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Antoni Lacinai

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Speaker, moderator and communication expert who can help you lead, sell and cooperate to excel in business

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The dynamic and entertaining moderator and speaker Antoni Lacinai specializes in communication, motivation and job satisfaction. Antoni has also written several books on the topic and has spoken in front of many international clients. His keynotes are practical with lots of take-home tools and strategies.

Why you should book speaker Antoni Lacinai

  • Antoni has extensive knowledge about communication and motivation in the workplace. He has worked with several companies as a consultant or speaker, and he regularly shares his thoughts on communication with thousands of people through his popular newsletter.
  • As one of the most popular speakers in Sweden, Antoni has spoken at many events and his expertise and knowledge is favored by many.
  • Antoni is also a well-requested moderator and his energy and humour always gives speakers and the audience a great and unforgettable experience.

Keynote speaker Antoni Lacinai is passionate about helping people and businesses reach results and increase job satisfaction through great communication. Whether meeting new clients, talking to partners or implementing a change process, good communication skills can make a world of a difference. However, many people struggle with communication or don’t actually realize what they are saying before it’s too late.

Antoni Lacinai has held several leading and managing positions where he has been able to not only use his knowledge but also learn more about what actually works and what doesn’t. Antoni has published 10 books on topics such as body language, productive meetings and presentation techniques. Over the course of 25 years, Antoni has gathered 20 success factors of human communication that he now shares with clients all over the world.

As a moderator and speaker Antoni Lacinai is engaging, humourous and professional. He is confident on stage and knows how to keep people in the audience entertained and eager to learn more. He was recently voted as one of the top 100 most popular speakers in Sweden. Antoni offers practical advice and strategies to ensure that his clients are able to use what they’ve learnt. Below are examples of his most requested keynotes but he also likes to customize his content to the specific event and audience. Antoni is also available as a facilitator or MC.

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Special Virtual Keynote by speaker Antoni Lacinai

Remote leadership and virtual meetings

Bad communication in the physical space will be exponentially worse in a digital context. The same goes for bad work meetings. Antoni Lacinai will provide a hands-on guide to all people who need to collaborate and build a team spirit even if they are in different buildings, countries and time zones.

It’s about leading people and processes remotely, and utilize the power of digital communication to achieve your goals.

Audience takeaways:

  • When virtual meetings are advantageous, and what challenges they pose.
  • How to engage, involve and inspire people through virtual meetings
  • Why you should focus on social connections even if you aren’t chatting in the coffee corner.
  • Concrete tips on how to run web-, phone- and video meetings.
Keynote by speaker Antoni Lacinai

The 20 Secrets of Communication That Every Business Person Should Know

In this keynote, Antoni shares his secrets to successful communication. Out of the 20 communication secrets Antoni has generated, he selects the ones that perfectly fit your type of organization, audience and challenges.

  • The audience will learn important factors like the three superpowers of communication and why first impressions are so important.
  • Antoni uncovers and answers important questions about human communication in an entertaining and practical way.
Keynote by speaker Antoni Lacinai

GOALS. Set them. Reach them. Have fun.

Why is it wise to set goals? What’s the difference between goals and wishful thinking, strategies, assignments and dream? In this insightful presentation, speaker Antoni Lacinai shares valuable insights into effective goal-setting and how to feel motivated to actually reach goals.

  • The audience will learn how to set meaningful and motivating goals and actually have fun with them.
  • Goal-setting shouldn’t be scary and if done right, it provides clarity to any leader and employee.
Antoni Lacinai on Stage

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Focus on employee engagement is important when we know that 25% being bullied at their workplace will leave

In September, A-Speakers focus on mental health. Therefore, Antoni Lacinai has made a video addressing mental health, employee engagement and communication that leads to success. Learn how to increase your employees’ engagement.

The text below is a transcription of Antoni Lacinai’s video on mental health.

“We know that 10% of the workforce will be actively disengaged, meaning that they will sabotage for everyone else. We know that 25% of those who were bullied by their boss or by their colleagues will leave, but we also know that 20% of those who watch this happen also will leave. What will that do to our mental health? What will that do to our employee engagement? I focus on 20 success factors, principals, secrets of human communication, workplace communication, and if you would like to know more about that and how communication leads to engagement, which leads to results, then get in touch with A-Speakers and see my profile there.”


