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Top Bitcoin Speakers

While some financial experts believe bitcoin presents some real challenges in terms of scaling, losses, lack of applicability or regulation, most of them see great potential in embracing this cryptocurrency.

Our top bitcoin speakers will introduce you and your audience to the concept of digital currencies and the history of bitcoin. Book one of our bitcoin speakers and learn about the cryptocurrency, get the latest bitcoin news, and learn how to invest in bitcoin. 

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Book the perfect bitcoin speaker

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Speakers about bitcoin (11)

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Andre de Castro

Tech executive & cryptocurrency specialist

travels from USA

Speaker Andre De Castro has been actively engaged in the crypto-currency bitcoin industry since its early days. A software engineer with a passion for finance and technology, Andre is a blockchain...


Klisman Murati

World Affairs Analyst & Consultant

travels from UK

Speaker Klisman Murati is a world affairs and business analyst. He is also the owner of the specialist consultancy, Pangaea Wire. Klisman has been featured in the media several times during some of the most important changes and events like Brexit....

Patrick Schwerdtfeger

Founder of Trend Mastery, business futurist and expert on trends such as big data, blockchain and AI

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a leading authority on technology trends including big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain. He is the founder of Trend Mastery and the host of the Strategic Business Insights video blog, with over...

Samson Williams

FinTech & Blockchain expert

travels from USA

Speaker Samson Williams is a classically trained anthropologist and a finance expert. Samson delivers insights into topics such as FinTech and crowdfunding in plain English to clients ranging from investors and government officials to small children...

Jason Schenker

Financial Futurist & Economic Forecaster

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Jason Schenker runs the top-ranked market research firm Prestige Economics and he is the Chairman of The Futurist Institute. He is a world-leading financial futurist and economic forecaster whose analyses are regularly cited by The...

Azeem Azhar

Leading Authority on AI & All Things Technology

travels from UK

Speaker Azeem Azhar has held a long list of roles throughout his career: strategist, analyst, product entrepreneur, influencer and writer with a passion for all things technological. His expertise within these many areas make him a popular speaker...

Simon Taylor

Co-founder and Blockchain Practice Lead at the FinTech consultancy uses his expertise to advise governments and banks

travels from UK

Keynote speaker Simon Taylor is the Co-Founder and Blockchain Practice Lead at the FinTech consultancy 11:FS. With his positive attitude and knowledgeable keynotes, it’s no wonder Simon is a sought after authority on blockchain and other aspects...


Ray Hammond

The futurist and author encourages his attendees to reflect about the future as one leading authorities in futurology

travels from UK

Keynote speaker Ray Hammond is Europe’s most experienced futurist. In 35 years of predicting future trends, time has proven his forecasting accuracy. He is a sought-after keynote, pre- and after-dinner speaker with galvanizing thoughts, remarkable...


Thomas Koulopoulos

Author, futurist & global thought leader provides keynotes that are inspirational, thought provoking and rich on content

travels from USA

The renowned author and keynote speaker Thomas Koulopoulos is passionate about the leading edge business trends and technology. He has written 11 books books and several articles on the topic. Tom is a highly popular speaker and his presentations...


Daniel Burrus

Founder and CEO of Burrus Research, advisor and one of the world’s leading futurists on global trends and innovation

travels from USA

Our keynote speaker Daniel Burrus is a master at tailoring his message to each individual audience as he addresses relevant trends and offers powerful, practical guidance for turning rapid technology-driven change into a competitive advantage. His...


Chris Skinner

Author and commentator on FinTech, the Chief Executive of Balatro Ltd., and co-founder of the website Shaping Tomorrow

travels from UK

Keynote speaker Chris Skinner is a well respected expert on financial issues. He has written several books covering issues such as European Banking regulation, the credit crisis and the future of banking. He has been a consultant for numerous...

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Learn more about the advantages and risks of bringing bitcoin to your organization


The development of technology and cryptocurrencies causes both challenges and opportunities for today’s businesses and organizations. 

However, most often, the advantages of the bitcoin outweigh its risks. Many users associate it with quick and cheap transactions, no paperwork, increased control and security over one’s identity and freedom in payment. Out bitcoin speakers can help you and your audience delve into the concept of digital currencies and see past preconceived notions.

Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency. It represents an electronic transaction, designed and held electronically.

Bitcoin offers countless benefits for those organizations willing to integrate it as part of their payment system. With thousands of businesses jumping on the bandwagon, the approach towards this digital currency gets divided into two camps. 

Bitcoin can be transferred directly from person to person and no one actually controls it. This means, the transaction does not go through a bank, which lower the fees. This feature creates an opportunity for businesses to minimize transaction fees.

As bitcoin is a relatively new electronic payment system, it has its flaws. However, the cryptocurrency has many advantages. The top bitcoin speakers can help companies and organizations understand how bitcoin works and why you should or should not use it.

Book a keynote with one of our bitcoin speakers and learn more about the bitcoin market, blockchain, and agriculture. Our keynote speakers will teach your organization how to benefit from new technologies and cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin.

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