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Empowering Future Leaders: Holly Ransom's Blueprint for Driving Positive Change

Holly Ransom

travels from USA

Renowned global speaker Holly Ransom: Inspiring organizations worldwide to lead change and drive innovation.

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Looking for an exceptional keynote speaker who will captivate your audience and drive tangible results? Look no further than Holly Ransom, the renowned leadership speaker. With a powerful presence on stage and a knack for simplifying complex concepts, Holly Ransom delivers transformative insights that inspire action. Book Holly Ransom for your next event and witness firsthand her ability to ignite change, unlock innovation, and empower your team to reach new heights. Don't miss out on the opportunity to harness the expertise of Holly Ransom. Secure your booking now and equip your organization with the tools for success.

Why you should book Holly Ransom for your next event

  • Unlock Leadership Potential: Holly Ransom’s engaging keynotes provide practical tools and strategies that empower leaders at all levels to maximize their potential and lead with confidence.
  • Simplify Complexity: Holly Ransom’s unique ability to distill complex ideas and problems into understandable concepts equips your team with the clarity and focus needed to tackle challenges head-on.
  • Inclusive Leadership Advocate: By booking Holly Ransom, you align your organization with a leader dedicated to eradicating LGBTQI+ discrimination and promoting equity. Benefit from her insights and drive positive change within your own team.

Introducing Holly Ransom, the exceptional keynote speaker who will ignite the spark of transformation within your organization. As a renowned leadership speaker, Holly Ransom is known for her ability to captivate audiences, simplify complex ideas, and inspire action. When you book Holly Ransom for your event, you’re investing in a powerful experience that will empower your team and drive tangible results.

Holly Ransom is a true trailblazer in the world of leadership and innovation. With her unique talent for taking complex concepts and distilling them into actionable insights, she has gained global recognition for her ability to demystify leadership and drive real change. Her thought-provoking keynotes go beyond motivation; they equip your organization with practical tools and strategies to navigate complexity, embrace innovation, and seize opportunities.

By booking Holly Ransom as your leadership speaker, you unlock a world of possibilities for your organization. Holly’s captivating presence on stage, coupled with her ability to connect with diverse audiences, ensures an engaging and transformative experience. Her insights have been shaped by conversations with influential figures such as Barack Obama, Billie Jean-King, and Condoleezza Rice, as well as her work with industry leaders including P&G, Microsoft, Virgin, Cisco, and KPMG. These experiences have sharpened her understanding of what it takes to drive success in today’s rapidly changing world.

Holly Ransom’s impact extends beyond the stage. Her fierce dedication to inclusivity and equity is evident in her role as Chair of Pride Cup Australia, where she is actively working to eradicate LGBTQI+ discrimination within sporting clubs. By booking Holly Ransom, you align your organization with a leader who champions diversity, fosters inclusive cultures, and creates secure environments for all.

When you book Holly Ransom for your event, you’re not just getting a keynote speaker; you’re unlocking a catalyst for growth and transformation. Your audience will be inspired to think differently, challenge the status quo, and take bold action. Holly’s insights will empower your team to embrace change, foster collaboration, and drive innovation in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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Keynote by speaker Holly Ransom

Bridging the knowing-to-doing gap

High performance workplace cultures empower people to know better, and do better. At a time when companies are struggling to engage younger generations, retain women, and secure the skills that will drive the future, building a vibrant learning culture is critical.

With a set of powerful leadership tools gleaned from interviewing hundreds of the world’s top leaders, Holly will share a relevant set of micro-learnings to help people bridge what she terms ‘the implementation chasm’ in order to catalyze change.


  • peak performance
  • managing energy not time
  • holding ourselves accountable
  • values that stick
  • high-performance habits
Keynote by speaker Holly Ransom

Feet to the fire: asking the burning questions

Getting DEI right requires asking, and answering, the right questions.Psychological safety underpins inclusion, innovation, and problem solving. Yet homogenised and hierarchical workplace cultures continue. Holly has been working in gender equality and LGBTQIA+ inclusion collectively for over a decade, from microfinance projects in Kenya to systemic change within Fortune 100 companies.

Learn the leaders toolkit of DEI actions we all need to embed in our systems, structures and mindsets, in order to benefit from diverse perspectives in our world.


  • critical curiosity
  • systems thinking
  • creativity is serious business
  • diversify our dice
  • psychological safety
Keynote by speaker Holly Ransom

Getting comfortable being uncomfortable

Holly spent one full year challenging herself to do something that scared her every single day. She calls this the Year of Fear.Leaders benefit from bringing into consciousness the daily subliminal dance with fear, and shining a light on achieving tasks outside their comfort zone.

Holly teaches people how to navigate uncertainty and prepare for the unknown, our organizations benefit from thinking outside the box in order to see around corners. Holly teaches simple, actionable, micro-lessons that everyone can harness to face fear and lead more bravely.


  • chunking down the change journey
  • comfort zone to courage zone
  • building trust
  • developing a growth mindset
Keynote by speaker Holly Ransom

Leadership development for the collective

Emergent leadership harnesses the power of the collective to anticipate, understand and action new information.

Every person on earth was born to lead change. Yet we continue to over-invest in a few individuals and under-invest in the many. Holly breaks open the power of the roles we play in our teams, our communities, and our families to catalyze change. She teaches not only the leadership lessons but also ways to share them and pay forward a bigger movement for change.


  • communicating for impact
  • building influence
  • leading others
  • feedback, feedforward
  • critical conversations
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Holly Ransom Showreel 2022

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