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Steffen Damborg

travels from Denmark

Digital Transformation & Disruption Expert, Strategist & Chief Digital Officer helping companies manage digital changes

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Digital strategist and speaker Steffen Damborg is an expert on digital transformation and change management. Steffen is an experienced C-level executive and has advised global corporations on strategy, innovation and digital disruption. Steffen is a skillful and popular speaker, moderator and facilitator for international events and organizations.

Global thought leader and speaker Steffen Damborg holds a master’s degree in corporate strategy and business administration plus an executive education from Harvard Business School. A quick look on his impressive resume reveals his experience from top positions in top organizations. As a strategist and Chief Digital Officer, Steffen has worked with big global corporations and advised them on how to welcome change, digitalization and new trends.

The business world is rapidly changing as new technologies and innovations take over our old ways of managing, producing, marketing, selling and the list goes on. Big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are just three terms and technologies that businesses should welcome and recognize, yet few know how. Steffen Damborg not only knows these technologies, but he knows how to implement them in organizations and provides valuable practical tools to utilize these new technologies and benefit from them.

As a speaker Steffen Damborg is professional and versatile. He has spoken at various events and is happy to customize his keynotes to the specific event, organization and audience. His background as CDO and consultant means he has real-life experience with implementing new strategies to welcome change and innovation, and Steffen recognizes the challenges many organizations meet today. Steffen’s keynote topics are essential if you want to achieve success and grow.

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    Speaker Steffen Damborg Keynote Topics

    Keynote by Speaker Steffen Damborg

    Digital Transformation

    • Digital transformation has truly become a buzzword in recent years. But what does it really mean? And how do companies implement it?
    • In this keynote, Steffen Damborg will present fascinating cases of digital disruption based on his extensive experience and new research from Harvard Business School.
    • Audiences will learn how companies and societies can cope with the new challenges and how to take advantage of “the new rulebook”, focusing on the new opportunities in a more proactive manner.

    Keynote by Speaker Steffen Damborg

    Digital Disruption: Big Data, AI, Machine Learning & Robotics

    • In this informative keynote, Steffen Damborg focuses on the nature of digital transformation and dives into why we need to change our business models and society.
    • Audiences will be introduced to the changes in consumer and customer behavior that forces companies and societies to embrace new technologies such as AI, Big Data, Machine Learning and Robotics.
    • Steffen will give examples of successful transformations from global brands as well as from the SME segment.

    Keynote by Speaker Steffen Damborg

    Change Management/Leadership in Digital Transformation Process

    • In this keynote, speaker Steffen Damborg discusses the leadership role of digital transformation in an organization.
    • Learn the importance of company-wide commitment for the digital strategy, leading comprehensively across departments and speaking multiple business languages (IT, marketing, strategy, finance).
    • Audiences will learn how to be up to date with the latest innovations, changes in competition and shifts in the market.
Steffen Damborg - video

International Keynote Speaker Steffen Damborg on Digital Transformation

Watch speaker Steffen Damborg in action!

See keynotes with Steffen Damborg
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Keynote topics with Steffen Damborg