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Sterling Hawkins

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Inspiring Innovator and Retailer

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Through facing massive obstacles and changes in his own life, speaker Sterling Hawkins has grown into the innovation authority. From being flat broke to turning a dysfunctional family business into a successful one, Sterling’s life story is greatly inspiring: he is the perfect example of how to make the most out of any given situation. As a futurist and business leader, he is ready to help any organization to make lasting change happen, equipping them with the right tools and skills to succeed.

The long-term success of a business highly depends on how innovative the organization is. However, real change is not just an improved version of the past but something entirely different – Sterling is the leading expert of this. As a fifth generation retailer and a passionate innovator of the retail industry, speaker Sterling Hawkins has worked closely with Stanford, Cornell and the University of Texas to shape the future of commerce. He is frequently hired by a multitude of startups, brands and startups such as P&G, Zebra Technologies and Mitsubishi to fire up innovation in their organizations.

From New York to Singapore, speaker Sterling Hawkins delivers stunning presentations to make innovation accessible and possible all over the world. On the stage, Sterling gives it all to make a difference and deliver value to the audience. For a truly impactful experience, he meticulously tailors his speech to the needs each and every audience. To lead the way into the future, Sterling also includes demonstrations of 4th Industrial Revolution technologies in his presentations.

Moreover, Sterling’s style and his practical approach is giving the audience the inspiration and tools not just to embrace innovation, but to actually become the ones creating it. Attendees are leaving his keynotes with the necessary skills to innovate constantly in their own businesses and lives.

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Keynote by speaker Sterling Hawkins

The Innovation Gap™

According to social scientists, people are not built for change and there is a difference between what we plan and what is possible – The Innovation Gap™. Top companies like Amazon, Apple and Facebook already figured this out, yet they still experience incredible growth. In this keynote, speaker Sterling Hawkins steps into this gap and works with his audience to discover what these organizations have already uncovered. This is where Sterling and his keynote works magic to take advantage of a growth potential your organization haven’t even discovered yet.

  • Develop a perspective which seeks what’s possible – rather than what’s not
  • Embrace change and create a world where transformational performance is possible
  • Gain insight on how leaders in an organization are the main driving force of the innovation process
  • Learn how to develop innovation thinking and take profits to the next level
Keynote by speaker Sterling Hawkins

The Illusion of The Impossible™

Results are always determined by action or non-action. In this talk, speaker Sterling Hawkins reveals The Illusion of The Impossible™, opening up new possibilities for all the partakers. The impossible is an illusion and it can disappear. It was impossible to fly before the Wright Brothers. It was impossible to go to the moon with the computer processing power of a desk calculator before JFK. The same limiting “impossibilities” can occur within our businesses. 

  • Learn to distinguish innovative thought patterns, ideas and possibilities in your organization
  • Unleash your organization’s potential by developing access to impacting your organizational culture
  • Lift the veil of the impossible and get access to the solutions that will make the biggest difference.
Keynote by speaker Sterling Hawkins

How Leaders Innovate

The only constant is change – as Sterling highlighted as a TEDx talk. His background of working with hundreds of startups and Fortune 500 companies has led to the discovery that money has little to do with innovation, who you know or even with being in the right place at the right time. It’s all about discomfort. 

  • Intentionally creating discomfort in the current workplace leads to innovative thinking
  • Hardships and problems are not conditions to be rid of but circumstances to be embraced, fostering innovation
  • An ecology of people who create big goals allows and even forces actions that were previously unimaginable
Keynote by speaker Sterling Hawkins

Creating The Future of Commerce

The retail industry has experienced tremendous changes recently. As commerce is moving towards being conducted online and the scale trade is constantly expanding, it is crucial to adapt to new technologies. With Sterling’s vision, this talk helps retailers to revitalize their businesses by adopting a culture of change.

  • Embrace the power shift in the supply chain – customers are now in charge
  • Open up new possibilities in retail based on case studies and real results
  • Create new possibilities and potential for your brand and your retail operations
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