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Patrick Schwerdtfeger

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Business Futurist, Blockchain

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Keynote speaker Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a leading authority on technology trends including big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain. He is the founder of Trend Mastery and the host of the Strategic Business Insights video blog, with over 25,000 subscribers and five million views on YouTube.

Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a keynote speaker who has headlined events for dozens of Fortune 500 companies in a wide variety of industries as well as government and association events all around the world. In his programs her delivers expert insights into technology trends. These include Fintech, blockchain, and digital marketing. He also gave a talk on “Learned Intuition” at TEDx Sacramento.

He is the author of Anarchy, Inc.: Profiting in a Decentralized World with Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain (2018, Authority Publishing) as well as the award-winning “Keynote Mastery: The Personal Journey of a Professional Speaker”, “Marketing Shortcuts for the Self-Employed”, “Webify Your Business: Internet Marketing Secrets for the Self-Employed”, and “Make Yourself Useful: Marketing in the 21st Century”.

Highly sought after for his insights, speaker Patrick Schwerdtfeger has been featured by the New York Times, LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, CNN Money, Reader’s Digest, Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, and many more.

Patrick has covered technology trends at corporate events, association and industry conferences, and government summits all around the world. Although he lives in the USA, he regularly presents at events in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. His keynote programs are popular around the world. With topics ranging from technology and digital marketing, to global business trends and their impact on consumer behavior. Patrick’s strategic perspectives inspire attendees without fail.

Passionate and dynamic speaker Patrick Schwerdtfeger delivers thought-provoking content that encourages strategic thinking and disruptive innovation. His keynotes highlight practical strategies, meaning audience members can implement his teachings immediately for fast results! His programs consistently receive enthusiastic reviews and leave attendees burning to put their new ideas and strategies to work.

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    Speaker Patrick Schwerdtfeger Keynote Topics

    • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

    The explosion of big data technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) have led to dramatic advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning. These technologies are fueling innovation in predictive analytics, autonomous vehicles, virtual reality and countless other fields. Patrick has accumulated dozens of case histories and success stories in a variety of different industries, allowing him to explain the trends in a way that people understand. His technology keynotes don’t get into technical specifications. Instead, they highlight trends and strategies for executive and managerial audiences.

    • Blockchain Protocol and Cryptocurrencies

    Bitcoin was the first application of blockchain protocol. Since 2009 when it was officially launched, the bitcoin blockchain has never been hacked. This distributed public ledger technology is now finding its way into hundreds of different applications. Its popularity is part of a larger trend from centralized to decentralized structures. Ironically, the industries that are most threatened by blockchain technology (banks, insurance companies and other financial services) are the ones investing in it most aggressively. Patrick explains the risks as well as the opportunities that today’s executives need to know.

    • Embracing Disruptive Innovation

    Disruptive innovation invalidates existing business models. That’s why it’s become so important for executives around the world. Technology is evolving along an exponential curve. Entire industries are collapsing as new (mostly digital) business models provide better outcomes for fewer dollars. Disruptive innovation generally comes from the edges of industries, not the center. It comes from ‘adjacent markets’ often catching executives by surprise. Patrick dissects the topic and leaves attendees with a series of questions they can use to spot possible threats and also opportunities within their business models.

    • Anarchy and Decentralization

    Technology enables decentralization, and decentralization enables anarchy. Today’s media environment is a case in point. Everyone has strong opinions, and they all accuse each other of “fake news.” All industries will trend towards this model over time. Success amidst anarchy requires defiant leadership. Business executives need to identify their target market and ignore the haters and trolls. Those who like you will love you! Those who hate you don’t matter.

    • Think Bigger! (leadership)

    Build a culture of innovation! Build a team of leaders! These are exciting times. The next ten years will be nothing like the last ten! That’s the primary message in Patrick’s ‘think bigger’ leadership program. By reviewing technology developments at a strategic level and identifying the trends tying them all together, the ‘think bigger’ program energizes attendees and gets them thinking more expansively about modern technology as well as the leadership opportunity they have in exploiting it. Patrick’s ‘think bigger’ keynote is a great opening session to get your attendees thinking bigger right from the opening bell.

    • Predict the Future … Today!

    Patrick also facilitates interactive strategy sessions for senior executive teams. Not only will we identify the seeds of disruption in your industry, but you will also be introduced to a series of predictive models and proprietary frameworks that Patrick uses to filter technology developments and anticipate where the trends are leading. The agenda consists of a 60-minute presentation followed by a coffee break and then an interactive workshop-type session where we apply the models and frameworks to your specific business environment. This powerful program can reshape your entire business strategy in a single three-hour session.


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