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Top Bitcoin Speakers

Bitcoin offers countless benefits for those organizations willing to integrate it as part of their payment system. With thousands of businesses jumping on the bandwagon, the approach towards this digital currency gets divided into two camps. Book one of our Top Bitcoin speakers and learn everything you wanted to know about Bitcoin!

What are the advantages and risks of bringing Bitcoin to your organization?

  • While some financial experts believe Bitcoin presents some real challenges in terms of scaling, losses, lack of applicability or regulation, most of them see great potential in embracing this cryptocurrency. Book a keynote and hear what our excellent speakers have to say about Bitcoin and its implications.
  • However, most often than not, the Bitcoin’s advantages outweigh its risks. Many users associate it with quick and cheap transactions, no paperwork, increased control and security over one’s identity and freedom in payment. The top Bitcoin speakers can help you and audiences delve into the concept of digital currencies and see past preconceived notions.

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What is Bitcoin?


Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency. It represents an electronic transaction, designed and held electronically.

Bitcoin can be transferred directly from person to person and no one actually controls it. Therefore, it does not go through a bank which makes the fees much lower. This feature creates an opportunity for businesses to minimise transaction fees.

As Bitcoin is a relatively new electronic payment system, it has its flaws alongside the many advantages is ensured. The top Bitcoin speakers can help companies and organizations understand how Bitcoin works and why you should or shouldn’t use it.