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Jack Shaw

Technology Futurist
Country: USA

As a keynote speaker Jack Shaw is the ideal spokesperson in the business technology field. Whether it’s in a high-level executive briefing, in front of hundreds at a client conference, or to millions over the Internet via web video, he provides inspiring and effective keynote speeches, that helps organizations to better understand the significance of new technologies.

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Jack Shaw has been a Technology Futurist for over 30 years – which is about 15 years longer than anyone, including Jack, realized such a profession existed! But helping others understand the strategic implications of emerging technologies has only continued to increase in importance in the days since the first PC’s.

Over 12,000 meetings planners, executives and conference attendees from around the world also voted Jack as one of the world’s Top 5 Technology Futurists for 2014.

Jack Shaw has provided advisory services to leading Technology Solution Providers for over 25 years, including IBM, SAP, Oracle, CA Technologies and others. He has also delivered expert guidance to many Fortune 500 Companies such as GE and Coca Cola as well as hundreds of small to mid-sized businesses.

As a business and technology strategist, Jack has spent his career helping companies from many industries, and helping the providers of their technologies, to find better ways to conduct and operate their businesses. He is widely recognized for his expertise in breakthrough business technologies such as:

  • “Big Data” (Data Analytics)
  • Decision Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • e-Commerce / OmniCommerce
  • e-Procurement
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Social Media
  • Supply Chain Management

Jack Shaw is a Marketing Strategist, Industry Thought Leader, and Author of three critically acclaimed books and numerous White Papers. He was the Founder and Editor of the e-Commerce Executive newsletter, and of the e-Commerce Buyer’s Guide.

He is a charismatic keynote speaker and has delivered more than 1000 paid keynote addresses and executive presentations in more than 20 countries. The advisory services of the Management Consulting Firms Jack founded, Breakthrough Business Technologies and e-Commerce Strategies, have made corporations billions by using technology to implement better processes and help them compete more effectively today and in the future.

Jack graduated from Yale with a degree in Business Administration and has an MBA from Kellogg in Finance and Marketing. With his keen visions on emerging technologies and business practices he has helped numerous organizations in his specific field.

    Keynote Topics

    • 3D Printing – A Catalyst for Economic Disruption
    • OmniCommerce: Meeting Business’ Next Grand Challenge
    • Bracing for the Big One: Business Systems and Processes That Think for Themselves!
    • Intelligent Decision Management – Infusing Discipline into Decisions
    • Intelligent Manufacturing and Distribution
    • Emerging Technologies for Executives
    • The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Energy Utilities
    • Leveraging Emerging Technologies to Streamline the Healthcare Supply Chain
    • Staying One Step Ahead of Mobile Devices
    • Mobile Computing: Moving the Construction Industry Ahead
    • Enterprise Risk Management
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