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How do you perform your best while still staying true to yourself?

Ida Thyrring

travels from Denmark

Sociologist and motivational performance coach helping startup founders, young talents and elite athletes to reach their goals.

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Keynote speaker Ida Thyrring is a sociologist and enthusiastic performance coach with flair for helping startup founders, young talents and elite athletes. Ida displays an empowering approach to develop a high performance mentality and culture.  

Why you should book Ida Thyrring for your next evnet

  • Ida delivers keynote presentations based on her professional backgground and life experience, straight from the heart. She shares her knowlegde and tools which she has gained through many years as sociologist and performance coach.
  • Ida raise and answers questions that many of us encounter on daily basis: How can you succed in reaching your goals and still maintain or even improve your self care? Ida enlights her audience on how to navigate in a  world that is constantly changing.

Ida is Head of People & Performance at the Copenhagen based tech scale up, Sonar. Her mission is to empower the organization in reaching its business goals through a human-first high-performance culture. This means ensuring the organizational structures and the cultural foundation that supports employees, leaders, and cross company teams to deliver their very best. 

As a sociologist, process consultant and performance coach, Ida has several years of hands on-experience with organizational development, culture building and high performing professionals. She is the sparring partner of startup founders, first time leaders and young talents, as well as elite athletes. Her work is based on classical sociological thinking, behavioral design, ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) as well as modern performance psychology. 

Ida is passtionate about working with ambitious people like herself, who have the courage to face a challenge and look within themselves. Ida applies various tools not only in her professional position as sociologist, but also as a competing CrossFit Athlete. Ida want to widen the horizen and pass on her ambitions to others as well as herself.

On stage Ida is passionate, relatable, and inspiring. She delivers with high energy, and the tools she introduces are intuitive and easy to implement in a high-performing high-skilled environment. 

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Keynote by Ida Thyrring

Do less, achieve more: 5 steps to building successful high performing habits

Breaking a bad habit and building new strong ones can seem difficult and feel overwhelming. This is not due to a lack of self-discipline or not wanting something enough. In fact, the true strength of habits is their inherent power of liberating you form exactly this – having to rely on your willpower. 

In this keynote, Ida gives you an intuitive and easily implemented 5-step model to do just this: replace bad habits and fixed patterns with successful long-lasting routines to help you focus on achieving your goals and liberate you from relying on the daily struggle of choice, decision-making and lack of energy to do so. 


keynote by Ida Thyrring

Strengthen your mental compass and excel in your performance

In this keynote, Ida presents the most essential tools to strengthen the individual performer’s mental compass and thereby take responsibility for the success of the realization of his or her aspirations. The content is based on modern performance psychology, classical sociology, and Ida’s years of experience in coaching elite athletes, startup founders and young talents. 

Ida will inspire participants to look inward, clarify what is truly important, build security in oneself and see the difference between acting reactively and value based. This, to strengthen the individual performer’s ability to lead and master oneself in situations where stakes are high and expectations so. Both from the outside world and within. 

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