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Felipe Gomez

travels from USA

Inspirational speaker, Change expert, Innovator

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Speaker Felipe Gomez has over 25 years of global entrepreneurship experience. He positively assists employees and businesses in adjusting and overcoming work-life hurdles. Felipe implements reinforcement and guidance into becoming your most inventive, successful self.

Why book speaker Felipe Gomez?

  • Felipe has 25+ years of entrepreneurial and general management experience, leading startups, and global multinational corporations. This advantage gives him the ability to understand challenges easily and the needs of his clients are facing to allow him to fine-tune his message perfectly to audience members.
  • Felipe has a natural talent to connect with his audiences and consistently delivers a thought-provoking and inspiring message. Felipe makes a valuable contribution to your event, providing great content, applicable frameworks, and a fun, entertaining experience for your participants.
  • Avid traveler and explorer, Felipe found understanding the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems of 18 countries. Felipe significantly contributes to your event’s multicultural and diversity dimensions.
  • Speaker Felipe Gomez presents in both English and Spanish!

Felipe Gomez is an accomplished executive with over 25 years of global entrepreneurial and management experience. He found his passion for developing content, speaking, and catalyzing change in organizations through his Attitude-E and Virtuoso frameworks. Over the last ten years he has developed a solid narrative and portfolio of products and services that gives individuals, teams and organizations reliable and proven tools. Some of those tools include shifting their mindsets, refining their behaviors and creating emotional ties to expand their thinking patterns, taking risks, learning from failure.

Today, companies are facing unique transformational challenges that demand innovative and audacious ways of creating a collective can-do mindset and a shared passion for reaching extraordinary performance.

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Keynote by speaker Felipe Gomez

Entrepreneurial Mindset

All corporations face complex transformational challenges that require shifting mindsets from comfort zones and corporate cadence to fast experimentation, courageous risk-taking, and co-creation dynamics. Embracing an entrepreneurial mindset and embedding it in organizational cultures is instrumental to successfully navigate today’s exciting business environment.

Keynote by speaker Felipe Gomez

Extraordinary Performance

Reaching levels of extraordinary performance through the adoption of virtues [habits of good action] is the basis of Felipe’s proposition to execution excellence. By adopting a systematic and holistic approach for acquiring and strengthening virtues, leaders, and teams across your organization will increase their performance levels, improve financial results, and consolidate an excellence culture.

Keynote by speaker Felipe Gomez


Through a finely crafted storyline and the powerful blend of Felipe’s business acumen and his passion for music, he explores, with a grand piano on stage, how individuals, teams, and organizations can reach levels of extraordinary performance by embracing the three attributes of virtuoso musicians.

  •  A reliable and applicable framework to foster virtuoso behaviors in your organization
  •  Renovated and energized team
  •  Strong willingness to excel and reach peak performance
Keynote by speaker Felipe Gomez


Attitude-E presents a simple but powerful framework that awakens an entrepreneurial mindset in individuals, teams, companies, governments, and communities. It explores six attributes that are essential in building and sustaining an entrepreneurial attitude. Those who work diligently and systematically on these will achieve extraordinary results


  • A solid an applicable framework
  • Highly inspired and motivated team
  • Collective will think and act differently.
Speaking reel by speaker Felipe Gomez

Catch Felipe in action!

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“If you are looking for an inspirational speaker to motivate your team, inspire your team, and help your team raise their game…. You MUST bring Felipe Gomez to meet with your team. Our time together has been a gift

Ray Malouf

VP Talent Acquisition, Whole Foods Market

“Outstanding, the messages are so powerful and so relevant and delivered in such a wonderful way”

Annie Chae


“Although I acknowledge that your presentation is relevant to any organization, it would have been very difficult for us to find a better match to our specific needs. I appreciate your time and the energy with which you delivered your keynote. I truly congratulate you for the quality of your presentation”

Al Merino


“I had the opportunity to attend one of the best business presentations I have ever seen. Felipe Gomez is the real deal. Great takeaways!

Kevin Leitz

Pro Team leader, HomeDepot
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