The Dark Side of Being a Leader

Leadership is influence and influence is power… Power to change, to improve, to get support and actions from people who want to follow you.

When you succeed, you feel good! But – be careful. Be aware of the sweet, seductive, addictive taste of influence and power. The dark side of the moon is that you risk becoming an asshole…

You start taking your status and power for granted – and you want more. You want the fruit basket even if your employees won’t get it. You book a business class seat on the plane while your employees wander back to coach. You complain that the windows in your office are dirty, while your people sit in a crowded landscape…

But hey, you earned it, didn’t you? Well, perhaps you did. Perhaps you once cared. And perhaps you then lost touch with your followers that crowned you their leader. Soon enough people start to gossip about you, and not in a nice way. You lose your fan base. First gradually. Then suddenly – as the saying goes. Soon enough you are no longer influential. Your power is gone. You fall off the throne…

Communication between people is like electricity is in a modern society. Without it we die. But you don’t want to die. You want to grow. You want to prosper. You want to be a world class leader. But then you need to be a world class communicator. Great leadership with great influence demand great communication.

Over the course of 25 years I have gathered no less than 20 lessons, principles, success factors, truths of communication. So how can you get to know and master those simple, yet powerful secrets of human communication?  You start by being aware of the three secret superpowers of communication. If you want me to follow you, you want to communicate with Energy, Empathy and Clarity.

Energy, so that I believe that you believe. Because why should I if you don’t? Energy is mostly visible in your body language and in your voice. I want to follow you if you show me your passion, your inner glow and your determination to move towards a higher purpose.

The second superpower is Empathy. Empathy so that I feel that you are truly trying to understand me. So that I feel that you get me, that you know where I’m coming from and what I think and feel. This creates trust. And the more I trust you, the more I want to follow you.

The third superpower is Clarity, so that you take away as many misunderstandings as possible. If you are clear and help me see what you see, you will make me feel smart, and anyone who makes me feel smart, I will follow.

Which one is your superpower? Energy? Empathy? Clarity? All three? None of the above?


Interview with Antoni Lacinai

How did you begin your speaking career?

Before I started my own company some thirteen years ago, I had plenty of opportunities to speak within my role about marketing and sales. But I actually started off my business as a speaker trainer and moderator. The speaking part was small in comparison. Then, more and more clients wanted me to speak about how to present, sell, lead etc. Now, it is what I do most of the year, followed by my moderator assignments and communication skills training.

What are 3 habits for success?

  • Know your Why and set goals that take you toward your purpose.
  • Surround yourself with great people and tools that help you develop yourself and your business, for the benefit of your clients.
  • Have fun. Otherwise; what’s the point?

Describe yourself in 3 words – why these words?

Passionate. Positive. Professional.
Passion is about energy. I believe I have a high level of energy, especially when I do things I love. Positive is about both an optimistic outlook in life and relationships, but also about a determination and an inner compass of good values. Professional is about understanding how to listen, prepare and deliver on a high standard, and always have my clients’ best interest first.

Who or what inspires you most?

Wise people, both those I know and consider my friends, as well as other ones I don’t know but admire. I also get a lot of energy from my wife and kids. I know it sounds like a cliché but great people make me a better person

Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?

There are so many. From a volume perspective, speaking to 1700 sales people in Lithuania was a pure joy. My TEDx was also a rush even though it was only about a 100 attendees in the audience. As a moderator, sharing the stage with Simon Sinek and Gary Kasparov in front of 5500 people was pretty cool.

Other fond memories is when people contact me and let me know why they liked what I said or did. If I can help only one person do something better after a speech, we both win.

What leadership qualities do you most admire and why?

It’s tough being a leader. You have to balance your passion and vision with an appetite  for results, relationships and quality. The ones who do make me impressed. Also, the leaders who know how to communicate with energy, empathy and clarity have my vote. Finally, the leaders who are not seduced by power and being assholes but instead understand the value of involving people, developing them and making them heroes as well; they have a gold star in my book.

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