max will deliver a 45 to 90 minute keynote that will inform, entertain and motivate. He will hold a briefing call with you to discuss the background to your event, the audience, technical requirements and your objectives.

    Working Session

    Max delivers a half day session with your to entertain, inform and motivate. The extra time also allows him to go into more detail, increasing and driving towards practical deliverables in a creative, enjoyable, and memorable way.

    For example:

    Thinking strategically is the key difference between good managers from great leaders.

    High adaptability is the difference between surviving and winning. Join Max for a fast-paced exploration about how  you can become a smarter innovation strategist. Learn more about how to create winning strategies and lead your high adaptability team to deliver them. Discover how to build living strategy that benefits from the wisdom and insights of the people around you. From understanding what strategy can do for you, through to creating a strategy and engaging others with strategy, this best selling, award-winning author and strategist will offer practical guidance and expert tips. This powerful session will be peppered with punchy, memorable examples from real leaders winning (and losing) with real world strategies. Shaping a better future for you and for those you lead. This is strategy and innovation in action.

    • What do we know about strategy and innovation?
    • How to become a great strategic innovator?
    • How to create an idea-hungry culture?
    • How can you engage people with new ideas?
    • How to avoid pitfalls, problems, and screw-ups?

    Strategy Day

    Max can deliver a day or even a week of highly interactive sessions. He will mix inspirational insights with very focused facilitation that will drill down into the deep questions and imaginative answers your business needs. He will also spend time working with your team before the event to understand in detail the people,  strategy, and opportunities for growth. 

Max Mckeown - video

Dr. Max Mckeown - "Shaping Your Future: Innovation + Strategy + Nowist Psychology!"

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See keynotes with Max Mckeown
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