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Positive Psychology Expert, Best-Selling Author, and Public Speaker

Tal Ben-Shahar

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Meet Prof. Tal Ben-Shahar, a serial entrepreneur and the world's number-one authority in leadership, happiness, and positive psychology.

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What is happiness? How can it be nurtured in societies and individuals? Yes, while we all want to be happy, most people can't explain what happiness really is. That's where Tal Ben-Shahar, the co-founder of Happiness Studies Academy, comes in. Tal is an American-Israeli lecturer and author focusing on happiness as his core topic. According to him, happiness is not as elusive as many of us think; we can actually learn it. Ben-Shahar's talks and lectures have helped millions of people worldwide to gain a deeper understanding of how to live a happy life.

Why you should book Tal Ben-Shahar for your next event

  • Tal is best known for delivering a thought-provoking, inspirational, and insightful speaking style; corporate clients all over the world seek him for that.
  • Prof. Tal is a renowned author of some best-selling books, including The Joy of Leadership and Happier, No Matter What.
  • Combining everyday life and work examples with thorough academic research, Tal speaks with much authority on resilience, goal setting, and leadership, among other topics. He breaks down concepts using simple plain language to ensure his audience understands everything he says.

”The Psychology of Leadership” and ”Positive Psychology” are Harvard’s all-time most popular classes. And who would have taught them if not the professor himself? No lecture has offered students real-life tools to become happier, as has Ben-Shahar. To address leadership and positive psychology even more comprehensively, Tal has written multiple books on the same, and you will also find him speaking at organizations and conferences.

Prior to entertaining lecture halls at Harvard, Ben-Shahar was himself a student of psychology and philosophy at the very same institution. He was previously a computer science student, a course he abandoned to follow his passion. No wonder he went the whole hog to attain a professorship. In his research, Tal discovered that changing our daily behaviors and habits is the key to leading a happier and more fulfilling life.

On top of happiness and leadership, Tal’s talks also cover topics such as mindfulness, goal setting, resilience, self-esteem, ethics, innovation, and education. He has also worked with giant companies, including Intel, Microsoft, and Shell. As a serial entrepreneur, the professor is credited with launching several initiatives to help push his happiness agenda. These, among others, include Happier.TV, Maytiv, and the Happiness Studies Academy.

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Keynote by Tal Ben-Shahar

Keynote topics


  • Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness
  • Positive Leadership: Strategies for Success
  • Happiness Studies: Leading an Inspired Life
  • Lasting Change: Reminders, Repetition and Rituals
  • Flourishing in a Challenging World: Growing Through Stress, Hardship, and Failure
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Tal Ben-Shahar: The Incredible Power of Positivity

See keynotes with Tal Ben-Shahar
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