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Jon Nielsen

travels from Denmark

Consultant, prime influence, and pioneer for happiness with passion for creating happy and more successful workplaces

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An experienced consultant, a professional spokesperson and a pioneer for happiness, keynote speaker Jon Nielsen will inspire audiences to find more happiness in the daily workplace. His extensive studies have made him able to understand how to empower audiences to think more positively and to reduce everyday stress. Through his work as a keynote speaker he has inspired people around the world and shares his outlook on happiness.

As an author and professional speaker Jon Nielsen holds a Master of Science in Engineering from 2002. For the past ten years his focus has been on engineering company cultures instead of physical products, and he is passionate about creating happy and more successful workplaces.

After a few years of consulting, Jon joined the HR Department in a major financial institution in 2005. He soon quit again to, as he puts it, work with Human Resources facing actual humans, not sitting behind a screen at Head Office. And so, since 2006, he has worked again as a consultant and speaker, traveling around both his own country and the world.

Our speaker Jon Nielsen comes from Denmark, labelled the happiest country in the world. Through seminars on happiness at work, leadership and motivation held in front of more than 200 companies in a dozen countries he has inspired more that 10.000 people to be more happy at work – just likes the Danes. In October 2012 he gave a talk at the TEDxSquareMile conference in London, teaching the world to be happier and consequently, more successful.

For the past 10 years, keynote speaker Jon Nielsen has given these talks and led seminars on how to increase happiness and engagement at work. His talks have been for both businesses and public companies as well as at conferences. Audiences have ranged from 10 to 600 participants. Typical settings range from department meetings, company fieldtrips, after-work events, strategy seminars or kick-offs to keynotes at conferences on anything from increasing productivity, reducing stress, delivering better service and more.

His seminars are first and foremost engaging and relevant. No boring keynotes here, but talks full of energy and humour, with Jon taking pride in activating the participants and keeping them alive – also immediately following lunch. And most important, his talks are full of practical ways to create more happiness at work, leaving participants empowered to shape their jobs and be happier in the work environment.

Jon lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. From here he travels the world and brings happiness to the people. He loves to ski, rides motorcycles, read a whole lot and denies drinking to heavily while enjoying life to the fullest.

See keynotes with Jon Nielsen

    Speaker Jon Nielsen Keynote Topics

    The Happy at Work talks and seminars share examples from workplaces that have led the way. Jon introduces the audience to his heroes of happiness – people who have defied opposition and the status quo and created the happiest jobs – jobs where people look forward to coming in each morning. The cases are mixed with the newest findings from sciences such as brain research, positive psychology, sociology, group dynamics and experiments on humans.

    The talk covers:

    • What creates happiness at work? The latest science.
    • Why you should care: What’s in it for me, when I become happy at work?
    • Happiness at Work and increased engagement is a winning business strategy!
    • Inspiring stories from the front runners.
    • Tools, tips and happy ways to get going today!
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