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Michael Jackson

Change Expert
Country: UK

Michael Jackson is a successful business strategist and public speaker. He is a highly sought-after specialist on the subjects of of business change, excellence, leadership, consumer and trends. Our keynote speaker Michael Jackson inspires his audience to think differently about themselves, your business and the future.

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Over 30 years of business experience have given Michael Jackson the opportunity to become an extraordinary thinker. He is a successful business strategist and has worked with companies like Microsoft, Virgin, HP and Qatar Airways as well as many others. He is also active in the media and has worked as a radio moderator, TV presenter and columnist in Europe and South Africa.

Our keynote speaker Michael Jackson has already applied his communication and marketing expertise at over 2.500 conferences and events all over the world. He is an inspiring public speaker.

Once called “a national treasure” by former South African President Nelson Mandela, the other Michael Jackson tries to live up to his standards in every single speaking engagement. He is passionate about what he does and delivers outstanding speeches. As a facilitator or keynote speaker Michael Jackson can enhance any kind of event.

Our brilliant speaker Michael Jackson combines immediate, up to date & market-relevant business information with historic, current and future dynamics of business change. He enables his audience to think differently and understand the complexity but necessity of change. As a professional speaker, or Master of Ceremonies, Michael Jackson will deliver your message, woven into his material better than anyone else – to any audience.

    Keynote by Speaker Michael Jackson

    The Road ahead

    This dynamic keynote presentation provides the audience with a new and unique way of looking at their personal journey and to more accurately map and focus their direction. It delivers a strong and compelling case for adapting modern simple, smart and specialist behaviours in the workplace, which cut through the day to day pressures and confusion. Designed for business people at all levels across the enterprise and presented in a vibrant, compelling manner it will engage employees and stimulate them to concentrate and perform better in any marketplace.


    Keynote by Speaker Michael Jackson

    The Challenge of Change

    This presentation encompasses a hands-on view of the future global business world on the road to 2020 and deals, in an entertaining, amusing and interactive manner, with all the resultant pressures and changing dynamics of modern critical business issues. The Challenge of Change leaves its audience with an accurate assessment of where they will find themselves tomorrow, in business and real life, and outlines exactly how to compete in any marketplace into the foreseeable future. This presentation explains the issues of change in clear cut and compelling scenarios, and does so in a way which delights business audiences everywhere, with its selected examples of business excellence from to modern successful businesses which clearly highlight the route to future success.

Michael Jackson’s Keynote Speaking Topics