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Business & Industry

Business & Industry Speakers

Are you curious to know how globalisation and the competition from emerging countries affect Europe’s economic prosperity? Book a keynote from our Business & Industry speakers and gain insight into the interdependence between the private and public sectors. Learn why the global policy makers focus on strengthening the industry and not only the corporate services and banks.

Business & Industry speakers address the interdependence between the two sectors

  • More and more keynote speakers realise the importance of inputs from external experts, business leaders and CEOs. Industry & Business experts focus on simultaneously engaging the private and public sectors for sustainable development, while supporting policy frameworks and national regulations.
  • The Business & Industry speakers juggle topics and issues dealing with international trade and commerce, the balance between corporate profits and social corporate responsibility, technological developments and much more. They discuss the opportunities that rise within different business areas and industries, from energy saving to identifying valuable assets. Book their services today!

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