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Andre de Castro

Tech executive & cryptocurrency specialist
Country: USA

Speaker Andre De Castro has been actively engaged in the crypto-currency bitcoin industry since its early days. A software engineer with a passion for finance and technology, Andre is a blockchain thought-leader.

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Throughout his career, Andre has helped Fortune 500 clients with product analysis, enterprise design, and integration of complex systems. Including the emerging cryptocurrency ecosystem. Due to his expertise, Andre is an avid public speaker/panelist at financial and technology events and conferences. These include NASDAQ TV, GE Global Research, Bitcoin Global conference, and NY Bitcoin Center. He has been featured in publications including the Financial Times, MIT Technology Review, CoinDesk, and Bloomberg.


Early adopter and evangelist of Bitcoin


Speaker Andre de Castro is an industry thought-leader who heads many initiatives within this space. As a seasoned investor and trader in cryptocurrencies, Andre is well versed in a myriad of alt currencies and what to look for when considering investments. He is familiar with conducting arbitrage strategies between all major exchanges worldwide. Some of these include Biterex (Hong Kong); BitStamp (UK); BTC-e (Bulgaria); Mercado Bitcoin and Foxbit (Brazil); CoinBase, and Poloniex (USA). He has also deep knowledge of automated trading using online and client-side robotic trading software and algorithms.

As an advocate for the crypto technology industry, he has worked with the federal government’s’ FinCEN division in creating more clarity on cryptocurrency policies. Today he is solely credited for the Jan 30th, 2014 administrative ruling on software development and investment activities, opening up greater avenues for well-established corporations and startups to conduct cryptocurrency business in the US.

    Speaker Andre de Castro Keynote Topics:

    • Transforming IoT Security and Application Development via the Blockchain
    • How Modern Second-Layer Technologies are Enabling Financial Development on the Blockchain
    • Learn and see how Blockchain Technology is transforming business and daily life
    • Merging Two Worlds: Blockchain and the Internet of Things
    • Separating Hype From Reality: How blockchain will really impact your business
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