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Antoni Lacinai

travels from Sweden

Speaker, moderator and communication expert who can help you lead, sell and cooperate to excel in business

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The dynamic and entertaining moderator and speaker Antoni Lacinai specializes in communication, motivation and job satisfaction. Antoni has also written several books on the topic and has spoken in front of many international clients. His keynotes are practical with lots of take-home tools and strategies.

Why you should book speaker Antoni Lacinai

  • Antoni has extensive knowledge about communication and motivation in the workplace. He has worked with several companies as a consultant or speaker, and he regularly shares his thoughts on communication with thousands of people through his popular newsletter.
  • As one of the most popular speakers in Sweden, Antoni has spoken at many events and his expertise and knowledge is favored by many.
  • Antoni is also a well-requested moderator and his energy and humour always gives speakers and the audience a great and unforgettable experience.

Keynote speaker Antoni Lacinai is passionate about helping people and businesses reach results and increase job satisfaction through great communication. Whether meeting new clients, talking to partners or implementing a change process, good communication skills can make a world of a difference. However, many people struggle with communication or don’t actually realize what they are saying before it’s too late.

Antoni Lacinai has held several leading and managing positions where he has been able to not only use his knowledge but also learn more about what actually works and what doesn’t. Antoni has published 10 books on topics such as body language, productive meetings and presentation techniques. Over the course of 25 years, Antoni has gathered 20 success factors of human communication that he now shares with clients all over the world.

As a moderator and speaker Antoni Lacinai is engaging, humourous and professional. He is confident on stage and knows how to keep people in the audience entertained and eager to learn more. Antoni offers practical advice and strategies to ensure that his clients are able to use what they’ve learnt. Below are examples of his most requested keynotes but he also likes to customize his content to the specific event and audience. Antoni is also available as a facilitator or MC.

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See keynotes with Antoni Lacinai

    Keynote by speaker Antoni Lacinai

    The 20 Secrets of Communication That Every Business Person Should Know

    • In this keynote, Antoni shares his secrets to successful communication. Out of the 20 communication secrets Antoni has generated, he selects the ones that perfectly fit your type of organization, audience and challenges.
    • The audience will learn important factors like the three superpowers of communication and why first impressions are so important. Antoni uncovers and answers important questions about human communication in an entertaining and practical way.

    Keynote by speaker Antoni Lacinai

    GOALS. Set them. Reach them. Have fun.

    • Why is it wise to set goals? What’s the difference between goals and wishful thinking, strategies, assignments and dream? In this insightful presentation, speaker Antoni Lacinai shares valuable insights into effective goal-setting and how to feel motivated to actually reach goals.
    • The audience will learn how to set meaningful and motivating goals and actually have fun with them. Goal-setting shouldn’t be scary and if done right, it provides clarity to any leader and employee.
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